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Dream about battle

If you dream of observing a battle, it is a warning that you have many hidden enemies. You will have to be more careful when judging people from your surroundings.

It is not enough to just observe their behavior when they are around you, you need to watch how they treat others as well, especially those they don’t depend on or the ones that don’t bring them any advantages.

If you bestow them with your unconditional trust, they may backstab you when you least expect it.

To participate in a battle in a dream

Dreaming of participating in a battle symbolizes restlessness. In the following period, everything will trigger you to start a fight.

No one will suit you, so the best thing for you would be to start doing some sport and get rid of that negative energy that has been building in you for a long time.

You have a feeling that everyone is conspiring against you and that they don’t want to advise you on decision-making regarding business and your family.

Going to a battle in a dream

If you are dreaming of going to a battle, it means that you will successfully fight off your enemy.

You will see what they are doing, in time, so you will be ready to face their every move. You will show courage, wisdom, and strength, while your strategy will impress everyone who knows you.

This is especially related to your situation at work. Your colleagues may try to slender you, but you will figure out their intentions in time and react accordingly.

People that own a private business will meet great business partners that will help them to improve and expand their business and gain higher earnings.

Dreaming about being wounded in a battle

Dreaming of being wounded in a battle means that you will catch someone in a lie. Your partner may try to hide that they are spending more than they should.

That will anger you since they will disregard an agreement that you had. You will realize that you can trust only yourself and you will need a lot of time to forgive them for that mistake.

Dream meaning of wounded in a battle

If you dream of people that have been wounded in a battle, that symbolizes the infirmity to change things that are bothering you.

There are some people in your life whose behavior is bothering you. They are often criticizing you for everything that they can think of, to humiliate you.

You can’t change anything about it, at the moment, because those people are important to your partner or other family members.

You are afraid that you will explode one day and say everything to their face. In the long run, these kinds of relationships are very unhealthy. You need to take care of the situation as soon as possible.

Dying in a battle in a dream

This dream symbolizes good news in moments when you lose all hope. You will be in a really difficult situation.

Worries, obligations, and problems will keep piling up, but you will not have enough strength and wisdom to tackle them.

However, one person will come to help you in the worst moments of despair. You will be grateful to them for the rest of your life.

Dreaming of other people dying in a battle

If you see other people dying in a battle, your subconsciousness is telling you to work on your communication with other people.

Your behavior and harsh approach often hurt those who deserve it the least. No matter how many times your loved ones have advised you to change, you believe that you are doing it for the sake of others.

However, you will have to stop and change your behavior, otherwise, you could lose those you care about the most.

To dream of a battle in a movie

Dreaming of watching a movie filled with battle scenes means that you will soon get rid of all those people who are sucking positive energy from you.

People who are constantly complaining about their destiny, while not doing anything to change the position they are in are bothering you for some time now.

Those conversations are getting on your nerves, so you often feel exhausted and moody after spending time with those people.

You will soon decide to distance yourself from them and protect your mental health.

Seeing children playing war in a dream

A dream in which kids are playing war usually suggests that you are burdened with financial and agricultural difficulties related to your surroundings.

It is possible that you will get depressed by watching documentaries on this topic, so you will transfer that apathy to your dreams.

This dream has another meaning, as well, which suggests that you will manage to overcome a big problem that has been bothering you for a long time.

The symbolism of a battlefield

When you see a battlefield in a dream, that symbolizes exhaustion. Work is probably taking a lot of your time and energy, so you find it hard to dedicate yourself to other things.

Friends and family members are starting to resent you for it. You often don’t have time for family gatherings or you are late to meetings.

All of it is because of the stressful job you do. Even though your finances depend on it, it is time to give some attention to other people and make time for yourself as well.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the marital status of the people who have them.

If married or engaged people dream of a battle

If you are engaged or married and dream of a battle, that symbolizes money problems.

You will probably argue with your partner because you are spending more than you can earn.

Your priorities are different from theirs, so you will have to agree on what you will spend the money on, for both of you to be satisfied.

If single people dream of a battle

When single people dream of a battle, that symbolizes dilemmas regarding partner choices. You will experience an internal struggle, so you will constantly weigh out the good and bad traits of your potential partners.

Sometimes you feel like no one is good enough for you. Your indecisiveness might backfire on you.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently watched a battle on TV or read about it, that has made an impression on you.

To dream that a family member got wounded in a battle

If you dream that one of your family members got wounded in a battle, it implies you try too hard to protect them from everything.

The person in question can’t always learn from your mistakes because they have to make a few on their own to learn some lessons. You have to stop hovering over them and let them live.

To dream of a family member dying in a battle

Dreaming of a family member dying in a battle is a good sign. Such dreams usually represent the good news regarding the person you dreamt of. You can relax now if you were worried about them before.

To dream that your partner got wounded in a battle

When you dream that your significant other got wounded in a battle, it implies you will manage to overcome the conflicts you have.

You have probably argued about everything lately. However, if both of you show understanding and readiness to compromise, you will solve at least some of the problems that bother you.

To dream of a partner dying in a battle

If you dream of your significant other dying in a battle, it means they will make progress. Someone will probably give you the good news regarding their job or career soon.

However, you might have to separate for some time because of that person’s business obligations, but that will not be hard on you.

To dream that your ex got wounded in a battle

This dream suggests you will soon encounter that person and be happy about it, even if you didn’t end your relationship on good terms.

You will realize the person in question is happy and fulfilled, which will gladden you.

Dream symbolism of your ex dying in a battle

If you dream of your ex dying in a battle, it implies you will hear the good news regarding that person.

You might find out they got married, had a baby, or something else. That information will honestly gladden you.

To dream of counting the dead in the battle

When you dream of counting the ones who died during a battle, it means it is time to stop worrying about the things you can’t change.

It would be better to devote that energy and time to something within your reach. No one will solve your problems but you, so you have to deal with them.

Dreaming about helping the wounded

Helping the wounded in a battle in your dream symbolizes a guilty conscience. You might have offended, hurt, or wronged someone.

You didn’t apologize, even though you should. You have to know that you will continue to have dreams with this and similar meanings if you don’t do what you know is right.

Dream meaning of reading about a battle

Reading about a battle in a dream means you might soon decide to expand your knowledge in the area that interests you.

You will probably take a course, get training, or go on seminars that will pay off over time. That especially applies to people who plan to take their hobbies to the next level.

To dream of writing about a battle

Writing about a battle in a dream means you will have a responsible job.

Your boss might give you an important task, and many people’s faith will depend on your success. If you believe in yourself and do the best you can, the results will follow.

To dream of reporting about a battle

If you dream of reporting about a battle as a journalist, it implies you will do something risky. You will realize it is your best chance for success.

However, you have to be careful and avoid taking big steps impulsively because that could backfire on you.

Definition of a battle

A battle is a conflict between two or more countries, armies, or people because of territory.

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