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Dreaming of antennas is considered one of the rarer dreams. In dream books, an antenna symbolizes a string of dreams and it doesn’t have a fixed meaning. In this dream book we observe all antennas equally, so there are no differences in meaning between TV antennas, radio or satellite antennas and so on. If you have recently been in contact with some type of an antenna or adjusted it, then, these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted.

To see an antenna on the roof
Dreaming of an antenna on the roof means that you will hear good news. It is possible that you will have guests over and they will give you an advice that will be related to work. If the relationship with your partner has been rocky lately, they will realize that they were wrong, so they will try to make it up to you. You will be more understanding of each other, so your relationship will be stronger than ever before. If you are single, you will probably hear something about the person who you have a crush on for a long time. You will meet them at some party, and you will stay in contact ever since then.

To place an antenna on the roof
Dreaming of placing an antenna means that you will get rid of your problems. You have been postponing dealing with difficult situations for a while. Pushing things under the rug will bring more misunderstandings, so you will realize that you should start dealing with problems that everything started with, firstly. There will be some rough patches on that journey, but they will be a lot easier than constantly postponing problems and confronting with other people and yourself.

Dreaming of not catching a signal with the antenna
This dream suggests that you are not understanding of people from your surroundings. You are in a bad mood and you often have arguments with people close to you. Small things are able to get your blood boiling and you have a really bad temper. If you have children, it is possible that they are blaming you for getting mad at them instead of giving them attention and solving problems with words.

To take an antenna off
Dreaming of taking an antenna off symbolizes a bad communication with your partner or people from your surroundings. It is possible that you feel like no one understands you for a long time. People often judge you. All of it is burdening and tiring you. Even though you are used to being often right and having your colleagues’ and family’s trust, you are in a situation where tables have turned. Think about your actions and know that if many people tell you that you are wrong, you are the problem, not them.

To see an antenna falling from a roof
Dreaming of an antenna falling from a roof means that you feel like you are being helpless and weak compared to problems which are burdening you. You have probably lost the will to fight after a few consecutive failures, so you have let things flow naturally. No matter how much that seems like the best thing to do, you will soon realize that you are wrong, so you will have to act quickly.

To take an antenna down
Dreaming of taking down an antenna from the roof means that you will be disappointed with a loved one. It is possible that your partner has distanced from you, but you can’t figure out why is that so. You are unable to get closer to them, so you’ve started doubting their love and fidelity. The worst-case scenario is that they will avoid talking to you, which will frustrate you even more.

This dream can also refer to a friend or a family member that has simply stopped communicating with you. You probably can’t realize it, but there is a possibility that they feel betrayed.

To see other people taking an antenna down
Dreaming of other people taking down an antenna from the roof means that you will experience some inconveniences in the following period. It is possible that you will have a problem at work, which will involve more people. You will be attacked from many sides, so you will be unsure of how to react. You will feel like everyone has conspired against you.

To see a broken antenna
A broken antenna symbolizes an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of the past. It is possible that some past event is still hurting you, but you don’t know how to stop that. If you can’t shake it off, think about the positive consequences it has brought with itself. You are probably not aware of the fact that you have learned something from all of that or that the bad experience has made you mentally stronger. Leave past in the past and turn to positive things that are happening now or will happen in the future.

Dreaming of an antenna being taken down by a storm means that you will hear bad news that will hurt you. However, you will be able to overcome that situation without being left with deep scars after it.

To fix an antenna in a dream
Dreaming of fixing an antenna symbolizes your need to fix something in your life. It is possible that your relationship with a friend, family member or partner is not good. Try to fix the communication and show that person that you care for them.

To bestow an antenna
Dreaming of bestowing an antenna means that a dilemma, whether to tell a secret to a loved one or not, is tormenting you. You have probably found out something about their partner which is not pleasant at all. On one hand, you want to be a true friend, but on the other, you are afraid of hurting them for the rest of their life. Ask yourself if meddling in that mess is smart, and if you should sacrifice your friendship for the truth.

To receive an antenna as a gift
Receiving an antenna as a gift in a dream means that someone is trying to point out at mistakes you are making at your job. Your colleague or an associate has noticed that you are doing something wrong, but they want to be subtle about explaining it. At first, you will not be able to understand their insinuations and you will see them as malicious critiques. However, after you take some time to think about it, you will probably realize that you indeed have done some job amateurishly.

To buy an antenna
Dreaming of buying an antenna means that you will soon hear great news that could change your life completely. Be ready for positive changes, because it is time to relax and enjoy in good news instead of worrying about the way your future will look like.

To sell an antenna
If you are selling an antenna in a dream, it means that a loved one will cut off every communication with you. You could probably see it coming, but you just couldn’t believe that they will stop reaching out to you completely. If you still care about them, try to renew the communication and dedicate more time to them. If you don’t do it, you could lose a close friend.

To see multiple antennas
Dreaming of multiple antennas means that you are a very communicative person and that you would like to meet new people how would share that trait with you. It is possible that your wish will come true in the following period. However, be careful and stop thinking that everyone you meet is a good person.

To dream of stealing an antenna
Stealing an antenna from a shop or store in a dream suggests that one reckless move will put you in danger or trouble. It is necessary to make wise decisions in the following period and not believe in the promises that people who have never kept their word have given you.

If you dream of stealing an antenna from someone’s roof, it symbolizes communication problems with the people that surround you. You might argue with your family members or coworkers.

To dream of someone stealing your antenna
If you dream of someone stealing your antenna, it implies that someone you have idolized for years will disappoint you. You probably haven’t noticed their flaws but believe everything they do and say is right. However, one situation will make you open your eyes.

To dream of other people installing an antenna
Watching someone else install an antenna in your dream means you have to let some people who have more knowledge and experience than you do some projects. That especially applies to house or apartment renovations. For example, if you have never installed tile in your bathroom, you need not believe you can do it, but turn to help from people who make a living from doing it.

To dream of other people taking the antenna down
When you dream of someone else taking the antenna down, it implies that you need help to solve one problem. You might have to move to another city or state and ask your friends to help you move. Another possibility is that you will have issues at work and have to ask your coworkers to step in.

To dream of other people repairing an antenna
When you see someone else repairing an antenna in your dream, it means you will regret not taking advantage of the chance to learn something new about a specific job or field. You probably didn’t have the will to devote your time to it, but that knowledge would have been of great use to you now.

To dream of thunder striking the antenna
If you dream of thunder striking the antenna, it symbolizes expenses. Your car or one of your home appliances might break down, and you will have to invest money in the repair or replacement. Considering that you haven’t planned it, you will have to wait for the next paycheck to cover that expense.

To dream of the strong wind knocking the antenna down
If you dream of the strong wind knocking the antenna down, it means you might give a portion of your savings to someone who needs it more than you.

These dreams are usually followed by feelings of fear, sorrow, depression, excitement, hope and happiness. If you have recently been in touch with an antenna, or talked to someone about it, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. The same rule should be applied if you have read about it or watched it on TV. Your brain is probably only processing information it received from the real world.

Definition of an antenna

An antenna is a device used for reception and transmission of radio waves.