To go through a photo album
Dreaming of going through a photo album symbolizes an encounter with an ex-lover. Even though you have tried to forget about the past, you probably still remember someone who meant a lot to you before. This dream shows that you still care for them. You will have an opportunity to see them at your friend’s party. That will help you realize that you are not indifferent toward each other. Both of you are probably taken, but that unexpected encounter will stir old emotions up. Your partner will notice that something is not right and they will ask for an explanation. You will have a hard time with deciding what to do in order to not hurt anyone. You will realize that you are not good together, but passion will be too strong to fight it.

To see a photo album in someone else’s hands
This dream suggests that you will have an unwanted guest. It is possible that you are expecting a visit that you are not looking forward to at all. You will have to act like you can’t wait to see them, because they will decide the faith of your job or studies. Your family is pressuring you to put more effort into an event that will influence your future greatly.

To throw a photo album away
Dreaming of throwing a photo album away means that you will have problems with a family member. An argument will probably be so unpleasant that it will make you forget abut love you have for that person. Your harsh words will hurt each other and they will turn your relationship in unwanted curtesy hellos in the passing. Both of you will be sorry because of it, but you won’t do anything to reconcile again.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on feelings you experience during dreaming as well. It is possible that you will feel anger, jealousy or fear, but these dreams are followed by pleasant emotions too, so you could feel joy or excitement.

A photo album with black and white pictures only
Dreaming of this kind of an album means that you live in the past. It is possible that you can’t get rid of a feeling that you have made a mistake which has determined the course of your life. Your own actions have ruined your plans, but you still blame other people for your failures. You could become aware of the situation soon. You will finally accept the reality and decide to move on without looking back.

A digital photo album
Dreaming of a digital photo album with pictures in color means that you will soon encounter someone you haven’t seen for a while. That meet up will bring you a lot of positive emotions. You will remember beautiful moments you have shared together and you will be sorry for distancing from each other. However, you will promise yourself that you will find time for an old friend, because their company suits you at this moment.

Albums with drawings
Dreaming of albums with drawings symbolizes beautiful upcoming moments with your family members, friends or a partner. You might go on a lunch or picnic together, where you will realize that you have neglected them because of everyday obligations. However, no one will blame you for it, because they know that you have had many worries in the previous period, so it is understandable that you didn’t have time for them. You will have enough time to change that.

A stamp album
Dreaming of a stamp album means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you want to travel to some exotic country. It is possible that your current financial situation doesn’t allow you to do so, but a short trip could help you get rid of stress. It is possible that you will decide to visit relatives who live in another city or country.

A music album
Dreaming of a music album symbolizes your sadness because of a missed opportunity in the past. It is possible that someone offered you a collaboration, which you turned down, and now you are sorry because of it. On the other hand, it is possible that fear stopped you from getting into a relationship with someone who seems as the right choice from this perspective.

To buy an album
Dreaming of buying a photo or music album means that you will fall in love. You will get closer to a colleague from work or college and you will slowly realize that you enjoy being in their company more than you’ve expected. That will scare you a little bit, because you know that admitting that you are in love could harm your current relationship. You don’t want to lose them as a friend. It is possible that you will see signs that suggest that they have feelings for you as well.

To sell an album
Dreaming of selling an album means that you have revealed too much about yourself to someone and now you are afraid that they could abuse your trust. You might have spilled all your secrets to someone that is not your true friend. You will realize that you should talk about your life and plans with family members only, because you can fully trust only them.

To receive an album as a gift
Dreaming of getting an album as a gift means that something will gladden you. It is possible that you will hear good news, or that a wish you have been fantasizing for a long time about will come true. Besides that, the following period will be beneficial for you, so use it in the best way possible.

To bestow an album
Dreaming of bestowing an album means that someone will declare love to you. No matter if you are currently in a relationship, or if you have a close friend you have deep feelings for, it is possible that they will finally get enough courage to admit that they are in love with you as well.

To tear an album up
Dreaming of a torn-up album means that someone will anger you in the near future. Anger will make you say things that you have been holding inside for a long time, or even words that you don’t mean. You will later realize that you shouldn’t have acted like that and you will be sorry for hurting a loved one. The only way to fix that is to apologize to them.

If someone else is tearing an album apart in a dream, that warns of an argument with a partner or a friend. It is possible that you are blaming each other for something and you can’t get on the same page about important things. However, try not to push your attitudes on someone else and accept that you don’t have to be always right.

To burn an album
Dreaming of burning an album means that ghosts from the past are tormenting you. You might not be aware of it, but there are some things that you can’t accept and move on. It is more related to your private than business life. People’s advices can’t help you with that, but you have to have a conversation with yourself and realize why your consciousness is so restless.

To dream of stealing a photo album
If you dream of stealing a photo album, it implies that you want to take credit for a job that someone else did. You might achieve it and get a prize, recognition, or some benefits, but you will definitely lose a colleague or friend.

To dream of someone stealing your photo album
If you dream of someone stealing your photo album, it means you will have to fight for yourself more. Someone will want to present your idea as theirs, but you can’t let that happen. However, be careful not to use offensive or harsh words during the argument but to only state facts.

To dream about hiding a photo album
Hiding a photo album in a dream means you are afraid of one particular decision or action from the past. You want to hide it, but there are witnesses to it all who maliciously remind you of it from time to time. You have to leave the past where it belongs and turn toward building a better and more beautiful future.

To dream of finding an old photo album
When you dream of finding an old photo album, it means you will soon encounter a person who was an important part of your life before, but you haven’t seen each other for a long time. You will grab a coffee and talk about the beautiful memories you made together. You will promise each other you will hang out more often because you will realize that you have really missed one another.

To dream of throwing a photo album away
Throwing a photo album away in a dream means you might make a radical decision. You will conclude that your problem requires a thorough solution and will not hesitate to do what you have to. Even though it will be difficult in the beginning, you will later realize that you have made the right decision.

To dream of someone else throwing a photo album away
If you dream of someone else throwing a photo album away, it implies that someone will distance themselves from you. Your friend might suddenly stop calling you, and you will wonder what you have done wrong. You will not get the answer to that question alone, which is why you have to turn to that person if they even want to communicate with you anymore.

To dream of a photo album with your photos only
If you see a photo album full of your photos only, it symbolizes egocentrism. You always put yourself first and make sure to please your needs to be happy and to be able to make other people happy as well.

To dream of a photo album with photos of strangers
A dream wherein you go through a photo album full of photos of strangers suggests that a special person will come into your life soon. They will amaze you not only with their appearance but also with their kindness, intelligence, and charisma. You might even fall in love with them.

To dream of a photo album with photos of loved ones
If you dream of going through a photo album full of photos of your family members, kids, partner, or other people you care about, it means you miss hanging out with them. You have to devote more of your free time to those people.

To dream of a photo album with photos of your ex
This dream can suggest that you miss that person or that someone reminded you of them.

If you have been going through an album recently, or talked about it, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted, because your subconsciousness is only processing information from the real world.

Definition of an album

Album is a collection of images or audio and video recordings.