Canker – What Does It Mean to Dream of Aphthae?

Aphthae related dreams are very rare. We usually dream of those when we really have one or more aphthae or ulcers in our mouth. While you are sick, dreams of aphthae shouldn’t be interpreted. If you don’t have any and you have dreamed about them, read the following article.

Dreaming of aphthae in your mouth
If you have aphthae in your mouth, it means that you will be indiscrete. It is possible that you will share someone’s secret, and you will feel bad about it. You will try to decide if you should tell that to a person who confided in you, but you will decide to stay quiet and hope that they will not find out what you have done.

Dreaming of aphthae beneath your tongue
If you have aphthae beneath your tongue in a dream, it means that someone is burdening you. That person is probably someone from your environment who is sucking all the energy out of you like a vampire. After talking to them you feel exhausted and all you want to do is sleep. Despite that, you continue to communicate with them, because you hope that they will change.

Dreaming of aphthae in your throat
When you have aphthae in your throat, it means that you are too nervous. You are probably constantly under a lot of stress which affects your health negatively. You worry about things you can’t control and cause stress to yourself and people around you unnecessarily. Everyone tells you to relax and enjoy in everyday small things.

Dreaming of having aphthae all over your body
If you have aphthae all over your body in a dream, it means that you worry about your health too much. You are probably a hypochondriac who creates problems that don’t exist. Based on symptoms that you find on your own, you research potential illnesses on the Internet and read other people’s experiences on different forums, which makes you feel even worse. Despite that, you rarely visit the doctor’s office and you mainly listen to advices from people that are incompetent.

Dreaming of other people having aphthae
This dream means that you are a target for gossips. It is possible that someone from your surroundings doesn’t have a nice opinion about you and they don’t miss a chance to share that with other people. You will be stressed out at first, but with time you will realize that their actions speak about them the most, so you will not get down to their level.

Dreaming of treating aphthae
When you treat aphthae in a dream it means that you will get rid of bad habits. It is possible that you will decide to change your life style and start getting rid of everything that bothers you slowly. You will start a healthy diet and you will be more active, which will make you feel better both physically and mentally. However, you will not be too strict, so you will let yourself enjoy in candy or a rest day once in a while.

Dreaming of other people treating aphthae
If someone else is treating aphthae in a dream, it means that someone close to you will experience a rough period in life. You will probably not be able to help them a lot, but you will try to be there for them and give them advice. You will realize that problems you have are nothing in comparison to their troubles, so you will complain less and be grateful that you don’t have to face more serious issues.

Dreaming of not being able to treat aphthae
This dream suggests that a person close to you will not be able to forgive you for the things you have done in the past. It is possible that they are afraid that you will let them down again, so they don’t let you come close to them. You don’t know what more to do to show them that you are sorry, so you will seriously start thinking of giving up on everything.

Dreaming of other people not being able to treat aphthae
When other people in your dream can’t cure their aphthae it means that you are surrounded with people who you can’t trust. Your colleagues from work are probably saying one thing while doing something completely different which makes you feel doubtful. You have no idea what to do in those situations and each day you find it harder to spend time with them. You will start thinking of changing your job, but you will realize that you need to deal with your own emotions, because you will probably be in a similar company somewhere else as well.

Dreaming of infecting someone with aphthae
If you are dreaming of infecting someone with aphthae, it means that you will cause damage to that person. It is possible that you will borrow money from them, but you will not be able to get it back. You will be embarrassed, so you will start to avoid having contact with them.

Dreaming of being infected with aphthae
This dream implies that a loved one will lie to you. It is possible that it will only be a white lie, but that will show you that you can’t trust them. You will change your behavior and watch every word you say when you are around them.

Definition of aphthae

Aphthae are small white wounds that can be found in human’s mouth.

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