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Dreams about busses are one of 300 the most dreamed dreams. We dream of them the most commonly before and after trips. If you have dreamed of them right before or after riding a bus, then we don’t interpret those dreams. If you have sent off someone on a bus trip, then dreams about busses shouldn’t be interpreted either, because they don’t have any meaning.

To see a bus in a dream
When you see a bus in a dream, it means that you shouldn’t expect success without effort. You probably often wish something that you haven’t worked for at all. Your parents have always fulfilled all of your wishes, but now is the time to change that. You will have to earn everything you spend. It is possible that you will like being independent, so you will continue working and supporting yourself.

To see a double decker bus
If you see a double decker bus in a dream, it means that you have to put more effort into something to achieve it. The reason for that is that you are probably getting yourself into something that is not your primary field of knowledge.

To see a bus full of school children
Aside from effort, you need to have a desire to earn knowledge in order to achieve success.

To see a bus full of tourists
Carefree life. Your effort put into someone or something will pay off multiple times.

To ride on a bus in a dream
Dreaming of riding on a bus implies that you wish to go on a trip. It is possible that you haven’t gone on a vacation for some time, so you have a desire to use a few days and get away from everyday routine. You will be in the mood to explore new destinations and enjoy to the maximum. Your partner will welcome your decision with open arms.

Dreaming of driving a bus
You are someone who likes to control things, so when you lose control or give it to someone else it makes you feel like you are out of your comfort zone. An alternative meaning of this dream is that you are a perfectionist, so you like for things to turn out perfectly.

Dreaming of a familiar person driving a bus
Someone you know needs your advice and a proposal about something, but they are ashamed or afraid that they will embarrass themselves if they ask you.

To wait for a bus
You are a patient person who is waiting for their time to shine. An alternative meaning of a dream is that you are waiting too long with decision making.

To be late for a bus
When you dream of being late for a bus that is the sign that you are fettering yourself in life. Indecisiveness is stopping you from making important decisions. You are afraid of failure, so you rather concentrate on unimportant things, than on the one that your future is depending on. You have conflicts with people from your surroundings often, because they think that you are immature and irresponsible.

Dreaming of getting on a wrong bus and going into a wrong direction
You are afraid of making decisions. You question all of them multiple times and yet you are not sure if you’ve made the right decision.

Dreaming of a bus being broken-down
There are some obstacles in your life that you can’t solve on you own. You need to ask for help from a loved one or someone who has the power to solve your problem.

Dreaming of fixing a bus
Dreaming of fixing a bus means that you can solve other people’s problems. You have the chance to make someone’s uncrossable obstacle easier. Efforts that you would put into that wouldn’t mean anything to you.

Dreaming of having an accident with a bus
To see an accident in which a bus participated means that you will give up form a long-termed wish or goal of yours. If you have seen an accident recently, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. If there are people who died in a dream, you need to search other interpretations of this dream, because the main motif of it is not a bus.

Dreaming of sleeping on the bus
This dream means that you are a carefree and stable person. You know how to deal with problems. You stay strongly on the ground and don’t care about gossips or other people’s problems. Other people see you like that as well, so they ask for your support often.

Dreaming of using a toilet in a bus
You will solve a problem that has tormented you for a long time with a quick decision.

To make love in an empty bus
This dream symbolizes an upcoming passionate affair with someone from your town, if you make an effort.

To make love in a bus full of people
Secretly, you are an exhibitionist. An alternative meaning of a dream is that your partners think that you are good in bed.

Definition of a bus

Bus is a passenger vehicle used for transportation of great number of passengers.