A dream about Barbie dolls is most commonly dreamed by people younger than 16 years of age. Contrary to expectations, statistics say that both sexes dream of them equally often. Dreams of Barbies can have a variety of meanings, but they usually express some dissatisfaction. If you have dreamed of some other doll, search for the dream interpretation of dreaming a doll.

To see a Barbie doll
Dreaming of a Barbie doll means that you admire someone. It is possible that you think of someone from your surroundings as of your role model. You are asking them for advices often, and you are trying not to do something that would disappoint them and make them change their opinion about you. Because of that attitude, you are usually acting the way you are expected to, in spite of the way you want to.

To be a Barbie doll
If you are a Barbie doll in your dream, it means that you are dissatisfied with yourself. You probably think that you are not pretty, smart or attractive enough. Your self-esteem is low and you don’t believe that complements you get from people around you are honest. You believe that you would be a lot happier if you would lose weight, change your hair color, or have another job, not knowing that you would feel the same way about yourself then too.

To be surrounded by Barbie dolls
Dreaming of being surrounded by Barbie dolls means that no one understands you. It is possible that you are a lot different than your family members or other people from your surroundings, so you can’t talk to them openly about things that are bothering you. You don’t have a person you can confide in, out of fear that they will judge you. You are left to yourself mostly, and you have been assured many times that you can’t count on other people.

To buy Barbie dolls
Buying Barbie dolls in a dream means that you are dedicated to someone. They are probably your child, partner or a friend. You are trying to fulfill all of their wishes and help them whenever they need it. Sometimes, you worry too much if everything you have imagined will turn out right, but you just need to relax a little bit and enjoy in moments you spend with that person.

Dreaming of other people buying a Barbie doll
This dream suggests that you have a hard time with memories of your childhood. It is possible that you missed love, attention, money or something else in that period. You have often felt like your worth was lower than others, which is why you need recognitions and affirmations today, in order to feel successful and good enough.

To play with Barbie dolls
Dreaming of playing with Barbie dolls means that you can’t accept reality. It is possible that you still live in the past and act like some things in your life didn’t happen. That negation is only setting you back and stopping you from moving on. As time passes, you will have a harder time with adapting to new situations.

Dreaming of other people playing with Barbie dolls
If someone else is playing with Barbie dolls in your dream, that symbolizes unreturned love. It is possible that you are in love with someone who doesn’t want a serious relationship and doesn’t intend on getting into anything serious, in the following period. You are secretly hoping that they will change because of you, but you are only hurting yourself that way and wasting time on someone who doesn’t deserve you.

To throw Barbies away
Dreaming of throwing Barbie dolls away means that you will be disappointed. It is possible that a loved one will do something that you are not expecting them to do. After that, your relationship will never be the same and you will have to decide whether you should stay in contact with them, or cut it off.

Dreaming of other people throwing Barbie dolls away
This dream suggests that you will remember someone who meant a lot to you before. They are probably a friend or partner who you are not in contact with, anymore. You will have a hard time with the idea that everything can be forgotten so easily, and you will ask yourself whether you have meant to them as much as they have to you.

To bestow Barbie dolls
Dreaming of bestowing Barbie dolls symbolizes change. It is possible that you will find another job, move or start studying what you are interested in. You will make this decision after thinking everything through and realizing that you need new challenges that can make your life more interesting.

Dreaming of getting Barbie dolls as a gift
If someone is giving you Barbie dolls as a gift, that symbolizes great responsibility. It is possible that you will be promoted or that something valuable will be given to you to keep it. You will take that responsibility seriously and give your best to show yourself in the best light, making sure that you don’t disappoint the person who gave you the opportunity.

To give Barbie dolls a makeover
Dreaming of giving your Barbie dolls a makeover means that you need just a little for happiness. You are someone who likes to spoil yourself, but you enjoy in small things which make your life fuller and more beautiful. You are very curious and you are always in company of inspiring people that you can learn a lot from.

To have sex with a Barbie
Dreaming of having sex with a Barbie means that you are dissatisfied with your sex life. It is possible that your partner is not attractive to you anymore, or that you are single for a long time, so you haven’t had sexual relationships. Ask yourself if that is a good reason enough to search for a new partner, or get yourself involved into a new relationship.

To make clothes for Barbies
This dream suggests that you will start doing what you truly love. It is possible that you have been doing something that didn’t interest you, for a long time. In the following period, you will get a chance to combine business and pleasure, so you will try to use it to the fullest.

To dress up Barbie dolls
Dreaming of dressing Barbies up means that you are nurturing a child in yourself. You believe in your dreams and don’t let other people persuade you into thinking that what you want is unachievable. You are not afraid of showing emotions, and you never lead people on, but you openly tell them where they stand with you. Many people probably believe that you are immature because of it, but the most important thing is that you are honest with yourself and you do what you believe is right.

Definition of a Barbie doll

Barbie doll is a type of doll which is the most sold toy in the world.