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Have you dreamed of bananas? If you have, you should know that dreams of bananas are extremely rare. Middle-aged people dream of them the most, according to the statistics. Women and men have these dreams equally. When elderly people dream of bananas they are related to sexuality, because of their phallic shape.

To see bananas in a dream

Dreaming of bananas symbolizes an opportunity for a romantic encounter, in the near future. It is possible that you will be invited to a birthday party, some other celebration or a night out.

During that event, you will meet a person who you are going to have a sexual relationship with.

To eat bananas in a dream

Eating bananas in a dream symbolizes joy. You will be successful in everything you do, in the following period. You will be able to balance your private and business life, so you will have enough time for everything.

You will not neglect either your friends or your family. You will feel good in your skin and nothing will be able to ruin your mood.

That attitude will help you work stress-free and be more productive than ever before. You will realize that being upset will not bring you anything good, so you will be more relaxed with your obligations.

Dreaming of other people eating bananas

This dream suggests that you will hear the news that will make you happy.

Someone will start flirting with you, even though you are not even aware that you like them, so all of it will be a pleasant surprise.

Dreaming about overripe bananas

This dream, contrary to others, is not related to sexuality, but to health. You need to start taking care of your nutrition. It is possible that you haven’t paid attention to your weight in the previous period.

That will result in excess weight that you will want to get rid of.

Everyone will tell you that you are overreacting since no one can tell that you have gained weight, but the situation will bother you and you will want to look perfect in your favorite clothes.

You will eat more fruit and drink more water, while you will forget about sweets and greasy food.

Banana dream meaning

Unripe bananas in a dream

Unripe bananas symbolize sexual immaturity and everything that goes with it. It is possible that you consider yourself or even your partner sexually immature, but that depends on the rest of your dream.

To peel a banana in a dream

This dream suggests that you are subconsciously dissatisfied with certain situations in your sex life, but since you are aware of them, your problems probably seem bigger than they actually are.

Meaning of picking bananas in a dream

Picking bananas is one of the rarest dreams to have. This dream symbolizes a successful and healthy sexual life in the future.

Dreaming about making a banana cake

Dreaming of a banana cake means that you are longing for forbidden fruit and that you are tempted to do something about it.

However, depending on the dream, it is advised to think twice before making a move.

To mash bananas in a dream

Dreaming of mashing bananas symbolizes sexual frustration and it symbolizes the need for some change.

Dreaming of chocolate bananas

This dream symbolizes happiness regarding love. The following period will be filled with sweet love moments.

To buy bananas

Buying bananas in a dream means that your partner isn’t fulfilling your needs in bed. If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, you probably feel a lack of passion for each other. Your own pleasure is only what matters to both of you.

You are not ready to compromise and you don’t care what the other side wants.

In the long run, this kind of relationship is not healthy and it cannot contribute to better relationships in other fields.

Find a way to change that as soon as possible, because one of you will look for what they are missing, elsewhere.

If you are single for a long time, your consciousness is telling you that you would have agreed to everything to be intimate with someone. You lack not only sexual attention, but every kind of attention there is, as well.

To sell bananas

Dreaming of selling bananas means that you have been fantasizing about someone who is unavailable to you, for a long time.

If you are married or in a relationship, that can be a problem, because your partner could notice soon that you are completely absent.

Of course, you will not tell them what all of it is about, but ask yourself whether it is fair to neglect them because you like someone else.

To bestow bananas

A dream in which you are bestowing bananas symbolizes fear of attachment. You are afraid of it for a while, so even when you are in a relationship, you are trying not to let your partner in all the way.

You are always trying to keep your little secrets to yourself, and you involve feelings only when you find that necessary.

Your partner is sometimes afraid of your apathy, but they love you too much to leave you because of it.

To receive bananas in a dream

Dreaming of getting bananas from a familiar person means that you probably want your relationship to be something more than a friendship.

If you have dreamed of your partner, that is a sign that you truly love them and you are afraid of losing them.

Getting bananas from a stranger means that you want a new partner, or to get involved in an exciting sexual affair.

