Applause – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of being applauded to
If people are applauding you in a dream it means that someone will be grateful to you. It is possible that you will help someone who is in a difficult situation. You will listen to them and advise them honestly how to deal with their problems. The person will never forget that and they will tell you that you can always count on them.

Dreaming of applauding someone
If you are applauding someone in a dream it means that you will be happy because of someone else’s happiness. A person from your surroundings will probably achieve success after many years of hard work and renunciation. This will motivate you so you will start to work on yourself with hope that hard work will bring you wanted results as well.

Dreaming of only you applauding
This dream suggests that you will not have a support from your loved ones. It is possible that you will make a decision with which they will disagree. You will try to persuade them and explain to them how much that decision means to you but no one will understand you or try to help you in any way. They will try to persuade you to give it up and do what is expected from you.

Dreaming of everyone applauding except you
If only you don’t applaud in a dream it means that you will have an opposite opinion from the majority. It is possible that you will dislike a person everyone loves. You will not be able to explain your point of view, but you will be certain that they are not the way they seem and that they will show their true colors eventually. You will have to learn to control yourself when you are in company of that person, especially if you will meet often.

Dreaming of an applause becoming quieter
If you are dreaming of an applause becoming quieter it means that you are missing something. You are probably not satisfied with the situation at your job or in an emotive relationship so you will feel unfulfilled. You are thinking about things you don’t have a lot while forgetting about achievements in your life. Because of such thinking you don’t appreciate a lot of things and you are constantly stressed.

Dreaming of an applause becoming louder
This dream suggests that you will accomplish your goal soon. It is possible that you will go to college, graduate, find a job or move in with a loved one. You will be content with yourself because you haven’t chosen the easier way despite many obstacles. You will enjoy in your achievements in the following period.

Dreaming of an applause finishing
This dream means that someone will take advantage of you. A person that you recently met will be kind to you because they expect a favor from you. This can also apply to a person with whom you started a relationship recently. As soon as they get what they want they will start behaving like strangers.

Definition of an applause

An applause is a gesture in the form of clapping with your hands to approve something.

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