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Are you wondering why did you dream of avoiding someone? The answer is hidden in your subconscious, and the interpretation depends on the details that followed your dream.

Dreaming of avoiding someone

If you are dreaming of avoiding someone, that is a warning of unpleasant upcoming events.

Someone you haven’t cleared all your conflicts from the past may enter your life again.

If that person is your ex-partner, you will not know if love or disappointment connects you since things didn’t play out the way you wanted.

To dream of someone avoiding you

Dreaming of someone avoiding you means that you will distance yourself from a loved one.

You probably helped your friend in difficult moments, but instead of showing gratitude, their behavior toward you will become bad.

You will be truly angry at first, but you will realize with time that they are ashamed since you have seen their weaknesses.

This is their way of showing you that they don’t need pity but equal treatment.

To dream of avoiding a loved one

When you are dreaming of avoiding a loved one, that symbolizes new love.

You may have started a relationship young that has survived and lasted for years despite many obstacles.

However, someone who will make you feel butterflies again will enter your life. You will feel them every time you think of that person.

Dreaming about a loved one avoiding you

If you are dreaming of a loved one avoiding you, and you feel frustrated or disappointed because of it, it means that you feel abandoned in real life.

You are probably afraid that some people you love will turn their back on you. You probably don’t like solitude since it makes you feel depressed and vulnerable.

Feelings like that are completely natural, but if you have had them for a long time, you should probably think about what is causing them.

Dream meaning of avoiding an ex-partner

Both sexes have these dreams often, and they are completely natural, considering that the person you are dreaming about was an important part of your life.

Something you experienced with them will stay in your memory forever.

Your mind is processing loss and pain from the past during this dream, especially if you were the one who ended the relationship.

If you have ended it, this dream should get interpreted as the questioning of that decision.

To dream of an ex-partner avoiding you

A dream in which an ex-partner is avoiding you means that they have moved on and that you should do the same.

Those who didn’t end the relationship have this dream more often than those who left.

Your subconsciousness is warning you that you have lived in the past for too long and that it is time to move on finally.

If you are dreaming of someone who you were in a relationship with a long time ago, it means that you are sometimes wondering where that person is and if they are happy.

Avoiding parents in a dream

A dream in which you are avoiding your parents is connected to the feeling of guilt regarding something that you have done or didn’t do.

You may have promised them something, so your consciousness is restless. After you make things right, you will sleep more peacefully.

If your parents avoid you in a dream

If you are dreaming of your parents avoiding you, that symbolizes a conflict with a loved one.

A seemingly trivial argument will cause a bigger conflict.

Both of you will say things you don’t mean in the heat of the moment, and you will resent each other for everything that bothered you lately.

However, you will realize that you have crossed the line after the situation calms down, and you will realize that all of it was pointless.

Don’t let such situations become a habit for you since that could affect your relationship permanently.

Dreaming about avoiding kids

When you are dreaming of avoiding kids, it means that you are afraid of responsibility.

You are at a crossroads now, so you should become more mature and start planning your future better, but all you are thinking about is partying and hanging out with friends.

Younger men who are still not ready to get married and have kids have these dreams more often.

To dream of kids avoiding you

If you are dreaming of kids avoiding you, that is a sign that you worry about their future.

You probably often think about whether you have done everything you could to make them good, honest, and quality people or not.

If, however, people who don’t have kids dream of kids avoiding them, that symbolizes their need to have a child.

Avoid friends in a dream

This dream symbolizes the need for solitude that all of us sometimes feel.

You are bombarded with other people’s worries and problems daily, so it seems to you that you don’t have time to think about your problems.

Someone from your surroundings is always complaining about their job, partner, or society as a whole, so they are taking their frustrations on you.

If you isolated yourself from that person for at least a short, your mood would improve immediately.

You will not seem like a bad friend or a selfish person like that since everyone needs to put their physical and mental health first and then think about other people.

Dreaming about avoiding your boss

A dream in which you are avoiding your boss can mean only one thing – you have made a big mistake and didn’t admit it.

You know that acting like that is unprofessional, but you are afraid of their reaction and potential consequences.

You need to know that you are only human and that people make mistakes, so admit what you did and make sure to make things right.

You may have a hard time looking your colleagues in the eyes, but there is no reason for something like that since you will show that you are ready to react quickly and fix your mistakes.

To dream of your boss avoiding you

If you are dreaming of your boss avoiding you, it means that you will not get what was promised to you.

You may have agreed to have a higher paycheck, a better job position, or a longer vacation, but it will turn out that something like that is impossible at the moment.

You will be disappointed since you have invested a lot of effort to get some benefits, but the reward is not coming.

If this lasts for a long time, that will be a clear sign that you should look for another job.

Avoiding the sick in a dream

This dream means that you are afraid of sickness too much, which is why you often visit doctors.

You probably read about symptoms of the most vicious illnesses on the Internet every day, and you are starting to notice them in yourself as well.

Even when your doctors do various tests, and they show that you don’t suffer from anything serious, you look for another opinion and go through new tests.

You should relax a little bit because you shouldn’t worry if they are telling you that you don’t have a reason for it.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot simpler. If you have recently avoided someone, that has made an impression on you.

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