Dreaming about growing bananas

Growing bananas in a dream mean that your subconsciousness is telling you that you are tired and exhausted. That is a consequence of a tough period that you went through.

It is possible that bad communication with your partner has brought you into that situation.

On the other hand, exhaustion could be a consequence of the great effort you have been investing in some job or a project.

Anyhow, you will have to dedicate more time to yourself and your needs. In the long run, you can’t make the right decisions when you are in such a state of mind. First, you have to clear some things up with yourself, and then decide what your next move should be.

If someone else is growing bananas in your dreams, it means that your friend or an acquaintance will ask you for advice. At first, you will not know how to help them, because you don’t have experience with those things.

However, a strong desire to be there for them will make you think about it and give them honest, friendly advice. A good thing is that you will realize that they trust you and think that you are a reliable friend.

To dream of a banana tree

A banana tree in a dream symbolizes the expansion of your family or friend circle. You or someone close to you might have a baby.

Another possibility is that you will meet interesting people who will become your family.

To dream about climbing a banana tree

Climbing a banana tree in a dream suggests you can call yourself a happy person because you have someone to count on at every moment of your life. Your parents, family members, friends, and partner protect and support you.

No matter what kind of problem you have, you can always ask them for help and advice because their doors are always open for you.

Not many people have succeeded in building such family relationships and friendships, so you have the right to enjoy all the privileges that come with them.

To dream of falling from a banana tree

If you dream of falling from a banana tree, it implies you are afraid of your secret seeing the light of day. We might be talking about a past sin that could jeopardize the relationships with the people you love.

However, you have to remember that you will hurt them even more if those you care about hear the truth from someone else instead of you.

Dreaming about stealing bananas

Stealing bananas from a shop or marketplace in a dream means childish and irresponsible decisions might put you in danger.

There is nothing wrong with facing life’s challenges bravely, but not everything risky has to bring you some benefits.

Many times before, you have seen for yourself that impulsive decisions can do more harm than good.

Dreaming of other people stealing bananas

If you dream of someone else stealing bananas, it implies you will warn your loved one in vain about the possible consequences of their decisions and actions.

That person doesn’t have the intention to listen to you, which is why they will do what they believe is right.

When such behavior backfires on them, you have to help the person you care about overcome that crisis because scorning them will not mean much during such moments.

To dream that a monkey is eating a banana

A dream wherein you see a monkey eating a banana is a good sign. Such dreams usually symbolize a resolution of some long-term problems.

The end of the financial crisis you have fallen into might be near. People who have been looking for a job could finally find something that suits them.

To dream of someone feeding you a banana

When you dream of someone feeding you a banana, it means you like someone you shouldn’t. That person is probably in a long-term relationship or marriage, and you don’t want to ruin their life.

You have to ask yourself how long you will be able to hide your feelings and act as if you don’t notice that the person in question wants you, too.

Dreaming of feeding someone a banana

If you dream of feeding someone a banana, it implies you have a secret admirer. One person in your surroundings likes you but is afraid to admit it. It could be because you are already in a relationship or appear uninterested in them.

If you start paying attention, you will soon figure out who we are talking about. It is up to you to decide what you will do about it.

Drinking banana juice in a dream

Drinking banana juice in a dream can symbolize a business venture in real life. You might present your ideas to well-off people willing to invest in your projects.

If you are patient and persistent, good results will come soon.

To dream about other people drinking banana juice

When you see someone else drinking banana juice in a dream, it means you will envy someone for their innovativeness, creativity, and courage.

You might be sorry for not having the guts to put an idea you have fantasized about for a long time into action.

It is still not too late to make your dream a reality.

To dream of a banana peel

A banana peel in a dream symbolizes challenges you will have to face soon. You might deal with many problems in your business or personal life in the following period.

To dream of slipping on a banana peel

If you dream of slipping on a banana peel and falling, it means you have to watch out for sabotage and obstruction. Someone is trying to ruin your reputation.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. It is possible that you have recently eaten a banana, which has made an impression on your subconsciousness.

Definition of a banana

Banana is a tropical fruit and herbaceous plant from the family of Musaceae, used as food by people.