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To be a banker in a dream

Dreaming of being a banker is a warning not to get involved in speculations. It is possible that you will be tempted to do a job that is not right, from a moral point of view.

You will be blinded by the possibility of earning easy and fast money, which will cause problems for you in the future.

On the other hand, you will be afraid of losing the trust and respect that you have been earning for years with your hard work. You will have to be careful who you are making deals with so that you don’t get used to it.

An eternal fight between good and evil is happening inside of you.

However, the needs of your family will have a final say in your decision, since you will want to satisfy them.

Dreaming about talking to a banker

Talking to a banker in a dream warns you of material damage. You are probably in debt or your business is having a lot of losses. You will be forced to take a loan with unfavorable interests.

It is also possible that you will put some real estate under the mortgage, in order to save your company from going into bankruptcy.

By doing that, you will lose long-time customers and gain a bad reputation. You will be thinking of closing the firm, but it will be hard to lock something that is representing your whole life down.

To have an argument with a banker

Having an argument with a banker in a dream means that you will be able to achieve your goals. The following period will be filled with worries, turbulences, problems and stress, but you will have to make some important decisions during it.

That might determine the course of your life, which makes the responsibility even greater.

The best way to deal with this crisis is to ask for advice from an expert. Don’t make impulsive decisions and thoroughly analyze every move you make.

Dreaming of other people having an argument with a banker suggests that you have the desire to tell everyone the truth to their face, no matter how hard and painful that truth is. You could lose most of your friends by acting like that, which is why you have decided not to meddle in anyone’s life. Y

ou will give advice if someone asks you for it, but nothing more than that. You will realize that no one likes other people to get involved in their decision-making.

To have a fight with a banker

Having a fight with a banker, in a dream, symbolizes your need to constantly prove yourself. You are trying to be the best at everything and you want everyone to admire your achievements.

You are very competitive, which can be a good trait sometimes, but it can also burden you because you are constantly under a lot of stress.

A dream in which someone else is having a fight with a banker symbolizes financial problems. You will enter a very unfavorable period, during which you will have a hard time paying for piled-up debts.

You will probably have to take a loan with high interest, but you will believe that you don’t have a choice.

However, if you decide to be smart with your money, it is possible that you will not need that kind of help.

Dreaming about killing a banker

Dreaming of killing a banker means that you will loan money to someone who will not be able to give it back when you’ll need it the most. That situation will frustrate you a lot, so you will be sorry for even doing them a favor.

You will realize that you should make decisions using reason, instead of the heart.

Dreaming of other people killing a banker means that you will decide to change your job or college. You will realize that your profession is not something you want to do for the rest of your life, so you will decide to change it, in spite of many critiques and scorns from people around you.

They will not be understanding of your actions and they will advise you not to make such a mistake.

Fortunately, you will not listen to them, but you will make a decision that will affect the course of your life, great.

Hiding from a banker in a dream

Hiding from a banker in a dream means that you are afraid that your partner or a friend will find out some dark secret of yours, from the past. You are trying to hide it for a long time because you are afraid that people from your surroundings will judge you.

However, you will realize that you didn’t have a reason to do that because your ‘sin’ is not as bad as you imagined it to be.

A dream in which you are trying to hide someone else from a banker means that spending has put you in serious trouble. It is possible that you have spent more than you should, but you are hiding it from your family or a partner. You will try to get out of the situation with lies, but that will not work.

The best thing to do is to say the truth right away because you could lose your loved one’s trust.

If someone else is trying to hide from a banker in a dream, it means that you will have an argument with a friend, because you will try to persuade them that your attitudes are right. You will push your opinions on them and make them act the same way as you. In the end, they will tell you off, which will hurt you a lot, since your intention was not bad.

This situation will teach you not to meddle in other people’s lives and to let everyone decide what the best thing for them is.

Meaning of kissing a banker in a dream

Having any kind of an intimate relationship with a banker symbolizes your need for fame and respect. Your habit of being the center of attention is slowly becoming a need for being admired.

