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Handfuls of beans

Dream interpretation of beans

If you see beans in a dream, it means that you will hear pleasant news.

There is a chance that you are waiting on the results that have something to do with your health, and they will be more than good.

You believe that strength comes from food, which is why you make an effort to eat clean, exercise, think positively, and do everything that keeps your body and mind healthy.

Eating beans in a dream

If you dream of eating beans, it symbolizes an argument. You probably sacrifice yourself for your family members, but they don’t notice it and don’t appreciate it.

You can’t remember when was the last time you bought something for yourself because you don’t want them to lack anything or differ from their peers.

Dreaming of someone else eating beans

When you see someone else eating beans in a dream, it means that your loved ones will gladden you with a gift or nice gesture.

There is a chance that they want to thank you for everything you do for them with it.

You will find it unnecessary because you truly enjoy helping those you love, but you will still be happy because they thought of you.

To dream of buying beans

When you dream of buying beans, it means that your business is not really successful.

There is a chance that you will not earn much in the following period, which is why you will make an effort to save on every little thing.

If you get an opportunity to have an additional job, you will take it without thinking and continue hoping for a better future.

Dreaming of picking beans

If you dream of picking beans, it symbolizes an impulsive decision. You react right away, which is why you usually have regrets later. You can’t sleep on anything or think things through.

Because of such an attitude, people from your surroundings see you as an irresponsible and unstable person from whom they never know what to expect.

Dreaming of other people picking beans

When you see someone else picking beans in a dream, it means that someone will embarrass you in real life.

There is a chance that a family member or partner will say something offensive to other people under the influence or as a joke. You will try to make them stop doing it, but that person will not take it seriously.

You will want to disappear, even though you don’t have anything to do with the situation you got involved in.

Dreaming about planting beans

When you dream about planting beans, it means that you don’t expect much from your loved ones.

You would do anyone a favor, especially your friend or relative. However, you will have a chance to see that many people do it only when they get something out of it.

It is better not to count on anyone because of it and keep going forward without anyone’s help.

Beans are a pretty common ingredient in our kitchens, which is why dreams with such a motif are not rare. Their interpretation depends on the context in which a dream occurs and the details that follow it.

Dreams of watching others planting beans

A dream wherein you see someone else planting beans means that a stranger will help you.

You will probably be in trouble, but someone you see for the first time in your life will give you a hand.

The fact that there are still people who are ready to help even those who they don’t know will gladden you.

Dream meaning of selling beans

Selling beans in a dream symbolizes an improvement in your financial situation. You or one of your family members might get a job or a promotion, which will affect your house budget positively.

Another possibility is that you will find an additional source of income or turn your hobby into a mini business. Anyhow, you will work a lot, but the earnings will be acceptable as well.

To dream of feeding beans to a child

Feeding beans to a child in a dream means that you are a very pragmatic person.

You are prone to looking for practical solutions for your and other people’s problems. You don’t like to complicate things, be dramatic, panic, or hang out with people who do such things.

Because of it, you prefer doing some chores alone than with a group of people even if everyone will get praised for it.

Dream symbolism of green pods

A dream wherein you see green bean pods symbolizes success that expects you in the future.

There is a chance that you will soon fulfill your wishes and goals, and your ideas might bring you a profit soon. It is important to be patient, motivated, and persistent to achieve what you want.

If you see wilted or dry bean pods in a dream, it means that you are close to fulfilling your dream. You will soon start picking the fruits of your labor and hard work.

Rotten bean pods in a dream suggest that you have to give up on one idea when you realize that it doesn’t bring any results.

There is a chance that you will notice that you have invested too much hard work and effort into it, but the results are not visible. You will give up on it unhappily and dedicate your time to more constructive things in life.

To dream of peeling bean pods

When you dream of taking beans out of bean pods, it means that your family, friends, or colleagues at work will accept your decision or idea.

You have probably been thinking about it for a long time, but you didn’t have the courage to present your idea to others because you were afraid of getting criticized.

However, you will soon realize that something like that is not a reason for fear.

A dream of watching someone peeling bean pods

A dream wherein you see someone peeling bean pods means that you have to be understanding of the people in your surroundings.

You have to stop criticizing them for the littlest things or making them feel insecure. Praise what needs praising and try to improve the things that you find bad together. No one knows everything, which is why the process of learning is long and exhausting.

You have to have that in mind next time when you want to scorn your family members or younger colleagues.

Dreaming about a cooking bean stew

Cooking bean stew in a dream symbolizes a turbulent upcoming period.

You will have a lot of work and obligations, while obstacles and challenges will be a part of your daily life. You will try to find the balance between your business and private life, but you will waste a lot of energy on that.

You can’t let stress jeopardize your physical and mental health in the process.

To dream of other people cooking bean stew

If you see someone else cooking bean stew in a dream, it means that your friend or relative will ask you to help them with a demanding task like a movie, painting, or something similar.

You will be glad to help if unexpected urgent obligations don’t stop you from doing it.

The symbolism of your bean stew burning in a dream

If you dream of your bean stew burning, it means that recklessness could hurt you.

You have to be very careful if you plan on signing a contract, especially if it is a loan agreement. You have to make sure to read every point in that document so that you wouldn’t have problems in the future.

Smelling burnt bean stew in a dream

Smelling burnt bean stew in a dream means that you could hear bad news.

If you have recently applied for a job, had an exam, or requested a visa, there is a chance that you will not like the answer you will get. The same goes if one of your loved ones is in a similar situation.

However, you need not despair because you will get a new opportunity soon.

Dreaming about eating canned beans

Eating canned means in a dream means that you urgently need to solve a problem you have. You have been dealing with it for a long time, but you can’t find a good way to get out of that situation.

You need not be afraid of asking for advice from someone you trust. Another perspective on things will lead to the solution of your problem faster and more easily.

To dream of throwing bean stew away

Throwing bean stew away in a dream symbolizes ungratefulness. There is a chance that someone did you a favor, but you didn’t even thank them.

You probably believe that it goes without saying, but everyone likes hearing those magic words.

Dreaming about someone else throwing bean stew away

A dream wherein you see someone else throwing bean stew away means that you will publicly criticize someone’s actions.

Your boss or even government officials will probably make a decision that you will not like.

You are someone who always speaks their mind, which is why you will not turn a blind eye to injustice this time either.

Foretelling destiny from beans in your dream

Foretelling destiny from beans in a dream means that you believe that you possess strong intuition, which was true in some situations in the past.

However, you should probably count on your reason when making big and important decisions instead of your gut.

You will make the right decision more easily if you think things through and analyze them well.

Dreaming about someone divining from beans

This dream means that you are superstitious.

No one likes a black cat to get in one’s way or walk under the ladder if they don’t have to, but you are starting to overdo it. You live by some ancient beliefs and customs.

Not fitting in modern society because of that reason is not a problem, but other people don’t take you seriously.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, eaten, planted, picked, or bought beans, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of beans

Beans are an annual plant from the legume family.