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To dream of burying treasure

If you bury treasure in a dream, it means that you present yourself in a different light. You might have been kind and honest with other people before, but they didn’t appreciate it.

You have become cold, distant, and unapproachable, so you don’t give a chance even to those who have proven that you can trust them as a result.

You protect yourself from disappointments that way, but you also miss out on the beautiful things that could happen to you.

Dreaming of burying a body

If you bury a body in a dream, it implies that you are self-destructive. You probably feel guilt for something that happened, and you resent yourself for not managing to stop or avoid it.

Even though other people want to persuade you that you wouldn’t be able to change anything, you continue to torture yourself and destroy your life.

To dream about other people burying a body

When you see someone else bury a body in your dream, it means that you are keeping other people’s secrets. People trust you and tell you what they wouldn’t dare say to others.

They know that you are discrete and that you will not share information with others, but you get so overwhelmed sometimes that you would like to forget all of it.

Dream meaning of seeing someone buried

If you dream that someone is buried, it symbolizes success. You might defeat the competition and get a job or promotion or win a loved one over.

You perceive life as a boxing ring in which the strongest survive, so you don’t have mercy for anyone.

To dream of getting buried

When you are buried in a dream, it warns of ending up in prison. You might not be careful when signing something, and you will have to pay for what you have done.

You will not manage to prove your innocence, but you will learn a valuable lesson and never be as reckless again.

Dreaming of burying yourself

If you dream of burying yourself, it means that you are in a crisis that you have caused. You might be sabotaging yourself and setting all your ideas to failure even before you try to actualize them.

It is time to work on your self-confidence. You can always ask for help from a loved one or professional if you can’t do it yourself.

Symbolism of burying your grandparents in a dream

Burying your late grandmother or grandfather in a dream means that you will have luck when gambling. Now might be the right moment to play the lottery or place a bet.

Another possibility is that you could find a valuable item that you lost a long time ago. Anyhow, you can expect to get lucky in the following period.

To dream of burying your parents

If you dream of burying your mother or father, it means that you are afraid of losing protection or security. If you dream of burying your late mom, it can symbolize unexpected luck in something you haven’t had high hopes for.

When you dream of burying your late father, it suggests that someone might offer you help or support in difficult moments.

Dreaming about burying your siblings

Burying your late brother in a dream symbolizes painful moments. Even the people that have a hard time crying will shed a tear. You need not hide your emotions because they will not bring anything good.

If you dream of burying your late sister, it can represent a crisis in the family. You might disagree with the way someone wants to solve a mutual problem.

To dream of burying your partner

If you dream of burying your partner, it symbolizes long-lasting love.

You might have to go through numerous challenges, and your relationship will oscillate, but you will manage to overcome all obstacles that life throws at you and get out of them much stronger than before.

To dream of burying your child

Even though such dreams are true nightmares, their interpretations don’t have to be negative. If you dream of burying your child, it implies that the situation in your home is changing for the better.

The tension is probably high at the moment, and you can’t find a mutual language no matter how hard you try. However, that could change soon.

Dream interpretation of burying someone else’s child

A dream wherein you bury someone else’s child is also one of the worst nightmares, but it helps us be happy and thankful when we wake up because the reality is not as in a dream.

If you dream of burying someone else’s child, it means that you will obey someone’s opinions. You might not have the strength to argue, and you will do as they say.

To dream of burying a friend

If you dream of burying a friend, it symbolizes positive changes in your business life. Your boss might decide to increase your salary or give you a stimulus check for the effort and hard work you are investing in your job.

One of the possibilities is that someone will offer career progression to you, and you will decide to accept it without thinking.

To dream about burying a stranger

Burying a stranger in a dream means that you might make a profit thanks to someone else. You might work on one project with a group of people. While others will make sure to do their chores on time, you will find time to relax and rest.

All of you will take the credit for a job well done in the end. You will make progress through someone else and not be anyone’s favorite among your colleagues because of it.

Dream meaning of burying a pet

If you dream of burying a pet, it can have multiple meanings. Burying a cat usually means that you will get rid of vices or bad habits.

When you dream of burying a dog, it is a sign that you are in danger or you might lose a good friend.

Burying a hamster in a dream means that your dark thoughts or predictions will come true. The job you didn’t have high hopes for will not result in success in the end.

If you dream of burying a turtle, it implies that you will entirely neglect your needs by fulfilling someone else’s wishes.

To dream of burying an animal

When you dream of burying a dead cow, goat, horse, or another animal, it can symbolize the demise of your health state or represent a conflict at work.

Anyhow, something will take away a lot of your time and energy, but you need not take it for granted but decide to deal with it once and for all.

To dream about burying a doll

Burying a doll in a dream means that you will voluntarily give up on some childish habits. You will probably realize that you are too old to act irresponsibly and immaturely.

That change will amaze your family, partner, and friends.

Dreaming of burying a wedding ring

If you dream of burying a wedding ring, it means that you doubt your partner’s feelings. That person has probably been acting strange lately, and you have started believing they don’t love you anymore or is cheating on you.

You need not accuse that person of anything until you have solid proof that backs up your suspicions.

To dream of a dog burying a bone

A dream wherein you see a dog bury a bone means that it is high time to start thinking about your future. You are old enough to start making plans or, at least, know what you want your life to look like.

To live in the moment can’t bring anything good to you or those who directly depend on you at the moment.

Interpretations can differ depending on what you buried something into.

To dream about burying something in the ground

Burying something into the ground in a dream means that the chances that your secret will see the light of day are slim.

You might be hiding something from those whose opinions you care about because you are afraid that the truth will hurt or disappoint them.

You have to know that they will be even more shocked if they hear about it from someone else instead of you.

Dreaming of burying something in the mud

If you dream of burying something in the mud, it means that you secretly want someone to discover what you feel for them. You are probably tired of pretending that you don’t like one person and that you don’t enjoy their company.

Another possibility is that you have feelings for someone and that you don’t want to hide them anymore, but you don’t dare to admit how you feel.

To dream of burying something in the sand

Burying something in the sand in a dream means that you don’t have a firm attitude about something that is the main topic of your life. You probably still have dilemmas.

You want a change, but you are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. It would be better to do something yourself instead of waiting for life circumstances to make you do it.

To dream of burying something in the snow

If you dream of burying something in the snow, it means that you are working on something that doesn’t have a bright future.

You have probably invested a lot of time, effort, and hard work into it, but the results are not visible. You will have to admit defeat at some point and dedicate yourself to more constructive things in life.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently buried something or seen someone else bury something, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of burying

A verb to bury generally means to put something in a pit or excavated ground and cover it with dirt. It gets used as a colloquial expression for burying the dead.

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