Because of that, you are always trying to present yourself in the best light possible. You are choosing partners and friends based on their ability to help you with your career or social ladder climbing. Even though you think that everyone loves and respects you, that is not the case. Many people saw through you, which has made them get away from you.

You haven’t noticed that, of course, because your priorities are directed only at you.

Dreaming of other people kissing a banker means that you are jealous of a friend, colleague, or someone from work or college.

It is possible that they have more money than you, or simply have a better life or a loved one who they can trust. Even though you are trying to hide it, your jealousy is showing out through each word that you say.

If you are in contact with someone who is a banker or does that for a living, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted.

Drinking with a banker in a dream

Drinking with a banker in a dream suggests you are afraid of not being up to a problem you are dealing with. Your boss might have assigned you a very demanding and responsible job.

Only after you dug deeper into the subject did you realize how much time and energy it would require. There is even a chance that you will have to ask a coworker for help.

Dreaming about dancing with a banker

Dancing with a banker in a dream means you will be in the company of people who don’t suit you and with whom you have nothing in common.

You will make an effort to participate in their conversations but will constantly look for a chance to get out of there as soon as possible.

What does it mean to dream of stealing from a banker

Stealing from a banker in a dream suggests you will try to solve a problem using shortcuts, which will get you in even more trouble. It is necessary to avoid making some big and significant decisions overnight and impulsively.

It would be better to think carefully about the possible consequences of your actions or ask for advice from people you trust.

To dream that a banker stole from you

If you dream that a banker robbed you, it implies you are a very skeptical person. You don’t trust people, which is not a bad thing when it comes to your professional life.

However, that trait harms your relationships. You have to give people a chance from time to time and let them into your life. That is the only way to see if they deserve your love and attention or not.

To dream about running away from a banker

Running away from a banker in a dream suggests you are afraid of one of your secrets seeing the light of day soon. We are talking about a past sin that could jeopardize your relationship with loved ones.

However, you have to know that the truth will hurt them even more if they find it out from someone else instead of you.

To dream of chasing a banker

Chasing a banker in a dream means you are prone to blaming other people for your mistakes. You don’t want to admit it when you do something wrong but shift the blame on others.

Because of it, you often repeat your mistakes and can’t achieve what you set your mind to. If you start learning from your errors, they will occur less frequently, and your life will be much nicer and of better quality.

To dream of hiring a personal banker

If you dream of hiring a personal banker, it implies you have to take care of your finances. You have been spending more than necessary lately, which will lead to big troubles at some point.

If you hit the brakes now, you will successfully avoid facing bankruptcy.

Dreaming of paying for banking services

Paying for banking services in a dream means some of your mistakes will soon backfire on you. You might have invested your money into something risky, and it will turn out you have made a mistake.

Let that be a lesson on how not to behave in the future.

To dream that you don’t want to answer your bank’s call

This dream symbolizes a lack of responsibility or immature behavior. You are not planning for the future and are living from hand to mouth.

That might work for you now, but the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is not happy about it.

To dream that you went bankrupt

When you dream of your banker letting you know you went bankrupt, it implies you will have to pay more money for something than you planned.

Your expenses might exceed your earnings, so you might have to take out a loan.

To dream of getting married to a banker

  • If an unmarried woman dreams of getting married to a banker, it means financial security is more important to her than love. You are prone to choosing partners that can offer security for you while neglecting the fact that you have nothing in common with such people.
  • If a married woman dreams of getting married to a banker, it implies she resents her partner for spending too much but hasn’t admitted it yet.
  • When an unmarried man dreams of getting married to a female banker, it means he is attracted to independent and strong women who don’t depend on men.
  • If a married man has such a dream, it implies he will argue with his spouse over money.

The meaning of this dream can be simpler. If you have recently seen a banker or talked to them, that has made an impression on you, and in that case, you shouldn’t interpret the dream.

Definition of a banker

A banker is a person who works in a bank.


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