Baboon in a Dream – Meaning and Explanation

If you are single
Dreaming of a baboon while being single means that you will soon meet someone who will sweep you of your feet. It is possible that your story will start like an affair without the possibility of becoming something more. If you have met them abroad, it is possible that your expectations will be different. You will see that affair as something serious, while your partner will not be sure if they are ready to commit or not.

If you are in a relationship
Dreaming of a baboon while being in a relationship or married symbolizes happiness and satisfaction regarding your love life. With every minute you spend with your partner, you will be more positive that you have chosen the right one. You have the same plans and wishes, so if you already don’t live together, you will decide to start that chapter as well. Your relationship is filled with harmony that is going to be transferred to other parts on your life, as well.

If older people dream of a baboon
When an older person sees a baboon in a dream, it means that a positive change will come in their life. You will probably start some new activity, especially if you have recently been retired. That change will scare you, but you will decide to use your free time the best you can. You will enjoy hobbies like playing chess, knitting, mountain climbing and so on, because you’ve always loved those things.

If younger people dream of a baboon
A dream shouldn’t be interpreted in this situation.

To see a baboon in the jungle
A dream in which you see a baboon in the jungle symbolizes peace and prosperity. It is possible that you have had many worries lately and that many dark thoughts have been tormenting you. However, a nice period is before you, so you will finally experience happiness and relief. Use that time to rest and prepare for new challenges that are waiting for you.

To see a baboon in the zoo
Dreaming of a baboon in the zoo means that you have put your life in someone else’s hands. Someone else is probably making all the important decisions regarding your life. That has worked perfectly for you, since the responsibility for any possible failures you experience wasn’t placed on you, but ask yourself if you want to live like that. It is probably time to start achieving something by yourself, because that will help you be fulfilled and satisfied.

To see a baboon in a cage
Seeing a baboon in a cage means that you are trapped in the past. It is possible that you have ended your relationship or marriage, but you didn’t get over it. On the other hand, it is also possible that you are lamenting some happier and more peaceful times, when you had more money or better health. Anyhow, you have limited yourself at some point, so that is not letting you see presence objectively, which is stopping you from dedicating yourself to making plans for the future as well.

To see a baboon in your home
Dreaming of a baboon in your house means that you are a mysterious person. You look like an enigma to people who have recently entered your life. They can’t define you, because you rarely talk about yourself. It is possible that you have built a wall around yourself, so you show your true self only to people who you truly trust.

To see a wounded baboon
Dreaming of a wounded baboon means that you will be in a situation where you will need a colleague’s, associate’s or a friend’s help. You will have to do a big job in order to finally achieve some results. It is possible that your current situation is frustrating and worrying you, but you still believe that the effort you are constantly investing will pay off in the end. Even though there are many people who don’t see you in the right way, you need to realize that there are people who know what you want and who are ready to help you with it, as well.

To see a dead baboon
To see a dead baboon or dreaming of killing it means that all of your fears will disappear in the future. The following period will be peaceful and favorable for love and business. If your career and business life, in general, are more important to you than your love life, you could meet someone who will make you change your attitude. However, if you care about your family and people more than work, you could get an offer that is hard to refuse.

To feed a baboon
Dreaming of feeding a baboon means that you have a secret admirer. Someone likes you for a long time, but they are afraid of admitting it. If you are taken, the reasons for that are completely clear, but if you are not, there is a possibility that they think that you will reject them. You have probably noticed some of the signs of their affection as well, but you have tried to neglect them. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to give that person a chance and let them come closer to you, because they could surprise you with their positive traits.

If someone else is feeding a baboon in your dream, it means that you are jealous. It is possible that you are trying to have your partner tightly by your side and that you resent them when they are hanging out with other people too. If you are single, that jealousy could be related to a close friend who is giving more attention to other people than you, lately.

To be attacked by a baboon
Dreaming of being attacked by a baboon means that you are exaggerating your problems. You are capable of talking about problems that are bothering you for hours, no matter if they are related to your health, work or relationships. People think that you are able to find a problem for every solution, so they sometime have a hard time with listening to you. If you have asked yourself why you rarely see some people, you just got an answer. Try to talk less and listen more, because sometimes other people need that kind of an interlocutor too.

Dreaming of baboons attacking someone else means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you should finally do something you have been postponing for a long time. It is time to take responsibility for your actions and finish what you’ve promised. It is possible that you are in a phase where you don’t have the will to do anything, but it doesn’t mean that other people should be understanding of such behavior.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently been in the zoo or watched a documentary about baboons on TV, that has made an impression on you, so you’ve dreamed about them.

Definition of a baboon

Baboon is a kind of monkey that lives in groups of 8 to 200 members.

3 thoughts on “Baboon in a Dream – Meaning and Explanation

  1. I dreamt my self being with a dog in a jungle and i saw many baboons. The dog chased them and when it turn back it relax and baboons beat it to injure the front leg. Then i saw baobao tree with fruits and i saw myself being with an armed soldier. Baboons used a tactical method of assault (leapfrogging) to fight us but they we become victory as when they come they were getting inside of us until they were finished

  2. I had a dream, in which I saw myself walking a friend’s cat. It was a morning walk and I saw some animals ( 4 different species of dogs laying down with a cat and a baboon amidst them) they look so quiet and in harmony. The cat I was walking, moved proudly beside me but on getting back home, with the cat, the cat ran out the window to mingle or challenge those animals. Now their owner was a lady, with her back turned at everyone, just busy washing and cleaning. The animals saw the cat I had early walked came into their territory and one of the dogs a golden retriever swallowed it whole! I screamed because I witnessed it and told the owner to stop her dog from doing that while I was running outside to prevent it. The dog swallowed and sat down back. The owner with her back turned didn’t say a thing. It felt so strange but I was more concerned about the poor cat that had been swallowed and how the dog that swallowed it looked so comfortable. In anger towards such disgusting act, I attacked the animals. Threw a stone at all six of them yet the owner didn’t move or turn around. I walked away only to find out that this animals were pursuing me, but quietly that I didn’t know. A young boy saw me walking into a building asked why was I being chased and why was I so cool about it. I turned and saw these animals running towards me. Out of fear, my instincts reacted to climb a window, which I did. Although I was confused because they look rather harmless. When they got to me and saw they couldn’t reach me, they roam freely around and left except for the baboon that stayed behind, climbing onto the window bar I was holding. I was so scared that I started running. When it saw the fear in me, reacted aggressively and wanted t grab me. I escaped by an inche an climb unto a rolling fan outlets in the middle of the room. He didn’t want to jump so he left angrily. I was so scared of it’s teeth and regretted throwing a stone at it in the first place. I was still angry about the cat that was eaten and about the animals retaliating for attacking them so I started a protest. I cried and convinced everyone that has a cat should attack those bunch of animals before they attacked their cats. They listened to me and before I knew others the whole street, filled with cat and their owners matched towards where the animals were, laying still on that pavement. They remained unmoved with an annoying confidence on a gentle face. It looked confusing so I left and woke up. Pls what is the meaning of this dream?

  3. I dreamt me and my family was at a stadium watching a game and baboons came flying in troops looking for us humans food they took our food and flew away i dont know what that means to me please God protect me and my family and keep evil away from us.

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