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Dirty ashtray in a dream

The motif of an ashtray is more present in smokers’ dreams than in non-smokers’ dreams. Besides, servers often have such dreams. Their meanings depend on the context in which they occur and the details that follow them. Some dream experts are suggesting that smokers should not interpret this dream.

To dream of an empty ashtray

An empty ashtray in a dream symbolizes a need for change. You might have fallen into a boring rut and have recently realized you are unhappy. It is bad if you have lost hope that your life could be better one day.

Instead of despair, you must start changing the little things that bother you. You will succeed in dealing with big ones over time as well.

To dream of a full ashtray

An ashtray full of cigarette buds in a dream means you must stop exaggerating everything.

You are prone to paranoia and sometimes believe the whole world is against you, which is why you can’t make progress or achieve your goals.

The truth is that you have to take a break, calm down, think well about everything, and make a decision about your next move.

Meaning by the type of ashtray

To dream about a ceramic ashtray

A ceramic ashtray in a dream suggests you will soon realize the best solution is the simplest one. What came to mind first may yield the best results.

You can ask for advice about what bothers you if needed, but you probably already know what to do.

To dream of a metal ashtray

A metal ashtray in a dream means you are in a pretty complicated phase of life. The worst of all is that you can’t figure out what you want, so you mostly do what doesn’t interest you.

You need not hurry or force anything. Everything will fall into place when you make peace with yourself.

To dream of a glass ashtray

If you see a glass ashtray in your dream, it implies you have to straighten your priorities and stop wasting precious time on trivial things.

That especially applies to people who have neglected their families, significant others, or friends because of their careers. You have to know you will remember all the moments you spent with your loved ones when you are old more than the success you have achieved.

To dream of a crystal ashtray

A crystal ashtray in a dream suggests you might misunderstand someone’s words or gestures. You will probably mistake someone’s kindness for flirting or someone’s shyness for arrogance.

Only after you get to know that person a bit better will you realize you were mistaken.

To dream of an ashtray in a car

If you see or use an ashtray in your car, it implies you have a hard time giving up pleasures, even when you know they harm you. You have a problem controlling your urges, although you are a pretty rational person.

No matter what other people say, you will probably not change soon.

To dream of buying an ashtray

Dreaming of buying an ashtray suggests you could get unexpected guests. One of your relatives or friends might let you know they will visit. Even though you love that person, you would like to rest a bit.

However, you will not say it but make sure to make that person feel at home at your place.

To dream of selling an ashtray

Selling an ashtray in a dream means you might collaborate with an acquaintance. You will probably decide to invest your skills, creativity, money, and time in one project.

If you are persistent and make wise decisions, you can achieve great results.

To dream of receiving an ashtray as a gift

If you dream of someone bestowing an ashtray on you, it implies your loved one will support your intentions or ideas, even though they disagree with them.

They will express their doubts and dilemmas, so you will work on overcoming them together. However, you can count on that person’s help and support at any moment despite all of it.

To dream about bestowing an ashtray on someone

Bestowing an ashtray on someone in a dream means you need not believe you can achieve your goal with manipulation. You are probably extra polite and affectionate with someone who can help you solve one problem.

You might try to take advantage of that person to achieve your interests and goals, but they will see through your intentions on time and stop the actualization of your idea.

To dream of stealing an ashtray

When you dream of stealing an ashtray from a shop or store, it implies you have to watch out for how you spend money so that you don’t face bankruptcy in the future.

You have to make a savings plan and try to stick to it because that is the only way to protect your financial stability.

If you dream of stealing an ashtray from a café, restaurant, or someone’s home, it symbolizes an argument. Communication problems you have could escalate and turn into a serious discussion.

Stealing an ashtray from a public place in a dream symbolizes problems with the law. You might get a ticket or warn for not paying taxes or utilities on time.

To dream of someone stealing an ashtray from you

If you dream of someone stealing an ashtray from you, it implies you have to listen to advice or suggestion you recently got regarding your job or health.

The person who criticized or advised you means you well.

To dream of hiding an ashtray

When you dream of hiding an ashtray from someone, it means you need not impose your decisions, attitudes, and opinions on grownups but advise them only when they ask for it.

Every other behavior is an intrusion of someone’s privacy. That applies to people you are close with as well, like your family members and friends.

To dream about someone hiding an ashtray from you

This dream can symbolize an argument. You might have a conflict with a headstrong person, and everything could go too far if you don’t control your emotions and words since you are quite the same.

To dream of breaking an ashtray

If you dream of accidentally breaking an ashtray, it symbolizes minor damage. Your car or one of your house appliances might break down, and you will have to pay for the repair.

Another possibility is that you will spend your money on something whose quality doesn’t justify its price.

If you dream of breaking an ashtray on purpose, it implies you need not brag after you help someone.

If you can do something to help, do it, but don’t go around talking about it or telling everyone how good of a person you are. Let your actions speak for you.

To dream about someone else breaking an ashtray

A dream wherein you see someone else accidentally breaking an ashtray suggests you have to be kinder to your loved ones. You are prone to criticizing them for anything and everything.

You probably do it out of the best of intentions, but you have to show them they can count on you by offering them support in achieving their goals from time to time.

When you see someone else breaking an ashtray on purpose, it means you need not mock others because you never know what life can make you do.

It is easy to say you would never do something when you don’t know what your destiny has in store for you.

To dream of throwing an ashtray at someone

Throwing an ashtray at someone in a dream symbolizes frustration. You have been pretty angry and in a bad mood lately, and you take it out on those who have nothing to do with your state. You have to face your demons because you will chase all the good people away if you continue doing what you do.

To dream of someone hitting you with an ashtray

When you dream of someone hitting you with an ashtray, it implies you will be someone’s target, even though you haven’t done anything wrong.

Someone might take out their anger and frustration on you. The worst you can do is argue.

Instead, calmly wait for that person to speak their mind, and then, with the help of facts, explain why you are not the tree they can bark at.

To dream about emptying an ashtray

Emptying an ashtray in a dream means you will do someone else’s job. Your boss might order you to finish something your coworker started.

You will conclude it would have been easier if you started it all over, but you will not give up until you are done with it.

To dream of washing an ashtray

Washing an ashtray in a dream suggests you will have problems at work. You might argue with a coworker about how to solve one issue.

Both of you will believe you are right, so you will have to ask someone else to be the judge in your conflict.

To dream of other people washing an ashtray

A dream wherein you see someone else washing an ashtray means you will work with a perfectionist. That person will annoy you by paying extra attention to every detail because they will slow you down.

You will hardly wait to get it over with and pray that nothing in life brings you back together.

To dream about an ashtray bursting into flames

Such a dream suggests a lack of concentration might lead to serious issues. You have to be careful when working on projects and pay extra attention to your behavior in traffic.

You have to remember that one moment can seriously change the course of your whole life for the worse.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen an ashtray, it has left an impression on you. You need not interpret a dream if you are a smoker.

Definition of an ashtray

An ashtray is a type of dish used for disposing of cigarette ash, cigarettes, and cigars.