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Chains and padlocks in dreams symbolize a lack of freedom in waking life. However, the interpretation can be different considering the context in which the dream took place.

Dream about a chain

If you see a chain in a dream, that is a warning that you will spend your age in solitude.

There is a chance that you will get scared of your biological clock ticking away because of the pressure of society, which is why you will make many wrong moves to try to avoid the destiny that you are afraid of.

Time will teach you that it is often better to be alone than in bad company.

To be chained in a dream

Dreaming of being chained symbolizes troubles and worries.

You probably had an idea that you needed a lot of courage to put it into action, but your and other people’s doubts have made you give up on it.

Since you are surrounded by people that don’t believe in you, and you don’t have much self-confidence either, you will get forced to do something that will bring you stability but not pleasure.

Freeing yourself from chains in a dream

When you are dreaming of freeing yourself from chains, it means that you will achieve your goal with the power of will.

You are someone who never gives up, no matter the obstacles and their consequences.

You know that the smartest people don’t make it in life but are the most persistent, so you cherish and encourage that trait carefully.

Dreaming of freeing someone from chains

This dream means that you will soon have a chance to help someone, but you will be in a dilemma about whether to do it or not, considering that that person refused to help you in the past.

Don’t let your wish for revenge lead you through life but show that you are a better person than them.

To dream of chained people

A dream in which you see strangers chained one to another means that traitors are around you at the moment.

People from the dream don’t necessarily have to be those traitors in real life, but they symbolize them.

However, there is no reason to worry because the dream is telling you that they will soon get what they deserve.

Thy symbolism of chained beasts

If you are dreaming of beasts in chains, it means that you are ready to fight with inner demons.

You have enough courage and strength to get rid of negative things in your life, but you will not be afraid to distance yourself from people that have a bad influence on you either.

Dreaming of trying to cut the chain

If you are dreaming of trying to break the chain in vain, it means that you don’t have enough courage to make big cuts in your life.

You know that you can’t live like that anymore and that you need to change something to be happier and more successful, but the fear of possible bad consequences is stopping you from doing it.

If you continue to live like that, you will never get off of the starting point, so start with small things and gradually change the things that bother you in life.

To dream of breaking a chain

If you are dreaming of managing to break the chain, it means that you are not aware of the strength that you possess.

Only after something stressful and significant happens to you will you start noticing that you are a lot stronger than you thought.

Pulling the chains in a dream

Pulling the chains in a dream means that you are trying to change your loved one in vain.

Some things bother you when it comes to them, and you are constantly pointing at them.

However, you don’t understand that if you manage to change them, that will not be the person that you have fallen in love with anymore, and they will start to believe that you want to change their identity, which will make them start distancing from you.

Stop that before it is too late.

Chaining someone in a dream

Dreaming of chaining someone means that you are possessive, not only when it comes to love and family life but in your friendships as well.

It bothers you when someone that you love spends time with other people if you are not a part of it.

You are trying to hide your dissatisfaction, but it is pretty noticeable.

Jealousy is a sign that you care, but it can also distance you from your loved one because everyone likes having the freedom to do what they want.

Dreaming of chaining an animal

If, for example, you dream of chaining a dog or wolf, it means that you are afraid of being happy in real life.

That might sound weird, but you are used to suffering for someone or something and don’t know how to deal with nice things that are happening in your life.

You have to try to go with the flow and enjoy the good things instead of going back to your dark past.

Dream about someone chaining you

If you are dreaming of someone chaining you, that is a sign that you are in a relationship with a toxic person.

You are more and more convinced that you have nothing in common with your partner but that the habit and fear of staying alone connect you.

Neither of you is happy at the moment.

So, you have two options – either you work on your relationship or end it.

To dream of someone walking you on a chain

This dream, even though unusual, is not rare when it comes to people that are not happy in real life.

You might lack love or freedom, or your problem can be pretty trivial, like bad relationships at work or with your colleagues.

There is something that bothers you, which is why you feel trapped and constrained.

Only you can affect that and change the situation to your advantage.

Walking someone on a chain in a chain

A dream in which you are walking someone on a chain means that you are arrogant.

You are someone who has a lot of self-confidence or at least tries to look like it.

However, you get rid of your insecurities by humiliating others.

Not only do you burn bridges behind you by acting like that, but you are also not getting the respect and reputation that you long for.

To dream of walking an animal on a chain

When you are dreaming of walking an animal on a chain like a dog or bear, it means that you are trying hard to restore control in your life.

It seems to you that you have let other people control you lately, but the good thing is that you are aware of the problem and ready to work on it.

Buying a chain in a dream

Dreaming of buying a chain means that your beliefs don’t let you make progress in life.

You firmly stand behind your attitudes, which is great, but your intransigence and the lack of desire to change your opinions create a countereffect.

You have to realize that life is not ideal, as well as the people around you, so at least try to accept those imperfections, not because of other people but yourself.

To sell a chain

Selling a chain in a dream means that you currently have a job or an idea that is not profitable.

You will waste a lot of time and money on something that will not bring you either moral or material satisfaction.

It would be best to turn to something more constructive because of it or dedicate your time to a hobby that you have neglected because of many obligations.

Dreaming of stealing a chain

Stealing a chain from someone in a dream means that you need to be careful when making important decisions.

You can’t let feelings guide you only, but you have to listen to reason and pieces of advice from people that wish you well more.

Otherwise, you could end up in an extremely risky situation, especially when it comes to your job.

To dream about someone stealing a chain from you

If you are dreaming of someone stealing a chain from you, it means that you are too stubborn to realize that you have made a wrong move.

Your partner or one of the family members has pointed out your mistake, but you don’t want to listen to them.

You have let vanity be stronger than reason, which can never bring you anything good.

Let this be a lesson that will teach you how you should act in the future.

Meaning of a new chain

A new chain in a dream is a warning to watch out for sweet talkers.

You have recently met someone that often admires you, which suits you, we are not gonna lie.

However, the thing that you still can’t see is that they are trying to take advantage of you to achieve their goals.

You can’t talk about your secrets, fears, and plans to that person because they are capable of using every piece of information against you to achieve personal goals.

Rusty chain in a dream

When you see a rusty chain in a dream, it means that old problems will soon backfire on you.

You didn’t deal with them when you should have because you believed that time will make them disappear.

However, that didn’t happen, and now you are forced to deal with it.

Interpretation of a golden chain

If you see a golden chain in a dream, that is a sign that you will have something to do with powerful but gruff people.

One situation will make you do it, and you will not enjoy their company even for a moment.

You will believe that you don’t belong there and look at their actions with disgust.

However, you will have to put up with all of that to have a better future, so don’t forget your beliefs and opinions, and start acting like a conformist if you want that episode in your life to finally end.

To dream about a chain with a padlock

If you see a chain with a padlock in a dream, it means that you will soon start solving a big problem that is bothering you.

You have rejected to deal with it for a long time, but you know that it is finally time to do it. Your determination and persistence will help you with that.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen chains, have been chained, or freed yourself from chains, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of chains

Chains are linked iron elements used for hanging or binding cargo, transferring strength, etc.

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