Antarctic (South Pole) – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To see the Antarctic – South Pole
Dreaming of seeing the Antarctic symbolizes unrealistic plans. It is possible that you want to start a job that doesn’t have a chance for success at the moment. Your friends will advise you not to be impulsive with decision making, because there is a possibility that you will lose more than you’ll gain. You want a challenge and an opportunity to prove yourself, so you won’t listen to their advices. If you plan on taking a loan to start a business, you will soon realize that people around you are right. Working for a competitor company will make you lose trust you’ve worked hard for. That decision will not be as good as you thought it will.

To go to the Antarctic
Dreaming of going to the Antarctic is a sign that you want to change your surroundings. Monotony has taken over your life, so you will try to find a way to move and do something exciting. You often have a desire to run away from everything and you think that a change of a city or a state is the best solution for you. To you it seems like you would be able to do anything in some other environment, because you don’t have inspiration on your current location. It is possible that you will have a chance to go abroad, where your adventurous spirit and the need for experiments will be expressed.

Dreaming of a loved one going to the Antarctic
Dreaming of a loved one or a close friend going to the Antarctic means that you are afraid that your relationship will breakup. You have started to distance from each other for some reason. Even though that situation is hard on you, you don’t know how to fix it. Think about the reasons which led to it and admit your mistakes. That could be a good first step for an improvement of your relationship.

To see the South Pole on the map
Dreaming of seeing the Antarctic on the map means that you will go on a trip with a loved one soon. It is possible that you’ve been planning it for a while, but many obligations or a bad financial situation were stopping you. However, you will realize that going on a trip will be beneficial for your mind and body, so you will put everything aside in order to achieve your goal.

Dreaming of planning on going to the Antarctic
This dream suggests that you have too high expectations for your partner. No matter what they do, they have a feeling that you think it is not enough. You will feel like they are slowly starting to give up and turn to their needs and wishes, which will disappoint you. Ask yourself what led you to that situation and what you can do to change that and stay in a relationship with a loved one.

It is possible that people around you don’t give you enough support regarding decisions you are making. One of your family members is trying to convince you to give up from an idea, and you will see it as a mean criticism. Try to reduce the amount of negative energy you radiate at the moment and find satisfaction in small things firstly.

To explore the Antarctic
Dreaming of being a part of the research expedition on the Antarctic means that you are trying to turn a hobby into a profitable job in vain. Your creativity is not useless, but it doesn’t bring you money at the moment. That has started to frustrate you, but you don’t want to give up doing the only thing that is bringing you satisfaction. You will try to earn money on the lottery or ask for a loan in order to have any kind of financial stability. Your risk will pay off in the long run, but it will take a lot of effort, hard work and sacrifices to experience benefits of your job.

Dreaming of a group of researchers on the Antarctic means that you will meet someone in the near future who will impress you with their way of thinking. You will especially be surprised with their adventurous spirit and a lack of fear to try new things. You will wish to be like them just for a moment, but you know that is not who you are.

To live on the Antarctic
Dreaming of living on the Antarctic means that it is possible that you will meet a friend or acquaintance who has left your city a long time ago. Their company will suit you and you will remember beautiful moments you’ve spend together. On the other hand, a dream in which you are living on the Antarctic means that you are overwhelmed by people who surround you and a job that doesn’t fulfill you for a while. You will want to move as well, but you are aware that is not an option.

Dreaming of having a friend or a family member who is living on the Antarctic means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you have neglected that person. Many obligations don’t let you spend time with them, and even when you have an opportunity to do that, you choose to stay home and rest. If you care about someone, you will have to make an effort to keep them in your life.

To die on the Antarctic
Dreaming of freezing to death on the Antarctic means that a bad period is behind you. You can expect positive changes in your private and business life. All your effort will pay off finally. You have invested a lot of effort and hard work to balance your private and business life. You will finally be able to take a break and enjoy in your achievements. The fact that you will have enough free time for people you love will gladden you the most. It is possible that you’ll decide to go out or go on a short trip to spoil yourself a little bit.

Dreaming of penguins on the Antarctic
This dream symbolizes your ambition. You probably feel like you could achieve a lot more in your life now, than you could before. You strongly believe that your time is coming and that you will be able to recognize the right opportunity. In the mid time, you will try to show your abilities no matter where you are. Some people could see that as showing off, but you will not care about it. You know what you want and you will try to achieve it, no matter what obstacles you’ll have to overcome.

These dreams are followed by feelings of surprise, excitement, happiness and enjoyment, but rarely of fear or panic. If you have recently read or watched articles about the Antarctic, interpretations of dreams can be simpler- what you’ve seen in real life is projected into your dreams.

Definition of the Antarctic

The Antarctic is the coldest continent in the world. South Pole is situated on it. It is always covered in ice.

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