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Light glowing on a sword

To dream of being armed
If you bear arms in your dream, it symbolizes an argument. There is a chance that someone will confront you and try to blame you for something you didn’t do. However, you will not stay silent but do everything to protect yourself. You will clearly let that person know that you are not ready to put up with their nasty behavior and that other people have to respect you.

To dream of someone else bearing arms
If someone else bears arms in your dream, it means that you will watch for what you are saying. You probably have a hard time controlling your feelings and have the need to tell everyone what is on your mind, but you will be aware of the consequences of such actions in the following period. You will think thoroughly about your words, which is why no one will have a reason to resent you for something or be mad at you.

To dream of removing weapons
When you dream of removing weapons from the scene, it means that you will have regrets. There is a chance that you will realize how much you have hurt yourself and the people you love, which is why you will try to fix it. It will not be easy since many people will doubt you and your intentions and maybe even perceive your attempt as a tactic to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

To dream about firing a firearm
If you dream about firing a firearm, it means that you will say something in public without thinking, which could cause discomfort or shame later.

To dream of someone disarming you
This dream means that you have a dangerous rival. We are talking about a cunning person that doesn’t reveal their strategy until they put it into action. You are losing because of the surprise factor that they often throw at you. You have to start thinking like that person if you want to turn the situation to your advantage. Most importantly, talk about your plans and ideas to people for who you know would never betray you only.

To dream about disarming someone
Disarming someone in a dream means that you are more superior to people who want to harm you out of envy and jealousy. You know that your success bothers many people, which is why you are taking specific measures to protect yourself. It is necessary to be cautious with everything you do at the moment. If you stay entirely focused on it, you will come out of that battle as a winner.

To dream of producing armament
Producing armament in a dream is a sign that you are a great business person. You can recognize a good opportunity and take advantage of it. Besides that, you know how to communicate with people and persuade them to trust you. However, keep in mind that the manipulation you are so fond of can be a double-edged sword sometimes.

To dream of buying armament
Dreaming of buying armament means that you have finally realized that not all people are good and have good intentions. You have been quite naïve so far, and others took advantage of you. However, the experience has taught you to pay attention to who you confide in, and you have started using a different tactic.

To dream of selling armament
Selling armament in a dream is a sign that you will take someone’s failure as your chance for success. There is a possibility that your colleague will get fired, and you will propose an idea to take their place in the company. Another option is that you might start a relationship with someone who hasn’t even officially ended their marriage.

To dream about stealing armament
Stealing armament in a dream means that you are a very resourceful person. You make new acquaintances quickly and have many friends all over the world. You find that useful because you can find shelter at any moment, that is, give them a call when you need help. That is fine as long as you are willing to return the favor.

To dream of hiding armament
If you dream of hiding armament, it means that you are a closed-off person. You don’t let people come close to you, while you don’t share your secrets, fears, and wishes with anyone. That trait is excellent concerning the business, but it stops you from upgrading your love life. Not many people have the will, strength, and desire to get to know you gradually, let alone recognize all the virtues you possess.

To dream about finding armament
Finding armament in a dream means that you will not like the information you will soon get. That can have something to do with your partner or close friend. We are talking about something that person has been hiding for a long time, and the fact that they didn’t want to tell you what is going on will hurt you a lot.

To dream of someone taking away your armament
If you dream of someone taking away your armament, it means that you will lose the support of your loved ones because of some idea, decision, or action. People whose opinions you care about will disagree with you regarding a plan you want to put into action because they believe it brings many negative consequences. Because of it, think about your idea one more time and listen to what they have to say. You can always come up with a compromise.

To dream of taking away someone’s armament
Taking away someone’s armament in a dream means that you will not agree with a decision your partner or one of the family members will make. We are talking about something that affects your life together. Since they didn’t ask you for your opinion but only informed you about the decision, you will be hurt. That is the first sign that something is not right in your relationship or marriage. You will overcome that only if both of you make an effort to change something.

To dream of destroying armament
Destroying armament in a dream means that you will do a good deed. You might start a charity or do something useful for the whole community. You will gain respect from many people because of it, and there is even a chance that you will get a symbolic award for it.

To dream about other people destroying armament
A dream wherein you see someone else destroying armament suggests that you have to help someone who didn’t give you a hand in a difficult moment in your life. That person will ask you for a favor now, and you will be in a dilemma on whether to do something about it or not because you believe that they don’t deserve your help. You have to show them that you are a better person than them because your conscience will be restless if you do something different.

To dream of throwing armament away
Throwing armament away in a dream means that you will solve one problem only partially. You will think that you have done enough, but time will show that you were mistaken. It is time for radical moves that will nip the problem in the bud. It might not be easy to do something like that, but you know it is the best solution.

To dream of other people throwing armament away
If you see someone else throwing armament away in a dream, it means that you will listen to someone’s terrible piece of advice. You will end up in an unfamiliar situation and not know what to do. You will turn to a friend for help because of it and listen to their suggestions without thinking. You will later realize that that was not the best move.

To dream of enumerating armament
Enumerating armament in a dream means that you will have a complex task in real life. Your boss might assign you a project that asks for a lot of hard work and effort. Considering that you are a professional, you will try to finish it the best you can and on time. Another possibility is that you will try to solve a family problem alone. You will probably reconcile sides at war, that is, family members and relatives, and it will not be easy.

To dream of other people enumerating armament
If you see someone else enumerating armament in a dream, it means that laziness could put you in trouble. You always try to finish every task at the eleventh hour. However, what you are postponing at the moment is more complicated than the chores you have been dealing with before. There is a chance that you will have to ask for help or an extension of a deadline. That will teach you how not to act in the future.

To dream about storing armament
Storing armament in a dream symbolizes your nervousness. You have been capable of arguing with anyone over trivial things lately. You have to figure out what is going on with you and deal with it not to jeopardize the relationship with people you care about.

To dream of an armed child
When you see an armed child in a dream, that is not a good sign. It often suggests that you have to watch out for sweet talkers. Someone will promise the world to you but will not keep their word.

To dream of the armed police
The armed police in a dream suggest that someone will devotedly defend your beliefs and attitudes.

To dream about an armed army
An armed army in a dream means that you will argue with a stubborn person. Considering that you are the same, you will not want to back down and let them believe that they are right.

To dream of an armed gang
An armed gang in a dream is a sign that you are a fair person. You always try to do everything correctly and solve every situation or problem justly. However, things often don’t work out that way, and you spend too much time fixing those mistakes.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, carried, or destroyed armament, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of armament

Weapons or arms are devices used for incapacitating the enemy, life protection, property protection, hunting, fishing, etc.