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A canary in a dream is a good sign. However, the interpretation depends on the context in which the dream took place, as well as on the details that followed it.

Dream about a canary

If you see a canary in a dream, that is a warning that someone is preparing a trap for you.

You might have a conflict with someone who envies the success you have achieved in your private and business life.

You will be in a bad position, but if you think about it carefully, you will realize that the best you can do is to step aside and let them live in an illusion that they hurt you.

Hearing a canary in a dream

Dreaming of hearing a canary singing means that you will expand your circle of friends.

You might get close to someone that you were not fond of in the beginning, but you will realize that you have much in common as time passes.

Your relationship will be based on honesty since you will talk about the animosity that you felt for one another openly.

You will laugh about it in the future and retell it as an anecdote.

Dream meaning of canary in a cage

When you see a canary in a cage, it means that you have unfulfilled wishes. You are probably a perfectionist by nature who does things right or not at all.

You will not be able to find a middle ground, and you will think that everything is either black or white.

Such an attitude will only discourage you in everything you start, so you will give up easily on your college, sports, or some other activity that you have been doing.

Letting a canary out of the cage

If you are dreaming of letting a canary out of the cage, it means that you have doubts regarding your relationship with a partner.

Lately, you are not happy, and you often forget why you are still with that person.

You resent them for many things, so the chasm between you two is getting bigger each day. It is time to ask yourself what you want and act accordingly.

If that person doesn’t make you happy anymore, that is a sign that it is time for changes.

To see others letting a canary out of the cage

A dream in which you see someone else letting a canary out of the cage means that someone might admit to you that they like you.

You are pretty close to that person, but they have never shown interest in you until now.

They might have been fighting their emotions for a long time, so they will finally take a risk and admit how they feel.

Dreaming of buying a canary

This dream symbolizes an improvement in living conditions.

Thanks to your hard work and effort, but smart decision-making as well, you will be able to plan your future carefree.

You will have a chance to afford something that you have wanted for a long time and save some money for emergencies.

Your persistence will finally get rewarded.

Selling a canary in a dream

Dreaming of selling a canary means that you are in a relationship with a too-demanding person.

No matter how much you love them, you have a hard time making them happy sometimes. It seems to you that everything you do is wrong since you can’t put a smile on their face.

That could be just a temporary phase, or they are just like that, and no matter how hard you try, you will not succeed in meeting their standards.

Dreaming about receiving a canary as a gift

When you are dreaming of getting a canary as a gift, that symbolizes honesty and recognition.

You might get a reward for a good deed. You didn’t do it to make other people appreciate you more, but that simply happened.

You will realize that some people need just a little to be happy, so you will make sure to make those around you happy in the future.

To bestow a canary

If you are dreaming of bestowing a canary to someone, it means that you should admit to someone how you feel, no matter if those emotions are good or bad.

It is high time to tell everything to their face so that your relationship can make sense.

Don’t hang out with those who don’t appreciate your time, loyalty, and friendship, and stop letting toxic people into your life.

Stealing a canary in a dream

If you are dreaming of stealing a canary, it means that you are too childish for your age. You often make decisions without thinking twice about the consequences that could happen.

This especially applies to money or work, as well as love relationships.

You should ask for advice from someone who has more life experience than you when it comes to important things in life.

Dream about losing a canary

If you are dreaming of looking for a canary that ran away from the cage, that symbolizes anxiety.

There is something that worries you in the real world. That problem is probably related to your family.

The relationships with your family members are not great lately, which is affecting your mental state badly. It might not be your fault, but stress is killing you.

Try not to think about those problems before going to bed.

Chasing a canary in a dream

A dream in which you are chasing or hunting a canary doesn’t have a positive meaning, unfortunately.

It usually symbolizes losses, whether they are related to business or finances.

One impulsive move could ruin your plans. Make sure to trust your reason in important moments, instead of your emotions.

To kill a canary

This dream symbolizes betrayal. Someone extremely close to you will betray your trust.

That doesn’t have to be a partner but someone you trust a lot at the moment.

Your friend might turn on you, or one of your family members will criticize you for no reason and hurt you by doing that.

The symbolism of a dead canary

When you see a dead canary in a dream, it means that you will witness injustice.

You might see your friend’s partner in a club, restaurant, or town, but they will be with someone else.

You will be sure that you have made a mistake at first, but when other people point it out as well, you will know what all of it is about.

You will end up in a very uncomfortable position, and you will not know whether you should reveal that secret to your friend or stay quiet for their own good.

You will not want to meddle in that, but you will make a decision based on the answer to your question if you would like to know something like that or not.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen or heard a canary, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a canary bird

The canary is a bird native to the Canary Islands. It sings beautifully and is often kept as a pet.

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