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Dreaming of picking basil

If you are dreaming of picking basil, that symbolizes luck in love. You will have a harmonious relationship with your partner that will be more stable each day.

You will be able to agree on everything and function better than ever before. You will have enough time for each other in the following period and you will use it to get to know your partner better.

You will soon realize that they are the person you want to be with and who you would like to create a family with.

Smelling basil in a dream

When you are dreaming of smelling basil, that symbolizes prosperity. Your everyday life will be filled with many beautiful things that will make you happy.

If you think about everything realistically, you will be able to realize that you have made a lot of progress and that the effort you have invested in making the quality of your life better will pay off.

You will be proud of achieving all that you have, which will motivate you to continue working on yourself.

Dream meaning of eating basil

Dreaming of eating basil symbolizes harmony in your family. You are very close to your parents and you are trying to spend every free moment with them.

If you don’t live together, you will spend more time at their house than in yours.

You like to share both beautiful and bad things and you are always ready to accept their advice and learn something new.

To cook a dish with basil

These dreams suggest that you are attracting the opposite sex with your positive energy. You are currently in a phase when you are pretty satisfied with your look, which both men and women can notice.

There is confidence in your every move and gesture, so many people will want to approach you these days. It is possible that you will meet really interesting people too.

Planting basil in the pot

If you are dreaming of planting basil in the pot, it means that something small will make you happy. It is possible that someone will compliment you or give you a gift that will gladden you.

You will enjoy spending time with those you love and you will not worry about everyday problems as much.

If someone else is planting basil in your dream, it means that your subconsciousness is warning you to be patient. Don’t let impulsive decisions ruin your plans.

Dreaming about planting basil in a garden

When you are dreaming of planting basil in your garden or on a field, it means that you will succeed in achieving big plans. If you are thinking of starting your own business, now is the right time to do it.

Listen to advice from people who are more experienced than you, but don’t let them discourage you if they say that they don’t believe in your idea.

Prove them wrong. If you already have a company, it is time to expand it.

If you see other people planting basil in a garden, your subconsciousness is warning you to snap out of something. You have waited for luck to come and find you, for too long. Now is the time for you to search for it.

Set yourself a goal that is going to motivate you to be better and work more every day. That is the only way to succeed.

The symbolism of dried basil

Dried basil as an herb in a dream symbolizes love and passion. It is possible that you have a secret crush who you are often fantasizing about, but you are afraid to approach them.

They are probably showing some signals, which is encouraging but not enough to make the first step.

Even though nothing has happened yet, you often catch yourself thinking of them.

People who are married or in a long relationship will experience beautiful moments with a partner that will make them feel like they are at the beginning of a relationship.

Dream interpretation of basil flower

If you see basil flowers in a dream, it is possible that you will meet an influential person that will help you to find a job or make progress in a career.

However, you will have to make an effort to prove how much you are worth. Start by not being pushy, because successful people don’t like that trait.

Build your relationship discretely and patiently and then start with your plan.

Basil seed in a dream

If you are dreaming of basil seed, it means that you will receive useful advice from a younger person. If you have a son or a daughter, you could be surprised by their knowledge about something.

You will realize that smart and curious young people are growing next to you. The fact that you have raised your kids like that will make you really proud.

Buying basil in a dream

Dreaming of buying basil means that you will find a job or change the existing workplace. That will make you happy and scared at the same time, even though you don’t have a reason to be afraid, since you know a lot about that matter.

Be a little bit more self-confident when entering those new projects, because you will win over your boss and other colleagues like that and find the motivation to prove yourself.

Dreaming of selling basil

Dreaming of selling basil means that someone from your surroundings will make an effort to give you the wrong information, in order to stop you from achieving success or some other benefit.

You can forestall them if you decide to talk carefully about your plans, ideas, and fears. Don’t confide in people if you are not sure that their intentions are good. You can count only on your friends and family members.

To bestow basil in a dream

If you are dreaming of bestowing basil on someone you know, it means that they are close to your heart. Your energies have clicked and you enjoy spending time with them.

If, however, you bestow basil on a stranger in your dream, it means that someone you really love is going to disappoint you. A lot of time will pass before you will be able to look at them the same.

Getting basil as a gift in a dream

Dreaming of getting basil symbolizes a new romantic relationship. You will fall in love like never before, in the near future, and the great thing is that your partner will feel the same.

You will realize that that is what you have always been fantasizing about, but you will be scared that something will ruin your happiness, as well.

Trust yourself and your feelings and let them lead you through life. If you continue to doubt something, you will create tension in your relationship, which is not good. Let yourself finally enjoy in love.

Those who are in a relationship or marriage for a long time will realize that they are really happy with their partner, thanks to the attention that they are getting from their loved one.

To dream of wilted basil

Wilted basil in a dream usually symbolizes sabotage. Someone might give you false information on purpose to see you hurt or fail.

One person in your surroundings envies you for something. If you start paying attention, you will realize who they are.

To dream about stealing basil

Stealing basil in a dream suggests your loved one will accuse you of being immature. You will probably act recklessly or childishly in one situation and face serious criticism.

If you know the person in question is right, you ought not to argue but leave your vanity aside and admit it.

To dream of other people stealing basil

A dream wherein you see someone else steal basil means someone will embarrass you in public. Your loved one might tell others something you are trying to forget.

You will later tell them they have crossed the line and maybe even have a heated argument because of that person’s action.

Dream meaning of washing basil

Washing basil in a dream suggests you do something that doesn’t bring results. You have put much time and energy into it but didn’t get results.

Now might be the moment to give up on that idea and devote your time to more constructive things.

Interpretation of chopping basil leaves in a dream

Chopping basil leaves in a dream means you are trying to impress someone. You have probably realized an influential person can help you solve a problem or make career progress, so you will make sure to show them you are worthy of them doing you a favor.

Another possibility is that you will try to attract the attention of someone of the opposite sex.

Dreaming about drinking basil tea

Drinking basil tea in a dream symbolizes a lack of confidence. Deeply rooted insecurities or bad past experiences led to doubting yourself. You will live a better and more beautiful life if you work on that issue.

To dream of other people drinking basil tea

If you dream of someone else drinking basil tea, it implies you will try to show your loved one their worth. That person probably has confidence issues, and you are tired of watching them be dissatisfied with their life.

Because of it, you will go on a mission to help them overcome the problems they have.

To dream of making basil pesto

When you dream of making basil pesto, it means you could decide to expand your knowledge in an area that has always interested you.

You might take a course to help you with it. You might profit off of newly acquired knowledge and skills in the future.

Dreaming about eating basil pesto

Eating basil pesto in a dream suggests you could enjoy the fruits of your hard work and effort soon. You have put much energy, time, and patience into something that will pay off double in the perceivable future.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought basil or used it in cooking, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of basil

Basil is an annual herbaceous plant from the family of Lamiaceae, used in human nutrition.