What Does It Mean to Dream of a Battery?

To see a battery in a dream
Dreaming of a battery is a symbol of prosperity. In the following period, you will feel peace which you’ve wished for a long time. You will try your best to provide your family with everything they need. They will appreciate your effort and try to return the favor as much as they can. Your home will be filled with joy and positive energy which will keep you united when troubles arrive.

Dreaming of an empty battery
When you dream of an empty battery that symbolizes bad luck. It is possible that you will soon buy or receive a car which will not meet your standards. For you, the car is not only a means of transport, but a status symbol as well, so its characteristics, look and price will be important to you. You will probably get something which will not meet those criterions. There is also a possibility that you will take a loan to buy that car. You will be disappointed because that purchase will not fulfil your expectations. You will get something completely different from what you were promised.

To empty a battery out
When you empty out a battery in a dream it means that you will have a problem to solve. It is possible that you have been sweeping it under the rug, hoping that it would be solved on its own. You will continue to do so, until it brings out other problems with it, which will ask for an urgent intervention. It is possible that your problem is related to your health, so you will have to deal with a bad health condition that could put you in serious danger. Being reckless can cost you a lot. Your family will make you take care of yourself more.

To charge a battery
If you dream of charging a battery, it is possible that you will experience a big financial gain. If you are employed or have a private business, you could get a raise or make a profitable business. If you are unemployed or in search of a job, there is a possibility that you will gain money on the lottery. However, be careful when spending money, because living by a saying “Easy come, easy go” could cause you a big headache.

Dreaming of other people charging a battery
A dream in which you are observing someone while they are charging a battery symbolizes exhaustion. Your subconsciousness is telling you that you have been tired and stressed out for a while because of constant obligations and worries. You want to run away from everything, but you can never find a moment to do so. It is possible that you will soon decide to go on a short vacation at least, in order to charge your batteries.

To start a battery
If you dream of starting a battery, beautiful things regarding love will happen to you. It is possible that you will meet someone who will suit you in every aspect of your life. If you in a serious relationship or marriage for a long time that could cause you problems, because you will be head over heels with that person. Single people could meet someone who will amaze them on an unexpected place. Instead of making the first move and trying to get closer to that person, you will be doubtful. Fear of rejection will be more present than before just because you have a feeling that they are someone who you could be truly happy with. Have in mind a saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, because otherwise you could be sorry.

When you dream of other people starting a battery it means that you could soon end up in a difficult situation. You will be a mediator in an argument that will not be pleasant at all between two people close to you. They will ask you to choose sides.

Dreaming of a burning battery
When you observe a battery burning in a dream it means that your heath is in a bad condition. You have probably been postponing going to the doctor out of fear or neglect. Even though you feel good most of the time, some symptoms that you didn’t have will show up. There is no reason to panic, if you seek your doctor’s advice on time. Stop diagnosing yourself on the Internet and keep in mind that even though you can find useful things on it, Internet is still an unreliable medium, because everyone can write what they want there. Ask for help from a professional.

To throw a battery away
A dream in which you are throwing a battery into a trash means that you will embarrass yourself in front of many people at work. Lack of information about some topic will lead you to say something which will enable other people to mock you. Be careful what you are saying, because you will cause less damage if you stay silent.

To buy a battery
When you buy a battery in a dream it usually symbolizes your desire for a positive change. You feel like you have been waiting to do something for yourself for a long time and that you have sacrificed a lot for other people. That change depends solely on you, so you will soon do something which will make you happy and lead you into a peaceful period without a lot of stress. Good things could happen to you, if you accept your friend or acquaintance’s offer.

To sell a battery
If you dream of selling a battery, it means that someone is gossiping about you. Your actions or success in life makes someone from your surroundings feel like you are an enemy to them. It is possible that they will try to hurt you out of envy or spite. However, you don’t need to worry, because their words are meaningless and they can’t ruin the reputation of a good, hard-working and honest person.

To receive a battery as a gift
When you dream of receiving a battery as a gift it means that your friend, acquittance or family member’s help will come when you’ll need it the most. It is possible that you will get yourself into some problem, but your loved one will know how to help you.

To bestow a battery
A dream in which you are bestowing a battery means that someone will invite you to a party, birthday celebration or a wedding. That invite will make you happy, because your presence will gladden the host. It is possible that you will be worried about finding a gift, considering that your financial situation is not great, but you will realize that a dear friend of yours didn’t invite you because they expect an expensive gift, but because they wish to have you by their side on that special day.

An old battery
If you dream of an old, used-up battery it is possible that someone you love will disappoint you. Your partner might hurt you with something they say, or your family member will unintentionally be mean to you.

A new battery
When you see a new battery in a dream it means that you will hear good news. Someone from your surroundings will make you happy. Information you will hear might not have a direct influence on your life, but you will be happy for others.

A battery is a rare motif in dreams. If you have recently bought, sold or talked about it that has made an impression on you, which has transferred to a dream as well.

4 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to Dream of a Battery?

  1. I have found 3 little watch type batteries on my bed. The third battery I particularly paid attention to throwing it into the outside bin so that I knew that it was off my property. This morning I found the same type of battery on my bedside table, placed on one of the books I am reading right next to where my phone was charging. It was not there when I put the phone on charge the previous night. My husband and daughter say they definitely did not put it there. We have lived in this house for about 9 years and it has been 9 very fraught years. Things keep breaking, unexpected bills, sick children, mother in law, all of our pets dying, strange noises. Wierd. We have managed to sell it (it took 5 years) and are moving out very soon. Does the battery thing ring any bells to anyone? It is not a dream, but this is the only place I could come across where batteries are mentioned.

  2. I had a dream that I was loading my gun with batteries and not bullets. Then I discovered that the batteries were the wrong size for the gun. However in real life two different events happen I loaded my gun with the bullet in backwards LOL had to go get it fixed. I also purchased the wrong size batteries for one of my daughter’s toys.

  3. I dreamed I was a CR2032 battery. Floating around like a hockey puck. Pursuid by two persons.
    What does it mean, any idea?

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