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To dream of a banner

If you see a banner in a dream, it implies you are not motivated enough. You lack initiative in everything you do. You are passive and mostly wait on other people to do your chores instead of you. You don’t have passion for the job you do or the college you attend.

You have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, and you can hardly wait to go home and sleep. You probably spend most of your time at home playing video games.

You have to snap out of that lethargy and get into action if you don’t want to fall into depression and make your life complicated for no reason.

To dream of holding a banner

When you dream of holding a banner, it means you are fighting for your ideals. You are honest and do what you believe is right. You don’t make compromises because you know it would make you feel bad. You are aware of the fact that people who cut corners have it better in life, but your moral beliefs drive you forward.

Sometimes, you think you are naïve but don’t know how to act differently. Even though you have been tricked many times before, you don’t lose hope of meeting people who will appreciate your qualities.

To dream of carrying a banner

If you dream of carrying a banner, it means someone will honor you. Your boss might offer you a better position in the company you work for, or your business partner will recommend you to their associates.

On the other hand, people might elect you as president of the house council or another association you are a member of.

If someone else is carrying a banner in your dream, it suggests your colleague will take credit for the job you do. You will try to explain nicely to that person that what they are doing is not OK, but when you realize it is not working, you will go straight to your boss or supervisor.

However, you have to be wise and cautious and watch out for every word you say because your actions might have the opposite effect otherwise.

To dream about setting a banner on fire

When you dream about setting a banner on fire, it means you will finally gather enough energy and strength to tell someone what you think of them to their face.

You have probably endured insults and malicious remarks from that person for a long time, but you have decided to remain silent out of respect and good intentions.

However, a time when you will realize there is no reason to keep that inside will come, and you will simply get it all out.

If you dream of someone else setting a banner on fire, it means injustice done to others will hurt you. You might have a chance to decide on someone’s destiny with a group of people. You will get overvoted, and the final decision will hurt someone. You will try to make things right, but you don’t have the tools for it.

It will be hard to accept the reality, but you will understand that your hands were tied over time.

To dream of a banner moving in the wind

If you dream of a banner moving in the wind, it means you will tremendously improve your communication with your partner or other family members. You will stop arguing over trivial things.

Besides that, you will realize compassion and support are crucial in everything you do, which you agree on. The following period will also be favorable for making friends.

To dream of a folded banner

A dream wherein you see a folded banner implies you are ready for the upcoming challenges at work, school, college, or your personal life. You will finally recharge your batteries, so new tasks and projects will not be a problem. You will figure out how to spend your time more efficiently and will finally be able to enjoy the things that fulfill you.

Dreaming of buying a banner

Dreaming of buying a banner means you will get invited to a wedding, christening, or another celebration. You will be happy because of the invite and gladly make someone’s joyful moments even better with your attendance.

You will make sure to buy beautiful presents to surprise the hosts and impatiently wait for the special day.

Dreaming of selling a banner

Selling a banner in a dream means one of your business projects or trips will fail due to objective circumstances, which will disappoint you. You will get over it more easily if you believe in the saying – when one door closes, another opens.

That will help you understand why you can’t perceive such minor failures so tragically.

To dream about bestowing a banner on someone

When you dream about bestowing a banner on someone, it implies you have a secret crush. You have a crush on someone unavailable to you for an extended time for some reason.

If you are already in a relationship, the problem is even bigger. However, that doesn’t stop you from fantasizing about that person every day. You would like to get closer to that person, even as friends, but you are afraid your relationship might not stay on that level for long.

Receiving a banner as a gift in a dream

If you dream of someone bestowing a banner as a gift on you, it means you are insecure. You are afraid of the reactions from people around you to every move you make, and you ask for confirmation for every decision you make.

Your surroundings probably turned you into an overly cautious person, or you struggle with low self-esteem because of some bad past experiences.

Many people appreciate your virtues, but you have to respect yourself more. That doesn’t mean you have to become narcissistic, but a small dose of arrogance will not hurt you.

Dreaming about a black banner

This dream tells you that you have to be more careful when making important decisions. You have to read every word in the document you are signing because a moment of recklessness could cost you your job, home, or people you care about.

You have to be extra careful if you want to take a loan or buy a car because impulsivity could bring you a lot of stress and worry.

Dreaming about a white banner

A white banner in a dream means you will reconcile with someone you have had a bad relationship with for a long time. You will realize it is high time to bury the hatchet and finally talk as civilized people.

You will try to understand the other side of the story, and it will seem that the conflict that led to such animosity is pretty minor.

Dreaming of your country’s banner

If you see your country’s banner in a dream, it symbolizes change. You might move to another city or state because of work or college.

Another possibility is that your loved one will decide to continue their life abroad.

To dream about another country’s banner

Another country’s banner in a dream symbolizes your need to show off your patriotism. You often learn about your people’s history, and national topics interest you.

You know that your people have made mistakes in the past, but you find excuses for them much easier than for others.

To dream of an unfamiliar country’s banner

When you see an unfamiliar country’s banner in a dream, it implies you are worried about your future or the future of the people you love.

You probably often wonder what your life will look like considering that you still haven’t solved the problems that bother you.

Life is a battle, and the sooner you realize it and start fighting, the more you will be able to achieve.

To dream of a knight or horseman with a banner

A dream wherein you see a knight or horseman with a banner in their hands suggests you will fall for someone’s demagogy. You will believe populistic mottos expressed by someone who might try to take advantage of you to achieve their goals or interests.

To dream about putting a banner up

Putting a banner up in a dream means you will finally manage to solve a problem that has bothered you for a long time.

Your financial situation will stabilize, you will beat your enemies or competition, or you will recover from an illness you have been fighting. You will have many reasons for a celebration.

To dream of taking a banner down

Taking a banner down in a dream is not a good sign. Such dreams usually symbolize disappointment, defeat, or sorrow. There is a chance some things will not go per plan.

Another meaning of this dream is that something shocking will happen to you, and you will need a lot of time to get over it and make peace with your destiny.

To dream of stealing a banner

If you dream of stealing a banner, it implies your desire for revenge keeps you from taking the opportunities you are offered. You possess great potential but live in the past.

You are thinking only about who hurt you and when which is why your future is uncertain.

To dream of someone else stealing a banner

If you dream of someone else stealing a banner, it means you will fight against injustice. You might have a chance to decide on someone’s destiny with a group of people.

The majority will make a decision that seems unfair in your eyes. You will stand up to it but get overvoted. You will at least make sure no one actualizes that decision ever.

To dream of wrapping yourself up in a banner

When you dream of wrapping yourself up in a banner, it implies you are an idealist. You don’t do anything out of personal interests, which is why you haven’t achieved much according to some people.

If you believe what you do is right and if you sleep peacefully at night, you need not listen to what other people are saying.

To dream of someone else wrapped in a banner

A dream wherein you see someone else wrapped in a banner means you need not criticize what you don’t understand.

You never know what life can make you do, so try to avoid saying – I would never do this or that.

To dream of someone snatching a banner out of your hands

If you dream of someone snatching a banner out of your hands, it implies your loved ones are trying to open your eyes. You are delusional, and the people who care about you are worried.

However, you don’t intend to listen to them, which is why you will have to learn some lessons from your own mistakes.

To dream of snatching a banner out of someone’s hand

If you dream of snatching a banner out of someone’s hand, it implies you need not fight other people’s battles. You have to devote time to solving your problems instead of imposing your decisions, opinions, and attitudes on other people.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen a banner, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a banner

A banner or flag is a smaller or larger piece of fabric, usually rectangular in shape and multi-colored. It is hung on a mast or another holder.