Ballerina (Ballet Dancer) – Dream Meaning and Symbolism?

To see a ballerina in a dream
Dreaming of a ballet dancer or ballerina warns of unnecessary expenses. You will probably have more money in the following period, so you will want to buy things that you see as necessary. The more money you have, the bigger your appetites are. You will buy many things, even though many of them will never be used. Your parents or a partner will blame you for spending all the money on stupid things. That will hurt you, because you will be satisfied with the choices you have made.

Another meaning is that you will find out something about your partner that will hurt you a lot. It is possible that you will realize that your partner is not honest and that they are not who they seem to be. That will be really painful for you, especially if they were the reason for having a fight with your family and friends. You will face with their lectures and you will have to admit that they were right. The following period will be difficult, because your partner will not give up from you easily. They know that you are too good of a catch to just let you leave.

To be a ballet dancer or ballerina
Dreaming of being a ballet dancer symbolizes the need for harmony in your life. You are probably going through a difficult period, trying to get rid of many troubles and problems, while wanting peace. Some situations have exhausted you, so you want to finally take a break.

To meet a ballet dancer
Dreaming of meeting a ballet dancer means that you will have to be a lot more disciplined, if you want to achieve some success. If you are a student, you will have to study more, but if you are an employee, you will have to invest a lot of effort, so that your superior would recognize your potential and reward you. The success you dream of will not come overnight, so you need to focus on your goals and do everything in your power to achieve them.

Dreaming of other people meeting a ballet dancer implies that you are a vain person. When you hear that your colleague is more successful at work or makes more money than you, that bothers you. Instead of beating yourself up for it, make an effort to become a better version of yourself.

To talk to a ballet dancer
Talking to a ballet dancer in a dream symbolizes the need to be respected and recognized in the society. You really care for what other people think. Because of that, you are always trying to show your virtues and hide your flaws. Living like that is not easy, but you have made peace with the fact that you will do everything to keep a good image of yourself.

Dreaming of other people talking to a ballet dancer means that you will hear good news from family members or a friend who lives in another town. It is possible that they will invite you to a wedding or some other celebration. You will look forward to that invitation, not only to make them happy with your presence, but because a short trip and a change of scenery will make you happy as well.

To have an argument with a ballet dancer
Having an argument with a ballet dancer in a dream means that you are an ambitious person. You know what you want and how to achieve it. It doesn’t matter if you hurt or offend people during that process. You think that all of it is completely normal and justifiable, because you wouldn’t blame other people if they would to the same to you. It is possible that you are being respected in your field for that, but you are losing friends. You think that they are envious of you, but that is not the case. Many people dislike your need to compete with others and they think that having someone like that in their circle of friends is not necessary.

If someone else is having an argument with a ballet dancer in your dream, that symbolizes powerlessness. You will probably be in a difficult situation and it will be hard to find a way out of it, easily. You will have to ask for help, even though you don’t like to do that. You could get a good advice from an older and wiser person. So, don’t be stubborn and ask them, because everyone would do that, if they were you.

To have a fight with a ballet dancer
Having a fight with a ballet dancer means that you are dissatisfied with your sex life, so you are getting your frustrations out on other people. It is possible that your partner doesn’t have the need for sex, or they are simply not fulfilling your expectations in bed. You will try to talk about it with them. You will even accuse them of cheating on you, but they will deny it and blame you for being paranoid. If that situation continues for a long time, you will have to find happiness with someone else.

If you are single for a long time, this dream shouldn’t be explained further. Your sexual frustrations are being transferred from the real life into your dreams.

Dreaming of other people having a fight with a ballet dancer means that you will witness injustice. It is possible that you will try to change it, but that will end up as a failure. That will hurt and sadden you a lot, especially because the person who will do it is someone you know well. However, you will realize that everyone just wants to protect themselves, so you will make peace with it.

To kiss a ballet dancer or ballerina
Having any kind of an intimate relationship with a ballet dancer in a dream means that you are too sensitive. You get angry or offended easily, no matter what people say to you. It is possible that your loved ones understand you, but your associates, colleagues and acquaintances don’t get your behavior, at all. You will have to find out why you feel that way. You will not be able to get better, until you find the cause.

Dreaming of other people kissing a ballet dancer means that you will be invited to a wedding or some other celebration. It is also possible that a friend will ask you to be their best man.

To kill a ballet dancer
A dream in which you are killing a ballet dancer symbolizes your need to express your affectionate side. You are probably someone who rarely lets people see their weaknesses. You are trying to have a reputation of someone who doesn’t get angry or hurt easily. Even though that is not a bad trait, it can sometimes affect your mind negatively. You are afraid that people could use your feelings against you, if you show them. A past bad experience is a reason for that way of thinking.

Dreaming of other people killing a ballet dancer means that an acquaintance will try to get you involved in a suspicious business. Luckily, you will see their intentions in time, so you will give up from doing business with them.

To hide from a ballet dancer
Hiding from a ballet dancer in a dream suggests that you feel guilty for scorning a loved one. You were probably too rough, while trying to explain them something. Your intentions were not bad, but you should apologize for acting like that.

If someone else is hiding from a ballet dancer in your dream, it is possible that you will meet an interesting person on your friends’ party. It is also possible that you will fall in love, but nothing will come out of that relationship.

To make love with a ballet dancer
This dream symbolizes an opportunity to have an intimate relationship in public. It also symbolizes pleasure.

Meanings of dreams can have much simpler explanations. If you have recently watched ballet or you are a ballet dancer, that has made an impression on you, so you’ve dreamed about it.

Definition of ballet

Ballet is a theatrical dance which developed in Western Europe, during Renaissance.

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