To dream of cattle
If you see cattle in a dream, that symbolizes prosperity. You are probably a modest person who doesn’t need a lot to be happy. You don’t like to spend like crazy on clothes, jewelry, and other things, but you like investing in education and personal growth. You often sew and repair the things you love that get damaged with time by yourself.

To drive cattle
When you are dreaming of driving cattle to graze, it means that success doesn’t come without hard work. You will probably try using shortcuts, but missed lessons will wait for you and make you overcome them the hard way sooner or later. You will realize that results don’t come overnight by looking at people who have achieved a lot. However, if they come, they will disappear as fast as they came.

To watch cattle
Dreaming of watching cattle implies that you need some rest. You are often fantasizing about replacing your job with the one that doesn’t require a lot of wisdom, even if that means a lower salary. You would rather do something physical than have contact with all kinds of people that don’t know what they want. All of it is exhausting to you mentally, so when you come home, you have enough strength for sleep only.

To dream of others watching cattle
This dream usually means that you could use help with a job you currently do. You have taken a difficult task, and you don’t know if you will manage to finish it on time. It would be a good idea to ask a colleague you trust to help you. By doing that, you will do the job you have more easily and better.

To dream of others driving cattle
If you are dreaming of other people driving cattle, it means that you will be sorry because of someone’s destiny. You will probably see a sad story on TV or read about it in the newspaper, which will make you sad and motivated to start doing something at the same time. You will decide to help people who really need it. This will not be the last charity in which you will participate.

To give cattle water
If you are dreaming of giving water to cattle, that symbolizes your generosity and readiness to help anyone who needs it. You will probably help someone who doesn’t even expect it.

To dream of others giving water to cattle
A dream in which you see someone else giving water to cattle usually means that you count on other people too much. Your loved ones sometimes think that you can’t do anything alone. You are not lazy, just insecure. Because of it, it seems like you are not independent. Of course, that is not true, but you have never been in a situation to make important decisions alone. If they would release you from a golden cage, you could show them that they are wrong.

To buy cattle
Dreaming of buying cattle means that your investment will pay off. If you have recently invested money in stocks, you will notice their growth soon. On the other hand, if you have bought a house, apartment, car, or some other valuable item, you will not regret it.

To sell cattle
This dream is a warning that you need to invest more effort, hard work, and time to see fruits of your labor. You are currently trying to find a fast and easy way to earn money. That might succeed ones, but you should pay more attention to planning and realization of your projects to have money in the long run instead of fantasizing about sudden wealth.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the type of cattle you dream of.

White or light gray cattle
When you see white or light gray cattle in a dream, it means that you are a mentally strong person. Only a few things can throw you off the wagon, and you are always ready to courageously face every problem and challenge. Many people admire you for it, but you are not aware of your qualities. You don’t believe compliments since you think that people are not honest often. However, you should be a little bit prouder of yourself and build a bigger self-confidence and self-respect.

Black cattle
If you are dreaming of black cattle, it means that you will argue with a stubborn person. No matter how much you will try to state and prove your attitudes, you will fail at it because they will not be interested in listening to you. As soon as you realize that your conflict doesn’t make sense, you will stress out over it less. You know that smarter people back down first. That is the only way to preserve your time and nerves.

To see black and white cattle
If you are dreaming of black and white cattle, that symbolizes oversensitivity. You are currently in a phase when one small thing can make you cry or become angry. You are going from one extreme to another. One moment you are laughing, and the next, you are full of rage. There must be a reason for that. If you can’t find it, ask for advice from a professional. You may have a hormonal disbalance that is stopping you from functioning normally.

Brown cattle
Brow cattle in a dream symbolizes endurance. You are going through a turbulent period in your life, and it seems to you that life is testing you. You have managed to overcome many obstacles and challenges; get out of them without scars luckily. However, you sometimes don’t know why such stressful situations happen to you. Don’t think about it because that will only bring you down. Let things happen the way they should and be courageous like you have been until now. Your worries are coming to an end.

Red cattle
A dream in which you see red cattle is a warning to take more care of your health. Change your nutrition and dedicate more time to physical activities. If you don’t want to exercise and go to the gym, at least put in an effort to walk or run in a park for half an hour a day. When you start doing that, it will become a habit, while your old way of life will become history.

Multiple-colored cattle
If you see multiple-colored cattle in a dream, it means that you are an opportunist. You often don’t have your own opinion, but you are in favor of the majority. If you find interest in something, you are ready to fight for it with all your heart. You also don’t have a problem with changing beliefs if you estimate that that will pay off better. You are probably not aware of it, but people you work with are.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, watched, or driven cattle to grazing, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of cattle

Cattle are large mammalian ruminants of the Bos genus that humans domesticated.