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Dream about Bible

Dreaming of the Bible means that you will face the unpleasant truths that many people have been hiding from you.

It is possible that your parents have protected you too much and they didn’t let people from your surroundings look at you wrongly, let alone criticize you.

Even though their intentions are the best, their parenting has often brought you more unpleasant situations than benefits.

You will find out something that they have been trying to hide from you and you will have a hard time dealing with it.

The whole situation is probably related to your friends’ comments that they didn’t like or a secret related to your birth.

No matter what the meaning of this dream turns out to be, you will love your parents the same, but you will be sorry that they didn’t trust you and that you will react properly to that finding.

Reading the Bible in a dream

If you read the Bible in a dream, that symbolizes joy. You will probably hear the news that will gladden you and inspire you to start planning and organizing the celebration.

You will want to know more about culture and customs so that you pay respect to the tradition.

An alternative meaning is that the Bible symbolizes peace in your soul. It is possible that you didn’t need faith in the past, but as time passes, you are finding comfort in it the most.

It will help you to understand the meaning of life and to face life’s difficulties more easily.

Buying a Bible in a dream

When you dream of buying a Bible, it is a sign that a sick person will get better soon. Despite a bad prognosis, you haven’t lost hope that someone from your family will recover.

Besides meds, you will search for alternative methods as well, but faith will help you the most.

Dream meaning of selling a bible

If you dream of selling a bible, that symbolizes progress in your career. You will get a better position and a higher salary by agreeing to various compromises.

You will often feel like you are betraying yourself and like you are not acting according to the principles that you respected in the past.

Other people will think that your life is perfect and that you have it all, but only you will know the cost of your success.

To bestow the Bible to a priest

Dreaming of bestowing the Bible to a priest warns you to be careful of snakes, both in animal and human form.

Someone will try to test you to do you wrong. You will have to show enormous mental strength, to resist something that attracts you greatly because it is forbidden and bad for you.

Writing the Bible in a dream

Dreaming of writing the Bible implies that you want to change something in your life. This change will be radical and it could affect many dear people of yours.

Because of it, you are having a hard time making the decision and transforming your plan into action.

If, however, you dream of other people writing the Bible, it means that you have burned yourself many times because you were naïve, but now you are a very careful and intuitive person.

You distance yourself from people who are just entering your life until they prove that they deserve your attention.

Sometimes, you are not completely honest even with people who you love. There are things in your life that you don’t share with anyone because the only person you trust completely is you.

To receive the Bible as a gift

If you dream of getting the Bible as a gift, it means that you will finally realize that many things have happened for a reason.

You will stop blaming yourself and other people for bad things that you have survived and challenges that you have managed to overcome.

Close friends will teach you to appreciate what you have and to make an effort, every day, to be a better person to yourself and others.

Dreaming of losing the Bible

This dream symbolizes the need for attention and affection. If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, it is possible that your relationship with a partner is not great.

It seems to you like they don’t care about you anymore and that they wouldn’t even flinch if they lost you.

It is possible that your feelings are not based on real facts, but the perception that you have projected because you are lonely.

If you are single for a long time, the lack of attention and affection is completely natural. You should maybe lower your expectations, to find a soulmate.

Finding the Bible in a dream

Dreaming of finding the Bible symbolizes a beautiful upcoming period. Your relationship with family members will be good, and you will not have problems at work either.

You will finally be able to take a breath and relax. You may decide to go on a short trip with a loved one.

Dreaming about tearing the Bible up

If you dream of tearing up the Bible, it implies that you are having regrets because of the sin from the past.

Try to direct your attention and energy into positive things, because you can’t change the past now.

If, however, you dream of other people tearing up the Bible, a loved one may be hiding something from you. They have decided to stay quiet about it because they are afraid of your reaction.

Dream interpretation of burning the Bible down

Dreaming of burning the Bible down means that you want to hide some mistake that you have made or blame someone else for it.

You are afraid that it could affect your professional, emotional, or social life, so you have decided to blame someone else.

If you dream of someone else burning the Bible down, it means that injustice will hurt you.

Someone else may take credit for your work, or your superior will decide to reward your colleague instead of you.

You will be disappointed since you believe that you deserve to be rewarded more than them.

The symbolism of the Bible in flames

If you see the Bible burning in flames, it means that you will be in an unpleasant situation. You will not know how to react and you will be afraid of making a decision.

An additional problem is that you will not have anyone to ask for advice and you will have to lean on your intuition only.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, bought, or read the Bible, that has made an impression on you.

To dream of stealing the Bible

When you dream of stealing the Bible from a church, monastery, or shop, it means you will make a desperate move you will regret later. You might greatly harm yourself out of neglect or impulsivity.

If you dream of stealing the Bible from someone, it symbolizes communication problems with your loved ones.

You might argue with a family member, significant other, or friend because of different approaches to solving one problem.

To dream of someone stealing the Bible from you

If you dream of someone stealing the Bible from you, it implies someone is dishonest with you.

Your loved one is hiding something so as not to hurt you. You can sense something is wrong but can’t put your finger on it.

To dream of going through the Bible

When you dream of flipping the pages of the Bible, it means you are still not ready for big changes.

You know they will happen sooner or later, but you don’t dare to take the first step. You let time pass while standing in place.

To dream about others going through the Bible

A dream wherein you see someone else flipping the pages in the Bible means you are worried about a loved one.

You probably can tell your family member or a friend is unhappy and feel bad about it. However, you can’t make decisions for that person.

They will have to deal with big life changes on their own, and you can be their support system.

To dream of doodling on the Bible

Doodling on the Bible in a dream suggests you are skeptical. You don’t trust people blindly, which can be beneficial for you in your professional life.

However, it can hurt your relationships. You have to let people into your life to enable them to show you what their intentions are.

To dream of other people doodling on the Bible

If you see someone else doodling on the Bible, it implies you impose your decisions and opinions on other people.

Everyone has the right to decide on their life. Your intentions might be good, but you have to give advice only when someone asks for it. Everything else is a direct intrusion of someone’s privacy.

To dream about throwing a Bible away

Throwing a Bible away in a dream means you will misinterpret someone’s actions or words. Someone might give you a well-intentioned piece of advice or suggestion, and you will perceive it as criticism.

Another possibility is that you will take someone’s kindness for a seduction attempt and react aggressively. You will be ashamed of your reaction when you realize you have made a mistake.

To dream of someone else throwing a Bible away

When you dream of someone else throwing a Bible away, it implies you will be misunderstood. Someone will probably react aggressively to your suggestion or advice.

Another possibility is that they will believe you are flirting with them just because you are kind to that person.

To dream of someone hitting you with a Bible

When you dream of someone hitting you with a Bible, it means you have to straighten your priorities. You spend too much energy on trivial things while sweeping the important ones under the rug.

You have to ask yourself if you care more about money and career than family, friends, and love.

To dream about hitting someone with the Bible

Hitting someone with the Bible in a dream suggests you might embarrass yourself in front of a large group of people.

You might have a chance to talk about something you are unfamiliar with. In your desire to express your opinions, you will say something that will make others mock you.

Definition of the Bible

The Bible or Holy Scripture is a holy Christian book that consists of the New and the Old Testaments.

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