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Dreams of betrayal aren’t pleasant at all. However, their meaning doesn’t have to be negative. The interpretation depends on the details that followed your dream.

Dreaming of betraying someone

If you betray someone in a dream, it means that your worries will increase.

You are too overwhelmed with everyday problems, and you often can’t find just one situation that would put a smile on your face.

You question made decisions and always have a feeling that you didn’t do your best.

If you are a parent, your kids will worry you additionally since you will want to take them on the right path and create responsible people out of them who will be able to take care of themselves, despite the negative influence of the environment.

You will be afraid of failing at the most important role of your life, which would leave tremendous consequences on your loved ones.

To dream of someone betraying you

Dreaming of someone betraying you symbolizes pleasant and happy upcoming days.

You probably want to be alone to be able to figure out if your relationship or marriage has a perspective in the future.

You will realize that too many things connect you to your partner, and you will let them take a win.

You will fight for the things that matter, and the reward in the form of joyful moments with your partner will also come.

Betray your partner in a dream

When you are dreaming of betraying your partner, it means that you will have to stand up for someone.

A family member may make decisions that other people will not like, so they will face harsh criticism.

You will make sure to come to their rescue and defend them from attacks, but you will tell them in private why you think that their decision is not the smartest.

Dreaming that your partner betrayed you

If you are dreaming of a partner betraying you, it means that you are too harsh with them.

No one can fulfill your expectations, not even you, so what is the reason for setting the bar so high?

Say what you want and don’t expect them to be able to read your mind. If something bothers you, be honest and open, and don’t stay silent while hoping that they will figure out what is wrong.

The game you are playing will start to bother them with time, which will jeopardize your relationship even more.

Dream meaning of betraying a friend

If you are dreaming of betraying a friend, it means that you are hiding something from them.

You have probably found something out that could hurt them, so you have decided to keep that information to yourself.

Considering that the information in question is extremely delicate, you believe that it would be best to keep your mouth shut, but your consciousness is restless because of it now.

Try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you would like to know the truth.

To dream of a friend betraying you

A dream in which a friend betrays you doesn’t have anything to do with reality.

This dream suggests that they will ask you for help or advice. They may ask for a loan, help with moving, or support regarding something else.

You will be happy to help because you know how many times you were out of trouble, thanks to them.

Revealing a business secret

When you are dreaming of revealing a business secret, it means that you will get an assignment that opposes your moral grounds.

Your superior may ask you to do something that you would never agree to do if you were not this desperate and in need of a job.

You will hate yourself for it and regret ever applying to work there, but you will not have a choice.

You need a job and money, so you should get over it as soon as possible. If the fact that you are doing something you don’t support bothers you so much, look for another job.

Dreaming of revealing state secrets

This dream is usually connected to opinions that you have in real life regarding your state, its management, and politicians that you see in the media every day.

Those who are involved in politics and who disagree with decisions the political leaders make have it more often.

If you have recently watched an informative show in which political treason or the betrayal of the people or state is mentioned, this dream shouldn’t get interpreted since it has left a strong impression on you, and you have transferred it into a dream.

Betraying Christ in a dream

Believers dream of betraying Christ more often because they think of it as the biggest betrayal in the history of mankind.

It usually represents disappointment with a loved one or someone you think of as a role model that you tremendously respect.

If those who are not religious dream of betraying Christ, it means that they will doubt their qualities.

To be accused of betrayal

Dreaming of being accused of betrayal, even though you are not guilty, means that you will argue with an extremely stubborn person.

No matter how hard you try to state your attitudes using facts, they will not be willing to accept them or even consider that you might be right.

You will realize that there is no point in doing any of that in one moment and decide not to waste your time and energy on such people.

This will be one of the most important life lessons you have learned so far.

Dreaming of being convicted because of treason

When you are dreaming of people or the court proclaiming you a traitor, it means that you worry too much about other people’s opinions of you.

For you, it is extremely important to build and keep a reputation of someone who everyone trusts and admires.

Considering that pulling something like that off is quite difficult, you are constantly under pressure while thinking whether people will like your decisions or not.

You are slowly but surely losing your identity because of it and becoming a stranger even to yourself.

After you finally start living the way you want, everything will be a lot simpler and easier.

To be executed because of treason

If someone wants to execute you in a dream for treason, it means that you have a protector. Someone whom you believed was indifferent toward you will help you.

You will realize that you have judged them wrongly and that they are simply not good with words while their actions are the best indicator that they want the best for you.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have betrayed someone or someone betrayed you, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of betrayal

Betrayal is the misuse of someone’s trust and public embarrassment.

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