Braces – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Braces rarely occur in dreams. Dreams with them are not interpreted if you have braces or if you have had them recently. If you have been at the dentists or saw someone with braces, dreams of braces shouldn’t be interpreted then either.

To see fixed braces in a dream
If you see fixed braces in a dream, it means that you will have some sort of surgical procedure. It can be rhinoplasty, fillers, ear operation of breast augmentation. You will be more confident after it, so you will be satisfied with the way you look. You will think of getting more things done, but you will not want to overexaggerate.

To see mobile braces in a dream
Dreaming of seeing mobile braces means that you will listen to a doctor’s advice. They will probably tell you how to train and what to eat, in order to solve a medical condition that has been bothering you. You will try to stick to their plan, but you will be tempted to order pizza or stay in and watch a movie, many times.

Dreaming of having braces
Having braces in a dream suggests that someone will mock you. There is someone in your surroundings that is not mature enough, so they like to joke inappropriately. You will not be comfortable because of it, but you will try to ignore them and not pay attention on what they are saying.

Dreaming of someone else having braces
This dream suggests that you will advise a loved one. They will probably have private or business problems, so you will try to solve them together. You will not criticize them, but let them know that they can always count on you and that you will always support them and their decisions.

Dreaming of not wanting to have braces
If you don’t want to have braces in a dream, it means that you will act out of spite. It is possible that you will want to prove something to yourself and other people, so you will do things that are not in your best interest. You are stubborn, so you will refuse to listen to advices of good-hearted people that will want to stop you from going through the wall.

Dreaming of a child not wanting to have braces
When a child in your dream doesn’t want to have braces it means that some traumas from your childhood still bother you. You have probably experienced an inconvenience that has marked your life in some way and made you mature too early. Even though you have a hard time when you remember that experience and you don’t want to talk about it, deep down you are suffering and blaming yourself for events that you couldn’t control.

Dreaming of washing braces
Washing braces in a dream symbolizes responsibility. You plan your time in advance, in order to finish all your obligations. You are well organized so you manage to work, be physically active, hang out with friends etc. during the day. You feel the best when you have a fulfilled day, which makes you even more productive.

Dreaming of making braces
Making braces in a dream means that you will get a job outside of your profession. It is possible that you will do something completely new for you, so you will need some time to learn necessary skills. You will study outside work and ask for help from people who have experience in that field.

Dreaming of having broken braces
When your braces break in a dream it means that you will experience misfortune. It is possible that you will have a problem in traffic and that you will be lightly injured. You will be a lot more careful after the event, so you will go everywhere earlier so you don’t have to rush to get there.

Dreaming of losing braces
If you lose braces in a dream, it means that you won’t take your superiors’ critiques seriously. They will probably not be satisfied with your work and they will warn you to make better effort. You will continue doing things your way, so they will be forced to take drastic measures in order to make you realize what you are doing.

Dreaming of buying new braces
If you are dreaming of buying new braces, it means that you take your health seriously. You spend most of your money on healthy food because you want to consume only quality groceries. You believe that a man is what he eats, so you spend a lot of time on preparing meals. You also go on massages and other treatments that make you feel better.

Dreaming of your dentist telling you that you don’t have to have braces anymore
This dream suggests that you will solve a problem that has been giving you headaches for a very long time. It is possible that you will pay a debt that was burdening you, so you will finally be able to manage your finances again. You will have many plans that you will slowly achieve in order to not end up in debt again.

Definition of braces

Braces are used for correction of irregular order or position of teeth.

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