Chandelier – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of turned-on lights on a chandelier
When you see shiny, bright lights coming from a chandelier in a dream, it means that a joyful event is expecting you. There is a chance that one of your family members will fulfill their long-term wish, which will ask for a celebration with people from your surroundings. You will perceive their success as yours as well because you have contributed to it happening a lot.

To dream of turned off lights on a chandelier
Dreaming of lights on a chandelier being turned off warns of risky business deals. There is a chance that you will decide to do something that will not bring you a profit, which other people have warned you off. However, you will be stubborn and want to prove to everyone that you know what is best for you. You will not be able to recognize the right moment to give up on it and restore at least a portion of what you have invested.

To dream of turning the chandelier lights on
If you are dreaming of turning the lights on a chandelier, it means that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You probably have a problem that seems like it doesn’t have a solution, but it will appear when you least expect it. You will realize that life is full of ups and downs and that both phases have their expiration date.

To dream about installing a chandelier
If you are dreaming about installing a chandelier in your home, it means that something will make you start looking at life from a more positive perspective. You will not take everything so tragically anymore but become somewhat of an optimist.

Dreaming of installing a chandelier in someone else’s home or institution means that you will be the favorite person in everyone’s circle of friends. People love talking to you, which is why you often get invited to drinks or nights out. You are very social, so that will not be hard on you.

To dream of fixing a chandelier
Fixing a chandelier in a dream means that you will try to repair your relationship with a loved one. There is a chance that you have distanced yourself from one another and that the communication is bad. That is affecting other aspects of your relationship as well. However, you will make sure to show that you understand and love that person, as well as that you are ready and willing to make the relationship last as long as possible.

To dream of other people fixing a chandelier
If you are dreaming of someone else fixing a chandelier, it means that you will probably tell someone from your surroundings to stop meddling in your life. You have realized that that person is constantly imposing their ideas, attitudes, and opinions and that they question every decision you make as if it was their own. You know that they are doing it out of best intentions and that they don’t have a desire to offend you, but you can’t let other people make decisions for you. You will try to calmly explain to that person that you don’t need a mentor because you are a grownup and that you want them to give you advice only when you ask for it.

To dream of buying a chandelier
Buying a chandelier in a dream means that you will soon find a solution to your problem. There is a chance that something has been bothering you for a long time, but you avoided making big and difficult decisions regarding the solution. However, you will soon realize that you don’t have a choice and do what you have to. Only then will you get rid of big worries.

To dream of selling a chandelier
Selling a chandelier in a dream means that you don’t like the speed at which your career is making progress. You have probably expected to achieve some things in life until now, but that didn’t happen. You have had many challenges and faced numerous obstacles. However, you have overcome them without much trouble. Your job will go in the direction you want soon as well.

To dream about receiving a chandelier as a gift
Getting a chandelier as a gift in a dream means that you have a secret admirer. Someone from your surroundings is attracted to your appearance, intelligence, and charm. They still haven’t admitted how they feel about you or did anything regarding that, but you have probably noticed some signs that that person likes you. It is up to you to decide whether you will do something about it or not.

To dream of bestowing a chandelier to someone
Bestowing a chandelier to someone in a dream symbolizes envy. Someone you know has probably achieved in life everything you have fantasized about. They have a good job, great income, or good relationships with their family members and a partner. You are still far from that, which is why you have negative feelings for that person. Let them be an example to you that you can achieve everything you want as well.

To dream of stealing a chandelier
Stealing a chandelier in a dream means that you will disappoint someone with your actions. You will probably do something that your loved ones, a partner, or boss will not like. However, you will believe that your decision is right and will not pay attention to their comments and criticism.

To dream of someone stealing your chandelier
If you are dreaming of someone stealing a chandelier from you, it means that you are very naïve. It is easy to persuade you into anything because you believe that all people are good but that some life circumstances make them act poorly. You have been hurt many times before, but you don’t hold a grudge or learn from such mistakes. You will have to change your approach to things if you want to achieve something in life.

To dream of finding a chandelier
Finding a chandelier in a dream means that someone you never expected it from will help you in the future. We are talking about an acquaintance that you have barely spoken to a few times in your life. However, they will be the first to help you when you end up in trouble. That gesture will shock and surprise you, and there is a chance that you will stay friends for the rest of your life.

To dream about accidentally breaking a chandelier
If you are dreaming about accidentally breaking a chandelier while installing or carrying it, it means that you will suffer damage. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure yourself or stop it. Some unpredictable circumstances will jeopardize you, but you will still manage to get out of it without major consequences.

To dream of someone accidentally breaking a chandelier
A dream in which you see someone accidentally breaking a chandelier means that you will witness an uncomfortable conversation between two people. There is a chance that your boss will criticize a colleague, or you will be present while the spouses are having a heated argument. Anyhow, you will want to be anywhere else but there just so that you don’t have to listen to that.

To dream of breaking a chandelier on purpose
If you are dreaming of breaking a chandelier on purpose or out of anger, it means that you are sabotaging yourself. Your reckless behavior is the result of the decisions you make impulsively. You can’t think straight when you are angry, anxious, or even too happy. Once you learn that, you will make fewer mistakes.

To dream of someone breaking a chandelier on purpose
When you see someone purposefully breaking a chandelier, it means that your loved one will tell you a secret. We are talking about something they have been hiding for a long time, but now they will confide in you to take some of the burdens off their chest. The information you will get will surprise you, but you will not show it. You will also make sure to be supportive and full of understanding during such difficult moments of their life.

To dream of a chandelier falling from the ceiling
This dream means that you are in a turbulent phase of your life. You are leading multiple battles at the same time and facing numerous obligations and problems daily. You will probably even start doubting your abilities at some point. However, you will not let that affect your confidence, and you will overcome those troubles, thanks to your persistence and strong will.

To dream about throwing a chandelier away
Throwing a chandelier away in a dream means that the following period will be turbulent when it comes to emotions. The relationships with loved ones will not be great because of bad communication. All of it is the result of the lack of understanding and personal frustrations that both sides have. Don’t poke the bear but wait for that phase to end, and then openly talk about everything that is bothering you.

To dream of other people throwing a chandelier away
When you see someone else throwing a chandelier away in a dream, it means that you will be in the center of an affair or scandal. You will be the main topic of every conversation in town. You probably didn’t do anything bad, but people will talk about you. Don’t even try to stop gossips because you will only make them more interesting. Wait for some time to pass and then state that all of it is a lie.

To dream of a wooden chandelier
A wooden chandelier in a dream is not a good sign, unfortunately. It often symbolizes sorrow, anxiety, and depression. There is a chance that something will spur those feelings in your life. It is important to ask for comfort and support from people that love you, like family members and friends. Their love and attention will be crucial for your mental health.

To dream about a crystal chandelier
A crystal chandelier in a dream can have multiple meanings. The first one is that you will get an invitation to a wedding, christening, or some other celebration. Another meaning of this dream is happy moments spent with family members and friends. There is a chance that you will gather everyone you love in one place. Hanging out with them will bring you joy and help you recharge your batteries to be ready to face the big challenges that are expecting you.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen the lights on a chandelier being turned off or on, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a chandelier

A chandelier is a lamp that hangs from the ceiling and enlightens the room.

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