Atom – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To see an atom
Dreaming of an atom has multiple meanings. It is possible that you’ll have problems at work. The situation is not going according to a plan. You have a feeling that everyone is against you, so nothing will be a success for you. If you are in debts, you’ll probably have to postpone a payment, or you’ll even put some property under mortgage. The crisis has influenced all aspects of your life, but you’ll feel it the most by low sales and a lack of people’s interest for your products that you used to sell in large quantities.

This dream can also mean that you are succeeding slowly at something which matters to you. It often seems to you like that progress is insignificant and unimportant. You have been stagnant for a long time, so you want to make it up overnight. You have a bad trait of comparing your success to other people’s, so you’ll rarely be satisfied.

The third interpretation is that you are conflicted between what you want and what is good for you. You probably have a tough decision to make which your future depends on. It can be related to going to college, changing a job or traveling abroad. Other people will pressure you to choose something which will give you financial stability, while you will want to do something you love, but which is not profitable.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and details or feelings that follow them. During them you can feel angry, confused, hurt or disorientated.

Splitting of an atom
Dreaming of atom split (nuclear fission) means that you are distraught and confused. Some situation has left you without a proper answer. You can’t stay on the track. That is scaring you, because you’ve used to having everything under control. You will probably have to ask for an advice from someone you trust, in order to find out what to do.

An atom fusion
Dreaming of atom fusion (nuclear fusion) means that your subconsciousness is telling you to take a break. Piled up obligations and stress are affecting your psyche a lot lately. Even though you often think that you have enough strength for everything, this tempo can cause serious health issues for you. Try to find some time for yourself in order to charge your batteries and get ready for new challenges.

Dreaming of a nuclear power plant
To see a nuclear power plant in a dream symbolizes a successful upcoming period regarding business and private life. Everything will go according to your wishes and expectations. You will make new plans for the future and you’ll have enough energy to realize them.

Dreaming of walking around nuclear power plant symbolizes your need to learn new knowledge. You might take a foreign language course or a class on something that has interested you for a long time, but you couldn’t dedicate time to it. There is a possibility that you’ll change studies or a current job.

A dream in which you are hiding in a nuclear power plant implies a desire for excitement or adventure. You are fantasizing about traveling to an exotic destination or trying extreme sports. You would also like to have a romance with a complete stranger or to have an intimate relationship in public.

Dreaming of an explosion in a nuclear power plant means that you are worried for your health. You have symptoms that you are ignoring for a long time, because you think they’ll pass. However, all of it is worrying you subconsciously, so you would like to find out what the problem is, but you are afraid of going to a doctor. That makes you search for information on the Internet, which is the worst thing you can do at the moment.

Dreaming of an atomic bomb
This dream can have multiple meanings. To read more details, read an article titled ‘What does it mean to dream of an atomic bomb?

Dreaming of a nuclear physicist
If you are a nuclear physicist in a dream, it means that you think too highly of yourself. People from your surroundings see you as an arrogant person who thinks that they are the best and the smartest. That is not surprising, since you are acting like it. The fact that you think that you don’t have friends because people envy you is not true. Your problem with finding company is a consequence of your attitude toward yourself and other people.

Dreaming of a nuclear physicist means that you’ll do a job you haven’t been doing in the past. You will probably have to substitute a colleague at work. You will be afraid of not having experience at their job and possibly making mistakes. However, the fact that your superior has assigned you with the job should relax you, because they believe that you can do it without a problem. Even though that is a big responsibility, you will be proud.

Dreaming of having an argument with a nuclear physicist means that you are in danger. Someone is trying to jeopardize your career or your private life with their actions. They are jealous and envious, so watch out who you are confiding in and choose associates for each assignment carefully.

If you are trying to kill a nuclear physicist in a dream, it means that playing games with your crush or a partner doesn’t suit you anymore. You want to change something, but you can’t find the right way to do it. Every conversation with them ends up with a nasty argument without concrete results. It sometimes feels to you that they don’t even care, but than there is a period when you wouldn’t wish for a better partner. You are stuck in that situation and you feel like you are losing your precious time. No one except you can handle that situation. You will have to decide what to do next.

Dreaming of kissing a nuclear physicist symbolizes fear of failure regarding love. You probably like someone, but you are afraid of admitting it to them. You are very cautious, because you don’t want someone to hurt you. That makes you open up harder and people have an impression that you are strict and unreachable. If you would take the mask you have off, maybe you would be surprised by the attention you would get. Don’t let fear hide the charm you possess.

If you have recently watched a movie or a TV show about the subject of this article, interpretations of dreams are simpler- what you saw has made an impression on you.

Definition of an atom

An atom is the smallest part of a substance or a chemical element that exhibits the properties of that element. It consists of protons, electrons and neutrons.

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