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A chessboard and several pieces with a knocked down white king

As in real life, chess in dreams is marked with black and white fields, but unlike a fair battle in the awaked state, chess in dreams can represent a battle between good and evil.

Playing chess in a dream

When you dream of playing chess, it suggests that you have gained or will soon gain a significant friend or business partner that will help you achieve many goals more easily.

Playing chess implies that your new acquaintance will be your equal, so every attempt of a scam or backstabbing will end badly for you.

To dream of winning in chess

If you dream of playing chess and winning, it suggests that you will not have easy victories in real life.

That can mean that you will misjudge your business associates’ proposals and make wrong decisions that will cost you much money and business stability.

In rare cases, a victory in chess in a dream can symbolize an unexpected gain, but you need not hope for it too much because a triumph in dreams is often a defeat in real life.

Dream about a defeat in chess

Dreaming of losing a chess game implies that you will have to deal with intelligent and cunning associates.

You need not play it dirty because it will backfire on you.

On the other hand, a defeat in chess can also mean that someone you least expect it from is ready to help you with one problem.

To dream of talking to a chess player

If you dream of talking to a chess player, it suggests that you have to ask for advice regarding a potential problem in life from someone more experienced.

It is not specified, but that person can be an expert in a specific field, like a doctor, gynecologist, handyman, psychologist, auto mechanic, etc. It can even be your parent.

Dreaming of watching a game of chess

A dream wherein you observe a chess game symbolizes a warning not to meddle in the lives of people who don’t concern you.

If a few of your colleagues from work or people from your family have a conflict, you have to let them solve their problems alone because they could easily blame you for their issues.

Dreaming about an empty chessboard

An empty chessboard in a dream with nothing else but black and white fields means that you will not know what move to make in a specific situation.

You will get torn between a few possibilities, but none of them is probably the right one, so a hard decision expects you.

You will have to make it alone because otherwise, you will blame someone else for a possible mistake.

To dream of chess pieces coming to life

If you dream of chess pieces coming to life, it implies that you are or will soon be in a situation that will entirely occupy your whole being.

Nothing except the new circumstances will matter, and you will ignore everything else around you.

You have to be careful because you could hurt the people you care about and harm yourself mentally or even experience financial losses.

To dream of your king is in danger of getting matted

When you dream of playing chess and having your king in danger all the time, it means that someone of the opposite sex often annoys you, and you don’t know what to do to get rid of them.

That person’s behavior could easily turn into an intrusion of your privacy, which can lead to immense inconveniences in your relationship or marriage.

You have to solve that problem before you sink deeper into it.

Learning to play chess in a dream

If you dream of learning to play chess, it suggests that you are in a phase of life when you can achieve much.

You have enough knowledge, experience, and energy to get what you want. It is a pity if you don’t want to take advantage of that potential for some reason to provide yourself with a brighter future.

Dream about teaching someone to play chess

Teaching other people to play chess in a dream implies that you have to be more sympathetic to your loved ones.

You have to show them that you trust and support them and be patient.

Everyone makes mistakes, but people always have to have someone by their side who will point those mistakes out and direct them on the right path.

Making a risky move in chess

When you dream of making a risky move in chess, it suggests that you will go on an adventure. That can have something to do with your personal or business side of life.

If you are single, you might start a secret relationship with someone much older or younger than you. If you work for someone else at the moment, you might decide to start your business soon.

To dream about making a wrong move in chess

Making a wrong move in chess in a dream symbolizes confusion.

You might have been stressed out lately, so you make mistakes where you haven’t done anything like that before. You need not be too harsh to yourself.

You have to take a break to think about the situation that you are in and avoid making impulsive decisions because they will not bring good results.

Dreaming of participating in a chess tournament

Participating in a chess tournament in a dream means that you have a chance to show off your knowledge and skills. You will probably take a course or apply for a specific project.

Only after you prove that you possess potential will you be able to start the actualization of the project or idea and even win a prize.

Judging a chess tournament in a dream

When you dream of being a judge in a chess tournament, it suggests that you will have to judge someone in real life. You might decide on someone’s destiny with a group of people.

It will not be easy to make a final decision, but you know that your choice has to be objective and fair and that you can’t let external factors or even feelings affect it.

To dream about arguing with an opponent in chess

Arguing with an opponent in chess in a dream means that you will misinterpret one situation and make wrong decisions.

Everything we decide to do impulsively can be a risky move. It is necessary to turn off your emotions and let reason lead you through the whole process now.

Playing chess without knowing the rules in a dream

To dream of playing chess without knowing the game rules means that you are not used to changes that you have experienced yet.

You have probably started working someplace else or moved to another city or country.

You have to get familiar with the rules, culture, and customs first to sail through that situation better.

Buying chess in a dream

Dreaming of buying a chessboard and pieces means that you are ready to learn something new in your life.

You need not give up on the idea of taking a course or training to gain specific knowledge or skills.

Selling chess in a dream

Selling chess in a dream suggests that you have given up on one idea too soon. You set it to failure even before you tried actualizing it.

To dream of receiving chess as a gift

When you dream of someone bestowing chess on you, it implies that you will meet someone who can help you make career progress or solve a problem.

Dream about bestowing chess on someone

Bestowing chess to someone in a dream means that you are ready to share your knowledge, experience, and skills with other people.

Interpretations of dreams can differ depending on what chess piece you dreamt of.

The symbolism of the queen

The queen in chess means that a strong female figure is present in your life.

You have been under the influence of that woman your whole life. That can be your grandma, mother, sister, or partner.

Dream about the king

The king in chess represents someone from your surroundings who has the leading role in your life.

We are talking about a person whose decisions and advice respect not only you but all your family members, partner, and even some friends.

Dream meaning of the knight

The knight in chess means that you need cunningness and wisdom to get out of the problem you are in at the moment.

You need not agree to compromises you don’t believe in or go against your beliefs either out of your, let alone someone else’s interests.

A bishop in a dream

A bishop in dreams symbolizes your home. If you have made a move with that chess piece, it suggests that relationships inside your home are of good quality.

To dream of a rook

A rook in a dream suggests that you have to listen to the advice or suggestion you have recently gotten regarding the situation you are in at the moment.

Dream about pawns

Pawns in chess symbolize people that don’t matter. Someone might be insisting on hanging out with you, but you don’t want to waste time on that person.

Definition of chess

Chess is one of the oldest games and most beautiful games in the world. Connoisseurs and fans of this game like to say that chess is a sport, art, and science in one, and they are not wrong. Chess is a two-player game and the world unto itself at the same time.

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