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A caterpillar in dreams can have several different meanings. The interpretation depends on the environment in which the dream took place.

Dreaming of a caterpillar

If you see a caterpillar in a dream, that is a warning that your friend is not honest with you. You probably even had plans to start a business collaboration with them, but you will see that they are not the same person that you used to know.

At first, you will refuse to accept that someone can change so much, but their actions and way of thinking will say otherwise.

Another meaning symbolizes a loss in gambling. You may fall into a trap that promises a better life since you have the desire to earn fast money, but you will end up with a pathological addiction that will cause serious problems.

Everyone around you will notice that something weird is happening to you, and they will advise you to ask for professional help.

To dream of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly

Dreaming of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly implies that someone’s visit will change your life.

You probably respect that person a lot, and you have wanted to talk to them about some decisions regarding your future for a long time.

You will have a clear image of the specific choices you have after that.

A caterpillar crawling all over you in a dream

When you are dreaming of a caterpillar crawling all over your body, it means that someone you love will disappoint you. A person you thought of as your friend will probably gossip about you behind your back.

You will find out about the things they are saying and ask them openly what was the reason behind their behavior.

Since they will probably lie that they didn’t start those rumors, they will lose your trust completely.

Dream meaning of a caterpillar falling on you

A dream in which you see caterpillars falling all over you means that you should be less selfish so that your marriage or relationship with someone could be better.

You are used to putting your wishes, desires, needs, and problems before other people, which often frustrates everyone around you.

If you continue acting like that, you will become lonely pretty quickly because no one will see you as someone ready to listen or help when they have a difficult time.

Killing caterpillars in a dream

This dream means that you will beat your enemies and malicious people. Someone near you wants to hurt you.

After you finally find out who they are, you will make sure to let them know that they can’t mess with you.

That doesn’t mean that you will have any kind of a verbal or physical fight, but you will plan your moves strategically to get back at them.

To dream of others killing caterpillars

If you see someone else killing a caterpillar in a dream, it means that you will be a mediator in a conflict between two people you equally care about.

They will argue about something and ask you to say who is right. You will not have an easy time judging them, but you will use your diplomatic skills to say what you think without offending or hurting anyone.

However, you will ask them not to put you in such an uncomfortable situation again since you don’t plan on being a mediator in the peace mission again.

Dreaming about eating caterpillars

If you are dreaming of eating caterpillars, it means that you will have to swallow your pride to keep the peace in the family.

One of your family members or your partner’s relatives will offend you horribly, but you will stay calm and collected, and you will not let yourself say something impulsively that could cause a big scandal.

If you stay quiet for every provocation, people will stop directing them at you with time.

However, it is important to show your strength sometimes and let everyone know that you are not an easy target.

Seeing others eating caterpillars

When you see someone else eating a caterpillar, it means that someone’s words or actions will disgust you.

The amount of malice some people possess will shock you again, and you will be glad that you don’t have to communicate with such people daily.

The color of the caterpillar can affect the meaning of dreams as well.

A white caterpillar symbolizes new opportunities and spiritual development. You will probably realize that your family and love are more important to you than money, so you will start dedicating more attention to those you love.

If a person who is not married dreams of a white caterpillar, they may meet the man or woman of their life soon.

A black caterpillar in a dream symbolizes unexpected losses or expenses. You may be left without someone you care about greatly.

Your loved one may decide to move to another city or state, or someone you love may travel to a country far away because of work and a better quality of life.

Anyhow, that will be hard on you since you know that your relationship will never be the same again.

Dreams in which you see black caterpillars can symbolize damage. Your car or house appliance may break down, so you will need a lot of money to repair or replace it.

A green caterpillar is a sign of health problems. You will probably go down with some virus that will put you in bed for the next couple of days.

The same may apply to one of your family members or relatives. You will be late with finishing work obligations because of it, which will put you under a lot of stress.

However, don’t be in a rush to get back to work, but let your body recover completely to be ready for new challenges.

A brown caterpillar in a dream is a warning to watch out for hypocrites. Someone will present themselves as a close friend of yours and a good-intentioned person, but they will be using you to achieve their own goals.

Their actions may not jeopardize you directly, but you will be mad at them for trying to manipulate you for reasons unknown to you.

A multi-colored caterpillar in a dream symbolizes an encounter with arrogant and unpleasant people.

If you have recently changed a job, you will probably meet people who have been working there for a long time and who don’t have the will to help you adjust to the new environment and rhythm.

Don’t let that discourage you because you possess a lot of quality traits that supervisors appreciate. If you put in an effort, you will prove that you are a good employee. You can experience an unpleasant encounter on the street as well.

You may encounter someone who you didn’t break up with peacefully, so that will make you remember some bad memories.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a caterpillar, that has made an impression on you.

To dream of feeding caterpillars

Feeding caterpillars in a dream means you are very empathic. You feel other people’s pain and make an effort to help everyone in trouble.

You feel disappointment and anxiety when you can’t do something for those who suffer.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to start volunteering or doing something else related to charity. It would help you and others.

To dream of many dead caterpillars

A dream wherein you see many dead caterpillars suggests you doubt yourself, your abilities, your skills, and your knowledge.

You possess enormous potential but have many deeply rooted insecurities. Your life would be much more beautiful and simpler if you got rid of them.

To dream of a caterpillar getting out of your mouth

If you dream of a caterpillar getting out of your mouth, it implies you have to watch out for what you say. You need not gossip about other people in front of strangers.

For example, if you resent your boss for something, you have to say it to their face instead of complaining to others because your words might reach them. The same applies to people.

To dream of a caterpillar getting into your mouth

When you dream of a caterpillar getting into your mouth, it means you will hear lies about yourself.

The worst you can do is to try to deny them. You have to let the gossip die down because someone else will become the target of such rumors in a few days.

To dream of a caterpillar getting out of your ear

If you dream of a caterpillar getting out of your ear, it implies you will find out someone is lying.

You might have a chance to talk to someone prone to exaggerating and spreading rumors.

You will not openly let them know you don’t believe them, but they will figure it out through your behavior.

To dream of a caterpillar getting into your ear

This dream suggests you need not achieve your goals by scamming because the truth will come to the surface, and you will hit rock bottom.

Instead, you can try getting what you want honestly and fairly to be able to look everyone in the eye.

To dream of a caterpillar getting out of your eye

If you dream of a caterpillar getting out of your eye, it implies you will hide the painful truth from a loved one so as not to hurt them.

You have to ask yourself if you would want to know something like that. If the answer is yes, there is no reason to hide something from that person.

To dream of a caterpillar getting into your eye

When you dream of a caterpillar getting into your eye, it means you doubt your loved one.

Your family member, significant other, or one of your friends has been acting strange lately, so you get the impression that they are hiding something from you.

You need not accuse them of anything if you don’t have proof that you are right.

To dream of a caterpillar getting out of your nose

This dream suggests you will get angry with your partner or friend because of something trivial.

You will make a big deal out of it but realize you were wrong once you calm down. There is no reason to act like that.

To dream of a caterpillar getting into your nose

If you dream of a caterpillar getting into your nose, it implies you have to try avoiding arguments in the following period.

If you end up in that situation, you have to let things go and be smart about it.

Definition of a caterpillar

A caterpillar is a name for butterfly larvae that feed mainly on plant food.

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