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These dreams are usually followed by feelings of surprise, excitement, and joy, but fear and panic sometimes as well.

Dream about antelopes

Dreaming of seeing antelopes symbolizes a long and happy love. You are more confident in yourself because your partner supports you and helps you deal with difficulties.

If your family was criticizing everything you do, in the following period they will stop and you will have their support. Your fears will disappear with time and you will be more determined and stable.

If you are not in a relationship, antelopes are a sign that you will meet someone who will win you over in a heartbeat. You will realize the true meaning of love with that person.

You will have a need for stability, so it is possible that you will decide to start living together or get married in a short period of time.

Killing an antelope in a dream

Dreaming of killing an antelope warns you of a short and serious illness. It is possible that you feel guilty about something that happened in the past, but you couldn’t influence it.

That situation will affect your psyche and body negatively. An illness will be a great way of escaping reality, which people you live with will notice too. They will insist that you ask for help and change attitudes that can destroy you.

Dreaming of someone else killing an antelope means that you will helplessly watch the destruction of your friend. You have probably done everything you could to take them onto the right path, but their stubbornness has won.

You have tried to be a good friend and be patient when everyone already gave up on them. You will realize that all of it was in vain, but the hardest thing to accept will be the fact that you were not able to help them.

Dreaming of feeding an antelope

Dreaming of feeding an antelope means that your hard work will finally be recognized. It is possible that you will get some sort of recognition or a reward which will mean a lot to you.

Everything you’ve done so far hasn’t caused your superiors’ reaction. That situation was worrying and frustrating you, and you even thought of changing a job.

However, you will have to be patient just a little bit longer, because success will come this time.

Riding antelopes in a dream

Dreaming of riding antelopes means that you will experience some inconvenience in the near future. You will be a meddler in two people’s fight.

That will be stressful for you since you will not want to choose sides, even though they will expect it from you.

You will search for a way to reconcile them without getting involved too much, but you will realize that you’ll need to make a cut, even though that will sadden someone, while the other side will be gladdened.

Dreaming of other people riding antelopes means that some injustice will hurt you. It is possible that you’ll witness someone’s mistake that will destroy another person’s family.

However, your hands will be tied, which will hurt you for a long time.

The symbolism of a hurt antelope

Dreaming of a hurt antelope means that you will deal with smaller health issues that you have been ignoring for a long time. You feel symptoms for some time now, but you keep ignoring them because you feel like it’s not serious.

However, going to the doctor could remove every doubt, which is why you are afraid of making an appointment.

Hunting antelopes in a dream

Dreaming of hunting antelopes means that you will not be afraid to do anything to achieve your goals. You are determined to achieve everything you’ve imagined regarding your business and private life.

People from your surroundings could judge you for it, but you will ignore it because you want to do anything in order to be happy. However, be careful, since you could hurt many people during that fight.

Dreaming of other people hunting antelopes means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you are tired of pleasing everyone.

You spend too much time and energy on pleasing other people’s needs while also executing your tasks well and on time.

You feel like you should dedicate some time to yourself, but you also know that your loved ones will accuse you of being selfish since they are used to having you around.

Dream meaning of antelope attack

Dreaming of being attacked by antelopes means that you will have an argument with superiors or business partners in the future because they don’t want to listen to your ideas.

However, if you dream of antelopes attacking someone else, it means that your friend or a partner will disappoint you.

Stealing an antelope in a dream

Dreaming of stealing an antelope means that you will embarrass yourself in the near future.

You will probably be in a big company, and you will say something which will make other people mock you since your knowledge about a certain topic will not be great.

You will realize again that sometimes the best thing you can do is to stay quiet.

Dreaming of someone stealing an antelope from you symbolizes emotional loss. It is possible that your loved one will decide to move to another city or state, which will make you really sad.

You will be aware that your behavior is selfish because their going means a better future for them, but you will simply not be able to come to terms with that loss.

Dreaming of selling an antelope

Dreaming of selling an antelope symbolizes financial gain. The following period will be fertile when it comes to money.

It is possible that you will get an expected raise or your private business will do better than you hoped for. On the other hand, there is a possibility that you will be lucky in games of chance.

Buying an antelope in a dream

Dreaming of buying an antelope means that some wish of yours will come true. It is possible that you are fantasizing about a trip or a move for a long time, so the following period will be good to make that happen.

A positive change will enter your life, no matter what.

Antelopes in a cage or zoo in a dream

Dreaming of antelopes in a cage symbolizes anxiety. You feel like you are experiencing failure after failure for some time now.

No matter what you do, it will result in a loss or mistake. That way of thinking has caused anxiety and depression.

Try to turn to brighter things in your life and think positively, because there must be something that you’ve done well. Spend time with your family, because they will be your comfort which you need.

Dream about eating antelope meat

This dream symbolizes sorrow, misfortune, and dissatisfaction with yourself.

The symbolism of a couple of antelopes

A couple of antelopes in a dream symbolize unexpected gain. Your boss might decide to reward you for the effort and hard work you put into your job.

Another possibility is that you will inherit something or win a prize in a game of chance. Anyhow, even a small amount will help you pay off debt caused by a chronic lack of money.

Dream meaning of a herd of antelopes

A herd of antelopes in a dream suggests big ambitions. You will probably finally decide to take advantage of the potential you possess and provide yourself with what you have fantasized about for a long time.

You will make a specific plan and make sure to stick to it at all costs. Your effort will pay off with time, but you have to be patient.

An antelope with its babies in a dream

An antelope with its babies in a dream can symbolize your desire to expand your family. You probably fantasize about having a child or grandchild, and you have transferred it into a dream.

Another meaning of such a dream is that someone will let you know they are pregnant.

Dreaming of an antelope grazing

When you see an antelope grazing in a dream, it symbolizes a peaceful period of your life. You will not face bigger problems or challenges, and you will have time for yourself and the ones you love.

However, you need not get too comfortable because the situation could easily turn around.

To dream of an antelope running

A dream wherein you see an antelope running is not a good sign. Such dreams usually suggest that one of your plans will fail or that you will not manage to achieve what you imagined.

Dreaming of an antelope jumping

If you see an antelope jumping in a dream, it implies that what you do will bring results but only in the future. You might have put a lot of time, energy, and effort into it, and you expect to get rewarded.

However, your prize will not come quickly, which is why you should reconsider devoting your attention to something that will bring you success sooner.

To dream of beasts chasing an antelope

If you see a leopard, tiger, or wild cat chasing an antelope in a dream, it means your enemy is always one step ahead of you.

Just when you think you will manage to catch up to them and harm them for a change, that person succeeds in getting away from you.

Dreaming that two antelopes are fighting

When you see two antelopes fighting in a dream, it implies that you need not participate in the arguments that your family members or coworkers have because you will end up with the dirty end of the stick.

You have to let those people resolve their issues the way they believe is best while you stay aside.

Dream interpretation of a sick antelope

If you see a sick or wounded antelope in a dream, it can symbolize love problems. Your relationship with a loved one hasn’t been the best lately, and you can’t seem to find a mutual language.

Dream about a dead antelope

A dead antelope in a dream is not a good sign. Such dreams usually predict losses, breakups, or divorces.

Shortly, the following period will be rough, and you will need a lot of strength to overcome it.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. It is possible that you’ve watched something about antelopes on TV which has made an impression on you.

Definition of antelopes

Antelopes are animals from the family of Bovidae.

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