To use balm
Dreaming of using balm is a symbol of prosperity. You are taking care of your physical and mental health. You are exercising regularly and you are trying to consume healthy food. Unlike your friends, you are not missing out on workouts and you are managing to find time for it, even when you are busy. It is possible that other people are telling you to relax a little bit, but you know your priorities and you are not giving up from them.

Also, this dream can mean that you are really direct in communication with other people. You don’t like to beat about the bush, but you are straight forward and you always say what is on your mind. That has probably caused a lot of problems for you, but you can’t and won’t act differently.

To make balm
Making balm in a dream implies that you are an artistic soul. You like to make crafts and decorate yours and life of your friends with it. You are always trying to have an original gift and to make the person, who the gift is for, happy. When you don’t have time to do those activities you feel bad, because your life becomes empty and boring. You know that you need to work, in order to eat and pay bills, while you use art just to sooth your soul.

To sell balm
Dreaming of selling balm means that you will take revenge on someone who has harmed you. You are not a person who easily forgives or forgets, but revenge was never an option for you, until now. However, the enemy will make you take revenge, after which you will realize that it has made you happy. Be careful, because luck is overturning. It would be better to solve problems diplomatically, like you have done before.

To buy balm
Buying balm in a dream means that your subconsciousness is telling you that the cause of a problem which is torturing you is in you. You are to be blamed for being in that uncomfortable situation. You will have to make peace with the fact that you are not always right and realize that other people also have their opinion. You need to stop pushing your attitudes on them. Family and close friends are tolerating you, because they love you, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should behave like that. Before you accuse anyone of anything, ask yourself who should really take the blame.

To bestow balm
If you are bestowing balm to someone in a dream, it means that a good deed will bring you good things. You will have a chance to help a stranger. You will not expect anything in return, but you will get a lot, anyway. That will help you to get rid of prejudice about people that you don’t know.

To receive the balm as a gift
Dreaming of getting the balm as a gift suggests that a loved one will betray you. It is possible that you will find out that your partner or a friend has tried to hide something from you. That will affect your psyche, because you will believe that everyone around you are acting the same. That feeling will stay with you for a long time, until the wounds you have gotten don’t heal completely.

To spill balm
Spilling balm in a dream symbolizes bad news. It is possible that you will find out that the company you work for is having troubles or that someone you like for a long time is in a relationship. Anyhow, what you hear will not be beneficial to you and you will need some time to realize what you need to do.

If someone else has spilled balm in your dream, it means that you will embarrass yourself in front of a large group of people. You will probably say or do something unacceptable, which will make people mock you. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do anything to stop it. The only thing you can do is to forget that uncomfortable situation as soon as possible.

To break a bottle of balm
Dreaming of breaking a bottle of balm means that the effort you are investing into something will not pay off. If you are planning on starting your own business or expanding the existing one, it would be better to wait for a more favorable opportunity, because now is not the moment for it.

Dreaming of other people breaking a bottle of balm symbolizes big expenses. It is possible that your car or a house appliance will break down. That will bring you headaches, because you haven’t planned that expense for your monthly budget.

Lip balm
Dreaming of lip balm means that you have a secret crush. You like someone for a long time, but you don’t know how to approach them. When you are in the same company, you are trying to make a good impression, but you are not giving them any significant signals. Fear of rejection is stopping you, so you don’t have enough courage to get closer to them. Besides that, you are ignoring obvious signs that they like you too.

Hair balm
Dreaming of hair balm symbolizes a negative attitude toward people, things and life, in general. Your subconsciousness is warning you to look at things from another, more positive perspective. Bad experiences have probably made you think like that, but you can’t let the past to pull you back, anymore. You will get new perspectives only after you realize that you worry too much. Give yourself the chance to succeed.

Scar balm
Dreaming of scar balm means that one of your wishes will come true. It is possible that you will get a new job or change the existing one, or you will get a chance to travel somewhere. Anyhow, scar balm in a dream symbolizes positive changes for you or someone close to you.

The balm for wounds
Dreaming of the balm for wounds symbolizes worries. It is possible that you will be worried for your or your loved one’s health condition. However, additional tests and analyses will show that there is no reason to panic. You will hear good news in the near future.

Anti-aging balm
Dreaming of anti-aging balm means that you are afraid of aging and death. It is possible that you have recently lost a loved one, so that has made impression on you. On the other side, it is possible that you are insecure regarding your looks, because of complexes. Weight gain or some other imperfection is bothering you, so you are trying to hide it. These dreams will repeat until you start feeling good in your own skin.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. It is possible that you have recently used balm, so that has made an impression on you.

Definition of balm
Balm is a resinous semi-liquid product of some woody plants, used in medicine, technology and perfumeries.