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Living room of the apartment with stairs to the second floor

The symbolism of a big apartment

If you see a big apartment in your dream, it means that you have to stop being so arrogant.

There is a chance that material things have started to change you, which is why you judge others based on the salary they get, the car they drive, and so on.

You are not even aware that honest friends will start avoiding you, while the ones who get something out of it will support you.

Dream meaning of a small apartment

If you see a small apartment in a dream, it symbolizes business failure. Your predictions might not come to fruition, and your company will face losses.

You will wonder how you could have made such a mistake, which is why you will analyze all your options more carefully in the future.

Dreaming of a damp or humid apartment

When you see a humid apartment in a dream, it warns of a sickness. Your living conditions are not the best, which is why your health is jeopardized.

However, you put yourself last because you make an effort to please your family members who are either ungrateful or not aware of your needs.

Dreaming about a dark apartment

If you see a dark apartment in a dream, it symbolizes disharmony in your relationship or marriage.

You and your partner might argue over little things behind which insecurities or dissatisfaction to start living together hide.

You lie to yourself by believing that it is just a phase that every couple has to go through.

Cleaning an apartment in a dream

When you dream of cleaning an apartment, it means that your obligations will increase.

You will probably have to take on some responsibilities at home or in the company you work for. It will not be easy because you will have less time for rest and other activities, but you will accept it and sacrifice yourself.

To dream of a dirty or messy apartment

If you see a dirty or messy apartment in a dream, it means that you could have problems at work.

Your boss might not like the way you have solved one problem or the pace you work at.

Your productivity and professionalism will be put to the test, and you will have to have a firm attitude when facing any form of criticism.

Dreaming about watching others cleaning an apartment

A dream wherein you see someone else cleaning an apartment means that your family member, partner, or friend will ask you to help them with one task.

That person will realize that they can’t deal with all of their obligations alone, which is why they will ask you to give them a hand.

You need not refuse to help because the person in question has helped you many times before.

Painting your apartment in a dream

Painting your apartment in a dream symbolizes an upcoming move. You might change your dwelling place because of work or better living conditions soon.

Younger people could decide to do it because of school or moving in with their partner.

The meaning of other people painting an apartment

When you see someone else painting their apartment in your dream, it means that you could receive a business offer that requires a big change soon.

That might include a change of scenery or a move to another city or state. You will probably be in a dilemma about whether to accept it or not, considering that you don’t want to be away from the people you love.

Renovating your apartment in dreams

Renovating an apartment in a dream means that you need a change. You might have fallen into a boring rut, and every day is the same for you.

Nothing significant will happen if you decide to spend another evening in front of a TV or computer.

Dreaming about other people renovating an apartment

If you see someone else renovating an apartment or demolishing walls, it means that you have to accept an invitation for coffee or a get-together you have recently received.

You have to give that person a chance to get to know you better. Your friendship might turn into something more with time.

Showing an apartment to someone dream interpretation

Showing an apartment to someone in a dream means that you are prone to bragging about your success.

What’s more, you like talking about yourself, especially when you have something nice to say.

Many people find that cute, but there are also those who don’t feel comfortable, which is why they have started avoiding you.

Dream meaning of looking for an apartment

Looking for an apartment in a dream means that you will enter a turbulent period soon. Many things will happen to you, and you will not have enough time to process everything.

It is necessary not to make some decisions impulsively. You can ask for advice from someone you trust if needed.

Dreaming about moving into someone else’s apartment

When you dream about moving into someone’s apartment, it symbolizes legal problems.

You might get a notice about unpaid bills, and you will have to prove that you pay everything on time even though a procedural mistake is in question.

To dream of someone moving into your apartment

This dream symbolizes irrational fears that you have to deal with.

Now is the right moment to face the problem that has been bothering you for a long time.

Buying an apartment in your dream

Dreaming of buying an apartment symbolizes a good investment. You will probably invest your money into something profitable.

Before that, you have to do your research about what you plan to invest in and ask for advice from people who have more experience than you.

The meaning of selling an apartment in a dream

Selling an apartment in a dream suggests that you have gotten rid of people who don’t make you feel good. You have realized that hanging out with someone makes you depressed and tired, which is why you will decide to cut them out of your life.

You can’t stand it when specific individuals complain about their life all the time but don’t do anything to change the things that bother them. You will make difficult but necessary decisions because of it.

Dreaming about inheriting an apartment

If you dream about inheriting an apartment, it symbolizes minor obstacles and challenges you will have to deal with in the future. That can have something to do with problems at work or health issues.

Anyhow, there is no reason for worry because you are courageous and determined enough to get to the bottom of the problem without bigger consequences.

Bestowing an apartment to someone in dreams

Bestowing an apartment to someone in a dream means that you are too generous sometimes.

You can spend your whole paycheck on other people without buying anything for yourself. It is admirable that you enjoy making others happy, but don’t neglect yourself, your needs, and your wishes.

Dream interpretation of renting an apartment

Renting an apartment in a dream symbolizes big changes. You might move out of your parent’s house or to another city or state.

Another possibility is that you will change a job or a partner. Those who have been married for a long time might decide to get a divorce soon.

Dreaming of your apartment being taken away from you

If you dream of someone taking your apartment away from you, it means that you are afraid of the future.

You probably don’t make enough to be able to save for emergencies, which is why you are thinking of finding an additional source of income.

That is the best option for you at the moment because a new loan would lead to bankruptcy, for sure.

Dreaming about someone robbing your apartment

When you dream about someone breaking into your apartment and robbing you, it means that you will have unexpected guests.

One of your relatives or friends will decide to gladden you with their visit. You will be happy to see that person, but you will also be mad at them for not letting you know that they are coming to prepare everything properly.

Dream meaning about robbing someone’s apartment

Robbing someone’s apartment in a dream symbolizes the resolution of long-term problems. You might have faced a financial or emotional crisis and lost hope in a positive outcome with time.

However, things could fall into their place soon, which is why you have to be patient and persistent.

The symbolism of a fire in an apartment in dreams

A fire in an apartment in a dream symbolizes love experiences. People who have been single for a long time could meet an interesting person.

If you are married or in a relationship, you will probably like someone so much that you will think about cheating on your partner.

You need not fall for such temptations because your conscience will not let you sleep at night, and you will only hurt your loved one.

What does it mean to dream of a flood in an apartment?

A flood in an apartment is not a good sign, unfortunately.

Such dreams predict tough upcoming times. It is necessary to be patient because your persistence and strength will be put to the test.

You have enough energy to deal with it, but you must not doubt yourself at any moment.

The symbolism of an explosion in your apartment in a dream

When you dream of an explosion in your apartment, it means that you have cunning rivals or enemies. We are talking about people who are not afraid to do anything to ruin your life.

That especially applies to business associates who want to achieve their goals through you. You have to be wise and avoid making big decisions impulsively if you want to beat those people.

To dream about an earthquake destroying your apartment

If you dream of an earthquake or another natural disaster destroying your apartment, it symbolizes communication problems with your family members, partner, or colleagues at work.

You might argue because of different approaches to a mutual problem.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently cleaned or seen a big, small, damp, or dark apartment, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of an apartment

An apartment is a separate space from a building in which a family or some other group of people lives.

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