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To see a cashier
If you see a cashier in your dream, that warns of small expenses. You will soon have an unexpected situation that will ruin your plans. You will have to direct your money to obligations that you have neglected, which will come for a charge. You have had the intention of paying it off earlier, but something always comes up and you spend more that you want to.

To be a cashier
Dreaming of being a cashier implies that your friends are using your kindness. They know that they can always count on you, so they will start to burden you with their problems. They will lean on you too much, thinking that you have a solution for every unpleasant situation they get themselves into. That will start to worry you and you will have to find a way to protect yourself, while not hurting them at the same time.

To have an argument with a cashier
Dreaming of having an argument with a cashier means that your desires are bigger than your possibilities. In the following period, you will be unrealistic and you will want to afford everything that you like. You will not ask yourself if you need all of it or if you will ever use it. A shopaholic in you will be awaken, but you should find another way of having fun, for your own good, because spending money that you don’t have will ruin you.

To see others having an argument with a cashier
If you are dreaming of other people having an argument with a cashier, it means that you will witness great injustice to other people. It is possible that you will be present at some meeting, where people will be deciding on someone else’s faith. You will be outnumbered, so you will not be able to stop your colleagues from firing that person, or taking away their property. That will torment you for a while, because you will be afraid that you haven’t done everything you could to help them. Talking to a loved one might help you to overcome that situation.

Interpretations of dreams depend on the context in which they occur and details or feelings that follow them. During these dreams you can be worried or sad, while feelings of excitement, happiness, joy or satisfaction are not as common.

To have a fight with a cashier
If you are dreaming of having a fight with a cashier, that symbolizes excessive worry for your loved ones. One of your family members has probably decided to be independent and move to another city. You haven’t fully accepted it, because you are afraid that they will not be able to handle it. Even though everyone is telling you that they are an adult who is capable of making decisions on their own, you believe that they are not mature enough for such a step. You are only smothering people with your behavior. You will have to make peace with the idea that everyone does what they think is the best for them.

To see others having a fight with a cashier
This dream suggests problems with self-confidence. You are awfully self-critical, so you never brag with your accomplishments, even though you have many reasons to do so. You are self-sacrificing and you always believe that other people are better than you. Because of your complexes, you have missed many good opportunities, both in your business and private life. If you are wondering why you still haven’t found a soulmate, everything written above are reasons for it. Start appreciating and loving yourself more and others will see who you truly are.

To hide from a cashier
Dreaming of hiding from a cashier means that your consciousness is restless because of a sin from the past. You have done something that you are ashamed of today and you are afraid that someone could find out about it. You are trying to show people who you are now, so if they ever find out about your mistake, they will realize that it was just a youthful mistake.

To see others hiding from a cashier
When you dream of other people hiding from a cashier, it is possible that an acquaintance will offer you an illegal job. You will be in a dilemma, whether to accept it or not, considering that you really need money at this point in your life. However, don’t make impulsive decisions, in spite of disappear. They could cost you a lot in the future.

To run away from a cashier
Dreaming of running away from a cashier means that you lack excitement in your life. It is possible that you have fallen into a rut and every day seems the same to you. Monotony that used to suit you is smothering you right now. It is time to move on and do something nice for yourself. Start doing a hobby, exercising or simply going for walks, because it will suit you.

To see others running away from a cashier
This dream symbolizes love problems. If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, your high expectations are ruining the idyll. You believe that your partner should dedicate more attention and time to you. Because of it, you are often stressed out and angry, but you don’t want to tell them reasons for your dissatisfaction. You will have to work on yourself first, in order to have a more quality relationship with your partner.

If, however, you are single, it is possible that you are fantasizing about someone who is not available. They have probably had a partner for a long time, so you know that your relationship is impossible.

To kill a cashier
Dreaming of killing a cashier means that you are disappointed with a loved one. It is possible that you will find out their secret, but you will be more disappointed with the fact that they don’t trust you enough to tell you the truth. A lot of effort will be necessary to rebuild your relationship again. You will simply have to agree to compromise.

To see a dead cashier
If you dream of someone else killing a cashier, it means that you will hear bad news. It is possible that your relatives who live abroad will tell you that one of your loved ones has serious health issues. You will not be able to do anything to help them, since they live far away from you. However, don’t despair, because they know that they can count on you.

To kiss a cashier
Having any kind of an intimate relationship with a cashier symbolizes your desire for success. You have been trying to achieve your goals regarding business, college and love your entire life. You are often ignoring your loved ones’ advice to take a break, because you don’t know how to do it. You are ready to endure a lot and make sacrifices for a better cause. No matter how impressive that trait of yours is, it can be a burden sometimes.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a cashier or talked to them, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a cashier

A cashier is responsible for the cash in a company.