To see a barge
Dreaming of observing a barge symbolizes a long trip. You will have a possibility to go on a trip that will completely change your life. It can be related to business or some work program abroad that you could do while studying, where you will do everything you can to stay. You will be thrilled with possibilities that will be provided for you, so you will use every chance you get, in the best way possible. Business opportunities there have a lot better perspective than the ones you have in your country. You will miss your family and friends, but you will make a decision that will be the best for you.

An empty barge
Dreaming of an empty barge is a warning not to be too impulsive. You don’t have a habit of thinking things through or listening to advices from other people, before you make an important decision. You often act recklessly, so people that don’t have anything to do with your mistakes end up feeling consequences, as well. It is possible that your colleague or a friend will get mad at you and ask you to take responsibility for your actions and be more mature.

A full barge
Dreaming of a full barge means that you will outsmart your enemies. You are not someone who would start a fight first, but if they attack you, you fight back. You believe that revenge needs to be served cold, so you punch back after some time passes. You know that you can make everyone’s life miserable when you have enough will and a strong motif to do so. Many people have heard of your reputation, so they do everything they can to get out of your way.

To build a barge
Building a barge in a dream means that your creativity will be noticed. It is possible that your current job doesn’t require that gift, but you will divert it to a hobby, which could even become a profitable business. However, you will have to be really patient, since success and profit will not come overnight.

Dreaming of other people building a barge means that you admire someone you have just met because of their persistence. It is possible that they have fascinated you with their will for life, in spite of many difficulties that they have survived or are currently surviving. You will realize that it is pointless to be stressed out about small things, so you will make an effort to be happy because of life and everything that comes with it.

To destroy a barge
Dreaming of destroying a barge symbolizes loss. It is possible that you will make a mistake when choosing a car, some property or an expensive house appliance. You will realize that you have invested a lot of money into something that is not so valuable. That will stress you out for a long time, but you will realize that you can learn something from every situation you get yourself in. It is good to listen to advices from objective observers, sometimes, instead of making choices according to your wishes and instructions.

If someone else is destroying a barge in your dream, it means that information about your colleague or a boss will shock you. You will probably hear some ‘dark secretes’ from the past or juicy gossips that are going around now. Anyhow, you shouldn’t be spreading that information anymore, because they could ruin your integrity if they turn out to be false.

A dream in which you see a destroyed barge means that you will be disappointed in your own abilities. It is possible that you have set your expectations too high. Now, you are struggling to achieve them, and you are not so successful in doing it. It frustrates you a lot when those attempts end up in failure. You need to realize that it is not too late to do some things, so instead of being stressed out, you should lower your expectations.

To burn a barge
Burning a barge in a dream means that you will cut every contact with someone who has meant a lot to you. On one hand, it is possible that you will do it intentionally, because their company doesn’t suit you anymore, while, on the other, there is a possibility that it will happen completely spontaneously. Life will simply direct you to different paths, so affection between you two will just disappear one day.

Dreaming of other people burning a barge symbolizes relief. It is possible that you will find out that something you have been fighting for will finally have a happy ending for you. If you have some litigation, you could soon hear that the verdict is brought to your advantage. This dream can also mean that you will hear that your job position is stable, or that a loved one’s health condition is improved now.

If you see a burned barge in a dream, your subconsciousness is telling you to get rid of vices. It is possible that you are exaggerating in drinking or smoking. You know how bad that is for you, but you just can’t stop. If you don’t see a way out of that situation alone, ask for help from a professional.

To buy a barge
A dream in which you are buying a barge symbolizes the need for relaxation. You are probably dreaming of a vacation, even though you have recently been on one. You feel like everyday life is smothering you, but you don’t have enough strength to fight back. Your salvation could be in finding a hobby. Go back to books you have forgotten or clean dust from a bike you haven’t ridden for a long time.

To sell a barge
Selling a barge in a dream means that a friend could ask you for a loan. You will help them, even though you know that a risk to never see that money again exists. However, you believe that it is your duty and obligation to help the ones you care about.

To bestow a barge
Bestowing a barge in a dream symbolizes unreturned love. That love doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship between two people. It is possible that you believe how you always give more in some relationship than the other side. The fact that you are always there for people will start bothering you, especially because they expect you to do so, even though you have a feeling that they are not here for you.

To receive a barge as a gift
Dreaming of getting a barge as a gift means that someone’s benevolence will amaze you. You will realize that people really do need just a little to be happy, so you will start acting that way as well. You will make an effort to be happy because of small things and help people every time you have a chance to do it.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a barge on TV or in person, that has probably made an impression on you, which has transferred into a dream.

Definition of a barge

A barge is a smaller type of a vessel that can be structured, shaped or sized differently.