To dream of buying chamomile
Dreaming of buying chamomile symbolizes sickness in your home. You might decide to take care of a family member that doesn’t feel good. You will take them to the doctor and make sure that they are following the professional’s advice. Even though the prognosis will not be encouraging, you will do everything in your power to help that person get better.

To drink chamomile tea
Dreaming of drinking chamomile tea means that you will recover both physically and mentally. You have been dealing with stressful situations for too long, letting your fears and dissatisfaction pile up subconsciously, which made you feel like a ticking bomb ready to explode at any moment. Since you will realize that you can’t act like that anymore, you will do your best to change your life from its core, which will turn out to be the best decision you have ever made.

To pick chamomile
When you are dreaming of picking chamomile, it means that you will turn your hobby into a job. There is a chance that all of it started because of your plan to make some money for college, vacation, or clothes, but it turned into the main source of your income pretty quickly. The biggest advantage you have is that you have a passion for the things you are doing, which will make you happy and ready to make progress every day.

To see others picking chamomile
Dreaming of other people picking chamomile means that you should distance yourself from people that are sucking all of the energy from you. You have been surrounded by bitter people that complain all the time and blame others for their failures for too long. They are transferring their frustrations on you, so you have become pessimistic as well. If you stopped hanging out with them at least for some time, you would realize how beneficial that would be for your mental state.

To see others drinking chamomile tea
This dream symbolizes worry about a loved one’s health. One of your family members or friends doesn’t want to listen to you and go visit a doctor, even though they have been having some issues for a while. Their stubbornness is starting to annoy you, so you are thinking of making an appointment yourself and simply letting them know what time they have to go in.

To sell chamomile
Selling chamomile symbolizes a pleasant encounter with someone who marked your childhood in some way, usually. We are talking about a friend from school, an acquaintance from the neighborhood, or an older person that you saw as an idol. You will spend a lot of time talking and remembering beautiful memories from the most carefree period of your life.

To receive a bouquet of chamomile as a gift
A bouquet of chamomile in a dream suggests that you should be a little bit more flexible and less strict when it comes to your partner. You are too harsh with them sometimes, and you don’t tolerate their flaws. You should remember that you have fallen in love with them despite all those flaws and that you have many as well.

To bestow chamomile
This dream means that a small sign of affection from someone that doesn’t seem like a caring person will gladden you. They always seem strong, cold, and even a little distant. However, the other side of their personality will fascinate you.

To see chamomile growing out of a stone
If you see chamomile growing out of a stone in a dream, it means that you will get admiration and respect from the community you live in. That will not happen overnight, but your knowledge, hard work, skills, and kindness will make other people truly respect you.

To see chamomile in a vase
When you see chamomile in a vase, in a dream, it means that you will solve one problem a lot easier than you have believed. You will realize that the key is actually in simplicity. So, you will not pay a lot of attention to analysis and details, but you will simplify the problem so much that the solution will appear alone.

To dream of chamomile in a garden
If you are dreaming of chamomile in your garden, it means that you will make sure to transfer your problems on other people. There is a chance that you will try to avoid paying your loan, which will become someone else’s obligations since they have vouched for you. If you let that happen, you could lose many friends since avoiding your own obligations is not a desirable trait in the eyes of many people.

To dream of a meadow full of chamomile
A dream in which you see a meadow covered in chamomile is a message that you should give up on an idea that you have dedicated a lot of your time to for a while. Simply, now is not the right moment to realize it.

Another meaning of such dreams is that you will experience romantic and passionate moments with someone of the opposite sex.

To dream of dried chamomile
If you see dried chamomile in a dream, it means that you should worry less. Destiny has put you in front of a challenge whose purpose is to make you stronger, especially now when your life is becoming more intense and interesting. So, don’t give up but continue what you have started.

To dream of wilted chamomile
Wilted chamomile in a dream symbolizes regret over missed opportunities or chances that you didn’t take full advantage of. However, that shouldn’t affect your self-confidence and motivation. Take that as a lesson and make sure not to make similar mistakes in the future.

To throw chamomile away
If you are dreaming of throwing chamomile away, that is a sign that it is time to get rid of vices that affect the quality of your life negatively. Consuming large amounts of coffee, cigarettes, or alcohol, as well as eating fast and unhealthy food, affect your health badly every day. Find a healthier way to deal with stress and boredom.

To see others throwing chamomile away
A dream in which you see someone else throwing chamomile away symbolizes unexpected expenses. There is a chance that your car or some house appliance will break down. Considering that you didn’t predict such an expense when you were managing your budget, the repair or replacement will probably have to wait for the next month. The worst you can do is to fall in debt because of it considering that you are already in a bad financial situation.

To wash your face with chamomile
When you are dreaming of washing your face with chamomile tea or water, that symbolizes the fear of aging. You want to look good as long as possible. Because of it, you often visit beauty and hair salons and invest a lot of money in quality clothes.

If you see someone else washing their face with chamomile, it means that you will envy someone of their good looks and fit body.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought, drunk, or picked chamomile, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of chamomile

Chamomile is the best-known herb that belongs to the cephalopod family.