What Does It Mean to Dream of an Archive?

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they appear and details or feelings that follow them. Feelings that follow dreams of archives are fear, excitement, panic and anxiety.

To see an archive
Dreaming of an archive means that you need a rest. You are too overwhelmed with work and everyday obligations. Work is always on your mind, so you see it in dreams as well. You will try to dedicate some time to yourself and go on a vacation, even just for the weekend. Another meaning of this dream is loss. It is possible that you haven’t been careful while signing documents, which will result in material damage.

Dreaming of a computer archive
You will have problems with business partners or superiors and you will not be able to justify a reckless move you have made. If you are at a high position in the company, they will probably ask you to resign. You will be really tense because of the difficult situation you are in, but you will manage to learn a lot of useful lessons and come back stronger than ever. You will see who your real friends are and who was with you when everyone else turned their back on you. You will appreciate small things more and you will do everything to make your family and friends happy, instead of chasing career only.

To work in an archive
Dreaming of working in an archive is a bad sign. You will be in a really dangerous situation, which could ruin your life or reputation. In order to stop that, listen to your instincts, because they will probably be your only tool you can use to save yourself. If nothing else, this situation will finally teach you to trust no one.

To see an archive worker
Dreaming of seeing or talking to a worker from the archive means that someone you really love and appreciate could betray you in the near future. You couldn’t even imagine that they could have betrayed your trust, but it will turn out that you are wrong. Watch what you are saying to other people, because you can never be sure of their intentions.

To have an argument with an archive worker
Dreaming of having an argument with an archive worker means that you should watch out how you behave with other people. You have probably been harsh with someone you love, so your words have deeply offended or hurt them. You have repressed it right away, because you are sure that they will not blame you for it. However, try to put yourself in their shoes and do the right thing. Forget your pride for once in your life and admit that you are wrong.

To search an archive
Dreaming of searching an archive or a pile of archived documents means that you should be more creative in the following period, in order to achieve your goals. Learn to use your imagination and don’t be afraid of being cunning to get what you want. Good preparation could help you a lot with it. Always try to think one step ahead and be prepared to react appropriately when you need to.

To hide in an archive
Dreaming of hiding in an archive means that your consciousness is restless. You have lied to someone or made a mistake that could affect your status at work. You are trying to hide it from everyone, because you are afraid of consequences that all of it could lead to.

To enter an archive unauthorizedly
Dreaming of an unauthorized entry into an archive means that you need to be more careful when making decisions. Recklessness or hurry could put you in big troubles with enormous consequences. Before making an important decision in life, think well about possible complications. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for an advice.

Dreaming of other people getting into an archive unauthorizedly symbolizes someone’s need to control your life. You have had a ‘guru’, for a while, who is not reacting to your claims that you are able to take care of yourself alone. Their intentions are not bad, but you have the need to control your life alone. You will solve this problem easily if you admit how you feel.

To burn an archive
Dreaming of burning an archive means that you will cut out of your life everyone who is sucking positive energy out of you. You will try to surrounded yourself by people who are not complaining and who have goals which they are fighting for. You are like that as well, but your current friends are getting only the worst out of you. You will finally realize that it is better for you to be alone than in a bad company. People form your environment will probably judge you for it, but you will not care, because you think that you are doing what is best for you.

Dreaming of other people burning an archive
A dream in which someone else is burning an archive symbolizes separation. Your loved one will probably decide to move abroad. You will be happy for them, but you also know that will distance you from each other. You will lose a close friend, which will make you sad, but you will be happy for their happiness.

To see dusty documents in an archive
Dreaming of reading or seeing dusty documents in an archive means that one painful event from the past is stopping your from moving on. You can’t leave it behind you and start planning your future. You are afraid that every next move could hurt you. This situation is related to your love life as well. You have probably had bad experiences with relationships before, which is stopping you from relaxing and letting other people approach you.

Dreaming of other people reading dusty documents means that you are afraid that someone will reveal your secret. You are quiet about it for a long time, because you are afraid of people’s reaction. It is possible that they will judge you for your actions form the past, but until you deal with it, your consciousness will torture you every day. Either try to forget about it, or deal with it like a grown up.

If you work in an archive or know someone who does, these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted. Also, if you have watched something about archives on TV, it is possible that it has made an impression on you. Your brain is only processing information it received from the real world.

Definition of an archive

Archive is an institution that collects, holds and gives out state authorities’ written and printed documents.

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