What Does It Mean to Dream of a Black Locust Tree?

A flowerless black locust tree
To see a flowerless black locust tree in a dream means that you will misjudge a friend. You will invest a lot of effort into a friendship with someone who will not appreciate it. You will get over things they do easily, even though their intentions are to hurt you, but you will justify their every action. People from your surroundings will start to look at both of you the same way, so others will not take you as seriously as before. Many people will warn you to stay away from them, but you will be hopeful that you can change them.

A black locust tree in bloom
Dreaming of a locust tree in bloom suggests that you are hoping for a success. Your hard work will pay off and your superiors will see that they can trust you. It is possible that you will get a promotion or a scholarship. You will get a chance to upgrade your knowledge and develop yourself in all fields. The following period will be really successful for you and you will make an effort to use every opportunity you get to the fullest.

To cut a black locust tree
Dreaming of cutting a black locust tree symbolizes sorrow and sadness. You will probably be forced to change your dwelling place, which will be hard on you, because you love your home. Your financial situation will force you to make some painful cuts. You will move to a suburb that you don’t like, but you will not have another choice. It is possible that you will see another perspective of that surroundings, which could give you a chance to be more independent.

To see the black locust tree flowers
If you see locust tree flowers in a dream, it means that a good period for love and work is in front of you. Use it to make true everything you’ve always dreamed of.

To receive a black locust tree flower as a gift
Dreaming of receiving a black locust tree flower means that you will experience pleasant and beautiful moments with your loved one. If your relationship is still green, you will try to spend every free moment with the other person. You will see that they are a passionate and affectionate lover. If you decide to live together or travel somewhere, you will probably realize that you have finally found the right person. It is also possible that you will decide to get married, even though many people believe that you still don’t know each other enough.

To pick black locust tree flowers
Dreaming of picking locust tree flowers in a dream means that you have a crush. It is possible that you like a colleague from work or college, but you haven’t shown it yet. They will probably decide to ask you out on a date, especially if they realize that you don’t have enough courage to do so. If you are in a relationship or marriage for a long time, your partner could surprise you with a nice gesture.

If you see someone else picking flowers in your dream, that symbolizes jealousy and envy. There is probably someone near you who has a life that you’ve always imagined having. You have been trying to hide your envy from them for a while, but you are getting less successful at it. Instead of being jealous and wasting your time complaining about your destiny, you should move on and ask yourself what you can do to make your life better. You need to realize that a lot of things depend solely on you.

To see black locust tree fruits
Dreaming of picking black locust tree fruits symbolizes gain. This dream suggests that your hard work could pay off finally. If you dream of other people picking fruits, it is possible that someone will meddle into your relationship, marriage or friendship with colleagues from work. Try to explain to them that you don’t need their advices and that you are old enough to make your own decisions, but do it subtly.

To eat black locust tree fruits
Dreaming of eating black locust tree fruits means that you have an enemy. It is possible that they are someone close to you, so you would never believe that they would like to make your life miserable. It is exactly this attitude that is leaving them enough space to have insight into all of your weaknesses and flaws, after which they use them when the right time for it comes. You are too naïve and honest. Ask yourself if it is good for everyone to see that.

If someone else is eating black locust tree fruits in your dream, it is possible that you have a restless consciousness. You have probably done or said something that is bothering you a lot now. You know that you have hurt someone with your words or actions, but you didn’t apologize for it. It is never too late. Swallow your pride and do the right thing.

To see black locust tree seeds
This dream is very rare because not many people can be completely sure that they have dreamed of black locust tree seeds. However, if you are able to determine the kind of seeds, this dream suggests that you will accomplish everything with your persistence and will. Don’t let small things, bad days or negative people discourage you. Believe in your ideas and run courageously toward your goal.

To plant a black locust tree
Dreaming of planting this kind of tree symbolizes a pleasant upcoming encounter with someone you have recently met. During a certain conversation you could realize that they are your soulmate, someone you have always been waiting for. Keep in mind that they don’t have to be the opposite sex or someone who will physically attract you. It is possible that they will be your friend till the rest of your life.

To burn a black locust tree
Burning a black locust tree in a dream usually has a negative meaning. It is possible that you will lose a job or end an important collaboration with a famous business associate, if you owe a private business. In both cases be very careful, because someone could try to trick or deceive you. Don’t let yourself sign documents which you are not completely sure what they are for. Also, be careful if you are signing contracts related to some service or sales of goods.

If you work for a company, there is a possibility that you will be fired or you will realize that your firm is on the edge of a bankruptcy. You are getting unreasonable chores more often and you are having a hard time with understanding what they want from you. Considering that you are a capable person and a good worker, start searching for another job as soon as possible.

If you are searching for a job for a long time, while dreaming of burning a black locust tree, it means that you need to accept a less attractive offer, because it could be your only choice. Look at it as a temporary solution until a better opportunity pops up.

A dream shouldn’t be interpreted if you have recently been in touch with a black locust tree, or watched a documentary about it on TV.

Definition of a black locust tree
A black locust is a deciduous tree from the family of Robinia. It is from the US originally.

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