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The interpretation of dreams about breasts usually depends on whether they were dreamed by men or women. Scroll down to find out the precise meaning of your dream.

Dream about bare breasts

When you are dreaming of women’s bare breasts, it means that pleasure with minimum initiative invested is expecting you. You probably like someone you see often, but you can’t manage to get enough courage and admit your feelings.

Even though that person seems cold and uninterested at first glance, they want you to make the first move desperately.

This experience will be useful to you in the future because you will learn to face the fear of rejection and realize that it is not as scary as you imagined.

To kiss women’s breasts

Dreaming of kissing women’s breasts symbolizes infidelity. You have probably distanced yourself from your partner, and you don’t feel as comfortable in their company as you have before.

In support of that is the involvement of the third party in your relationship or marriage because you will focus on them completely. You know that something like that wouldn’t have happened if everything between you two was good.

You will think about admitting everything to your partner because you don’t see the point in staying in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

Touching women’s breasts in a dream

When a man dreams of touching women’s breasts, it means that he is trying to hide his sexual fantasies from the person he loves. You are probably afraid of how your partner will react if you suggest something unconventional in bed.

If you have been married or in a relationship for a long time, they probably know you well enough that they wouldn’t think that you are a freak.

However, if your relationship is still new, and you don’t know each other that well, you should wait for suggestions related to your sex life.

If, however, a woman dreams of touching women’s breasts, it means that she needs a change. You are probably tired of the everyday routine, your job, your dwelling place, or the people you live with.

You would like to try something new, but you are afraid that people from your surroundings will react negatively.

Thinking like that has always been stopping you from enjoying life and doing the things you love.

Dreaming of milk leaking from breasts

If you see women’s breasts from which milk is leaking, it means that you feel like you are giving more than you are receiving.

You have probably invested a lot of attention and energy in people around you, consciously sacrificing your own needs because you want them to be happy.

You feel neglected sometimes, but you need to know that you have caused that. Put yourself first, and everything will change quickly.

To dream of breasts bleeding

If you see bleeding breasts in a dream, it means that you are exhausted from taking care of someone.

Someone from your surroundings probably needs you a lot since they are a minor or powerless parent. The love you feel for that person is pushing you forward and giving you the strength to endure, but you feel tired more often.

You should maybe dedicate some time to yourself, at least shortly. That is not selfishness, but a necessary move to preserve your body and soul.

No one will resent you for wanting to restore your energy and direct it to your loved one again.

The symbolism of small breasts

Interpretations of this dream depend on your gender. If a man dreams of small breasts, that symbolizes financial difficulties or even health problems in the family.

If, however, a woman dreams of having small breasts, that symbolizes a lack of self-confidence. You should work on loving yourself more. Other people will respect you a lot more after you start appreciating yourself.

Dream meaning of big breasts

This dream also depends on the gender of the dreamer. If a man sees big breasts in a dream, that symbolizes unfulfilled sexual urges. You probably can’t say that you have frequent or quality relationships.

When a woman dreams of having big breasts, that symbolizes happiness and profitable ventures. The change of college, profession, or work may turn out to be the right decision.

Breasts of different sizes in a dream

This dream is a sign of disbalance in sex life for both sexes.

People who have been single for a while probably feel frustrated because of it, while those who are in a relationship or married still haven’t faced the fact that they are not sexually compatible with their partner.

Dreaming about third breasts

A dream in which you see three breast can mean many things.

If, for example, a man dreams of a woman with three breasts, it means that he wants to make up for his emotional dissatisfaction with materialistic things.

You are probably not lucky with love relationships and friendships, so you are buying expensive things.

If a woman dreams of having three breasts, it means that she should work on her relationship with people. She should fix the ones with people close to her first and then work on the ones with the people from her surroundings.

Watch out how you are talking to your family members, colleagues, and friends because your remarks and rude comments offend other people often. If you don’t work on that, it is clear that you will stay alone.

To dream of not having breasts

If a woman dreams of not having one or both breasts, it means that she feels unattractive. Some bad love experiences have probably made you think like that.

However, you have given up on yourself too soon. If you start working on yourself instead of other people, you will be happier and more satisfied, which will make you radiate attractiveness more.

When a man dreams of a woman who doesn’t have one or both breasts, it means that he will have to give up on something that he is looking forward to.

You have been planning a vacation or hanging out with your friends for a long time, but business or private obligations will make you postpone it.

Hairy women’s breasts in a dream

This dream symbolizes a lot of joy in the future for women. You will be healthy and joyful.

You will not let worries and problems discourage you, but you will look for something positive in everything. You are an example of someone who will live happily ever after.

If a man dreams of hairy women’s breasts, it means that someone or something will disappoint him.

You may buy an expensive item that will not fulfill your expectations, or your disappointment can have something to do with your loved one.

Dream interpretation of breast implants

If a man dreams of implants, it means that his wish will come true. However, when a woman dreams of implants, that symbolizes unnecessary expenses.

You will probably spend more than you have planned again.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen or kissed women’s breasts, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of women’s breasts

Women’s breasts are glands characteristic of the female sex, located at the front of the chest.

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