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Thanks to mass media, especially TV and action movies, the motif of a bully in dreams is a lot more common than before.

However, interpretations of such dreams depend on the context in which they occur and the details that follow them. Dreams with a motif of a bully usually evoke feelings of fear and panic, sometimes even rage.

What does it mean to dream of a bully?

If you see a bully in a dream, it means that someone will put you in an uncomfortable position.

You might witness an unpleasant conversation between two people you have recently met. They will argue in front of you and accuse one another of various things.

They will even ask you to get involved in their conflict, but you will most likely end up in trouble if you do it.

Acting like a bully in dreams

When you dream of acting like a bully, it symbolizes repressed anger and aggression. Something probably upset you in real life, but you didn’t react properly.

Instead of leaving it behind, you continuously go back to that situation. You pressure yourself, which can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health.

Dreaming of talking to a bully

Talking to a bully in a dream means that you are a very tolerant and open person. You make an effort to understand everyone and try to get where they are coming from. However, you don’t get treated the same often.

You will give people chances as long as you think that they are good, and you don’t want to believe that anyone would purposefully hurt, offend, or humiliate you.

A dream of watching someone talking to a bully

If you see and hear someone else talking to a bully, it means that your loved one’s decisions could surprise you. Your family member might argue with someone but decide to give that person a second chance.

Considering that you believe that the person in question didn’t deserve it, you will wonder whether you are too harsh or your loved one was actually too forgiving in that situation.

Dreaming about arguing with a bully

Arguing with a bully in a dream means that you will react aggressively in stressful situations.

You have a habit of approaching every debate or conflict too violently and adding fuel to the fire with your gestures. Your relationship with some people is very bad because of it.

You have to listen to what reason tells you instead of your heart next time to avoid big conflicts in the future.

Dreams of other people arguing with a bully

A dream wherein you see and hear someone else arguing with a bully means that you will try to reconcile two sides at war. Two people you equally love and respect will probably have a conflict, and you will act as a mediator.

That role will be very hard on you, but you will manage to finish that mission successfully.

What does it mean to dream of a bully hitting you?

If you dream of a bully hitting you, it means that you will experience injustice. Your boss might decide to reward your colleague instead of you, even though you know and believe that you deserve it more.

Unfortunately, conflicts don’t bring anything good in such situations. If you are not sure that you can make progress on that job, you have to start looking for a new one.

Hitting a bully in a dream

Hitting a bully in a dream means that you will stand up for others. You will probably have a chance to talk about someone’s destiny with a group of people. You will vote and make a decision that is unfair, in your opinion.

Because of it, you will make an effort to change it, but you will get outnumbered. Your next step is to stop the verdict from getting actualized, even for the price of your integrity and financial stability.

Defending someone from a bully in a dream

Defending someone from a bully in a dream means that your conscience is restless because you haven’t helped someone even though you had an opportunity to do it.

You acted like a coward, and now you feel bad about it. It is still not too late to show your humanity, but the question is if you have enough courage and strength for it.

Dreaming about someone defending you from a bully

This dream means that you are afraid of losing support and protection from your loved ones. Your family members and friends probably don’t agree with the decisions or actions you have recently made.

They have stated their opinions loudly and clearly, and now you are afraid that your relationship will stay distant and reserved forever. There is no reason to worry if we are talking about people who love and respect you.

Dream meaning of running away from a bully

To run away from a bully in a dream implies that you are at a crossroads, and you have to make a tough decision.

You have been thinking about your next move for a long time, and you know what you have to do, but you don’t have the strength and courage for it.

You have to give yourself some time and then make a radical cut for a better and more quality future.

Dreams of someone else running away from a bully

A dream wherein you see someone else running away from a bully implies that you need not act as a conformist because that will backfire on you sooner or later.

You have a habit of agreeing with everyone even when your opinions are different. You believe that such behavior is the best way to build a good reputation.

However, you have to know that it will only bring you more harm than good.

To dream of testifying against a bully

If you dream of testifying against a bully in court, it means that the courage you swear on will be put to the test. You like to point out that that is your most pronounced trait.

However, life will put you in a situation where you will wonder whether you are a hero or a coward, after all.

Dreaming about wounding a bully

Wounding or hurting a bully in a dream means that you need not worry about whether you have made the right decision because time will show that it was good.

You have done what you have done, and you can’t turn back time. You have to be patient, and you will see that you have acted well in a difficult situation.

The symbolism of killing a bully in a dream

Killing a bully in a dream means that you can end up in trouble by trying to solve one problem.

If you react impulsively, your behavior will not bring wanted results. You have to give yourself time to think about everything happening to you well and avoid jumping to conclusions.

Dream meaning of a dead bully

A dead bully in a dream means that someone else will solve your problem. We are probably talking about your family member or close friend.

An acquaintance might help you find or change your job, and you will make an effort to repay them for that big favor properly.

Hanging out with a bully in your dream

When you dream of hanging out with a bully, it means that bad people surround you.

The person you call your friend, in whose kindness you swear, is not the way they present themselves. They will take advantage of you to achieve their goals and then leave you high and dry.

It is necessary not to trust such people too much and talk to them about your secrets, fears, and plans.

Dreaming about kissing a bully

Kissing a bully in a dream means that you lack excitement in your life.

You might have fallen into a dull rut, and every day is the same for you. You have to start changing the little things that bother you and then start thinking about big changes.

You can go for a walk instead of spending your evening in front of the TV, for starters.

The symbolism of marrying a bully in a dream

If a single woman dreams of marrying a bully, it suggests that she is afraid of never finding the man of her life.

If an already married woman has such a dream, it means that she has to respect her spouse more if that person does the same.

Dream meaning of your partner becoming a bully

To dream of your partner becoming a bully is not a good sign, unfortunately.

Such dreams predict upcoming problems and arguments in your family. You have to show sympathy for your loved ones if you want to stop or at least minimize the tension.

You will not achieve anything good by putting your vanity first.

Dreaming about your brother or father becoming a bully

This dream can be a sign that your brother or father will disappoint you.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be physically aggressive, but the person in question might offend you with something.

You will need a lot of time to forgive them for it, but you will not manage to forget some situations, no matter how hard you try.

To dream of your friend becoming a bully

When you dream of your close friend becoming a bully, it means that you disagree with that person’s actions.

You haven’t said it, but you have distanced yourself from them while trying to make them believe in your excuses, but you are not the best at it. You might even cut all communication with your friend at some point.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If someone has recently been violent toward you, it has left a strong impression on you.

The same applies if you have a chance to see a bully in real life or through the media.

Definition of a bully

A bully is a violent, arrogant, or rude person.