Cake and Cakes – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A motif of cake in dream books is relatively common. Younger people and people who like candy dream of it the most often. Cake is one of a hundred the most often dreamed dreams. Meanings and interpretations vary from surprise, uncertainty, attention and joy. Dreams about cake are usually positive.

Dreaming of seeing cake
If you see a cake in a dream, it means that someone will surprise you. That person is probably someone who will remember an important date you are celebrating. They will make an effort to make your day, because of which you will become even closes.

Dreaming of gifting a cake
If you have given a cake as a gift in a dream, it symbolizes uncertainty in love. It is possible that you never know where you stand in a relationship with your partner. It seems to you like they are playing games and being manipulative. You are aware that it would be the best to show them what that is like, but you always give in while hoping that things will be different this time.

Dreaming of receiving a cake
If you get a cake in a dream, it means that someone is showering you with attention. You probably don’t really like that person. Even though they are trying so much, you are not able to fall for them. You are angry with yourself because you are thinking of someone who doesn’t care about you at all.

Dreaming of eating cake
Eating cake in a dream suggests that you will be invited to a celebration. You will probably go to a party that everyone will remember for a long time. You will meet interesting people who you will want to stay in touch with.

Dreaming of making cake
Making cake in a dream suggests that you will have guests. You will probably have relatives that you haven’t seen for some time over. You will make many specialties and you will make an effort to do something new and interesting every day, in order for them to have a great stay.

Dreaming of decorating cake
When you are decorating cake in a dream, it means that you think about details. You think that small things are important in life and that they can either make you day or ruin it. You always watch your mouth and think of other people’s feelings, so you expect the same from them as well.

Dreaming of other people eating cake
If someone else is eating cake in your dream that symbolizes missed chances. It is possible that someone will achieve success that you wanted. You have a feeling that everything is slipping away through your fingers and you wonder what should you do in order to change that.

To see candles on a birthday cake
If you have dreamed about a birthday cake, it means that you will make new friends and acquaintances.

To see a wedding cake
This dream symbolizes happiness, celebrations, prosperity and gain. Everything you do will be successful.

Dreaming of a fruit cake
This dream has the same meaning as the previous one. Beside that, it means that you will have a long life and good health. An alternative interpretation for single people under 30 suggests a love romance during upcoming spring or summer.

Dreaming of chocolate cake
Chocolate cake is usually the most common type of cake in dreams and it symbolizes an upcoming hedonism and pleasure. That pleasure can be related to love or to food and drinks.

Dreaming of fondant cake
If you are dreaming of cake that is mostly made out of fondant, it means that you should watch out for fake friends.

Dreaming of layered cake
If you are dreaming of a layered cake, it means that your path to succus will be obstructed with certain obstacles. Those can be related to knowledge, money or people who don’t want you to succeed.

Dreaming of bad or moldy cake
Dreaming of cake that has gone bad or that is moldy suggests that your time has passed. You should avoid having fights with close people or strangers in the future, because you will probably lose during arguing and that will embarrass you.

Dreaming of dropping a cake
If you are dreaming of carrying a cake and then dropping it, or knocking it down from a table that symbolizes some sort of a loss in real life. That could be a financial loss or a loss of a fried because of some argument. It is not specified what kind of a loss you will have, because people have reported that they were losing smaller material things, as well as experiencing financial loss because of unpaid debts.

Dreaming of cake that has been eaten
You need to learn to share with your family and friends more. Everyone will appreciate you better and life will be a lot more pleasant for you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen, bought, eaten, made or decorated a cake that has made an impression on you.

Definition of cake

Cake is an abundant pastry made out of eggs, fruit, chocolate, whipped cream and so on.

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