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Dream about artichokes

Dreaming of artichokes symbolizes embarrassment regarding the opposite sex. It is possible that you like someone who you are not in a relationship with.

If they are your colleague from work or college, you will try to hide your feelings, but you will be the last one to find out that everyone knows about it.

You are searching for excuses to get closer to that person, so you are using every opportunity to spend time with them. You will probably find out that everyone is talking about you, which will make you uncomfortable.

If that person is in a relationship or married, they will avoid your company at first, in order to not give anyone a story to gossip about.

You will be really uncomfortable because you could hurt their reputation or relationship with their partner.

An alternative interpretation is that you will deal with house reconstruction. You want to change something in your life, so you have decided to make your living space more beautiful.

You will make shopping lists and plan out the new layout. You will enjoy decorating rooms, especially your bedroom, and office.

Planting artichokes in a dream

Dreaming of planting artichokes means that you will decide to take care of your health.

It is possible that you have been postponing going to the doctor’s, or you have destroyed your health with bad habits.

However, you will soon realize that you need to eat better and that physical activity needs to become a part of your everyday routine.

Dreaming of other people planting artichokes

This dream means that a friend or an acquaintance will help you to overcome some problems.

After you realize that you are not able to deal with some task by yourself, a loved one will come to help you.

You will realize that you still have someone who supports you, which will make everything easier.

Dream meaning of picking artichokes

Dreaming of picking artichokes symbolizes peace and prosperity. You will enter a beneficial period in life when it comes to your love life.

If you are single, it is possible that someone you like for a long time will show interest in you.

If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, your connection with your partner will be stronger than ever.

You will have great communication in the following period and you will make some important decisions with absolute understanding.

Some dark moments will stay behind you, so you will get rid of fears and doubts and you will finally feel relief, satisfaction, and joy.

Dreaming of other people picking artichokes means that you will hear good news. Friends will gladden you with beautiful information.

It is possible that you will be invited to a wedding or someone close to you will tell you that they are expecting. Anyhow, their happiness will make you happy.

To eat artichokes or to make an artichoke dish

Dreaming of eating salad, paste, or some other dish with artichokes means that you will have an argument with a stubborn person. You will try to prove that your attitude or decision is right but in vain.

Since you have already made that decision, and they are telling you it is wrong, you will try to prove that they are mistaken.

You should maybe sometimes accept the fact that not everything you do is good, so you should take someone’s good-hearted advice into consideration.

Dreaming of other people eating an artichoke dish means that your efforts will finally be recognized.

People from your environment will admire you because you are successful in what you do, while superiors will know how to reward you.

That will bring you great satisfaction, but be careful not to overestimate yourself because people are more professional than you could judge you.

Pay attention to your behavior. Your colleagues could envy your success, so it is possible that they will gossip about you, behind your back.

Stay on the ground with both feet if you don’t want to become someone who no one likes in the company.

Making an artichoke dish in a dream

Dreaming of making an artichoke dish symbolizes your need to spend more time with your loved ones.

It is possible that your job and many other obligations have distanced you from your family and partner.

You know that the current situation asks for such a sacrifice, but you would want to relax in the company of your loved ones, however, you will have to wait a little bit longer, because the following period will be stressful.

Only after you survive, you will be able to count on a little bit more free time.

Watching someone else while they are making an artichoke dish means that you long for a trip. Your everyday life is probably smothering you because you have many obligations and worries. You would like to go on a shorter trip with your loved ones.

If you organize everything well, you will be able to achieve that dream. You need to realize that everything depends on you.

Dreaming about drinking an artichoke juice

Dreaming of drinking artichoke juice means that there is a possibility that you will feel frustrated and angry after a conversation with your friend or an acquaintance.

You will realize that they are not who they say they are and that you have been unable to see their flaws all this time.

You will probably decide to distance yourself from them in the near future because you will realize that you don’t need that kind of a friend.

When someone else is drinking artichoke juice in a dream, it means that you will hear some lie about yourself.

You will constantly try to find out where that information is coming from and why. The lie can be completely harmless, but it will bother you that someone has made it up.

Stop wasting your time in such situations, because that is something you can’t change. Dedicate your time to taking care of your own life, as you have done so far, and ignore anything that could destroy your peace.

An artichoke medicine in a dream

Dreaming of taking a medicine made out of artichoke symbolizes good health. You will feel great in your own skin and everyone will see it.

However, don’t ignore smaller problems and go on regular checkups.

Dreaming of other people taking an artichoke medicine means that you are worried about your loved one’s health condition.

It is possible that your friend or a family member has admitted that they have serious symptoms. You will try to talk them into going for a checkup but in vain.

In the end, you will make peace with the fact that you can’t influence their decisions, but you will let them know that you are there for them when they need you.

Dream interpretation of cleaning artichokes

If you dream of cleaning artichokes, it implies that one project or task will take a lot more of your time than you thought.

You might have underestimated its complexity or didn’t leave enough space to devote your time to it properly. Let that be a lesson for the future.

To dream of other people cleaning artichokes

When you see someone else cleaning artichokes, it usually means you will finish one chore or project more quickly if you ask for help from someone who has more experience and knowledge than you.

That especially applies to construction work around your house or apartment. You need not get into big remodeling projects before you consult with professionals.

Dream about buying artichokes

Dreaming of buying artichokes suggests that you will overpay for something. You might believe someone’s experience or good ad and buy something that doesn’t justify its price with its use value.

Selling artichokes in a dream

Selling artichokes in a dream means you are afraid of someone not appreciating you the way you believe you deserve.

You probably think your effort, knowledge, experience, and hard work should be rewarded more, but you don’t fight enough to achieve it.

Getting artichokes as a gift in a dream

If you dream of someone bestowing artichokes on you, it implies that you will get a pat on the back and a thank you for a job well done instead of a reward.

That gesture might disappoint you tremendously, considering how much effort you have invested into it.

To dream of bestowing artichokes on someone

When you dream of bestowing artichokes on someone, it means you will owe someone. Your friend, coworker, or acquaintance might do you a favor or help you with a specific problem, and you will look for ways to repay them.

Dream meaning of stealing artichokes

Stealing artichokes in a dream suggests that you might make a reckless decision or risky move. You will realize with time that you have made a mistake but have to look for ways to fix it.

However, it might be too late to do anything, but you can always learn something from that situation.

Throwing artichokes away in a dream

Throwing artichokes away in a dream means you will invest money into something unprofitable, even though many people will warn you about the negative consequences of such a decision. You will not listen to them but could soon realize that they were right.

To dream about reading about artichokes

Reading about artichokes in a dream suggests that you might start changing some habits soon.

You have realized your desires exceed your earnings, which is why you can’t live from paycheck to paycheck, let alone save something. You have to start changing if you don’t want to face bankruptcy.

Dreaming of writing about artichokes

Writing about artichokes in a dream means you will start thinking about an additional job. You probably don’t make as much as you need, which is why you will have to look for a new and additional source of income.

If you have recently eaten or cooked artichoke or talked about it, the interpretation of the dream is a lot simpler- all of it has made an impression on you, so your brain is only processing information from the real world.

Definition of an artichoke

Artichoke is a perennial vegetable plant that thrives in warm climate regions.

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