To dream of an anchor
If you see an anchor in a dream, that symbolizes an upcoming trip. There is a chance that you will go on vacation and have a good time. Since numerous obligations have exhausted you, you will not be too active but adjust everything to your current mood. You will come back full of energy and motivation for new challenges.

To dream of lowering the anchor
Dreaming of lowering the anchor means that you will have serious plans. They can have something to do with your business or personal life and will ask for numerous changes to adapt as soon as possible. The positive side of that process is that you will finally have something stable and worthy of the effort that will pay off double to you.

To dream of rising the anchor
When you are dreaming of lifting the anchor, it means that you need a change. You are someone who can’t settle in one place, which is why you always look for new people and happenings. You probably have flexible working hours and don’t do well with restrictions that constrain your creativity and free spirit from getting expressed properly.

To dream about other people raising the anchor
A dream in which you see someone else raising the anchor means that you will help a friend or one of the family members get out of trouble. You will give them a useful piece of advice and suggest what to do. Considering that that person is confused now, your composure and readiness to be there for them during difficult moments will help them.

To dream of raising a heavy anchor
If you are dreaming of raising a heavy or massive anchor, it symbolizes stability in your life. Even if you have survived some turbulent periods, their end is here, and you will be able to relax. People that changed jobs or had problems with their partners or family members have these dreams often. The following period will be extremely favorable and peaceful, and you will be satisfied and unladen.

To dream of not being able to lift an anchor
If you are dreaming of not being able to lift an anchor, it means that you are still not ready to face some personal problems. There is a chance that your communication with a partner is not the best, but you are afraid to talk about it. You probably care about that person, but if you continue to act like that, you will grow even more apart and realize that your relationship or marriage is not what you want in the end.

To dream of an anchor stuck in the deep sea
When you are dreaming of an anchor stuck somewhere at the bottom of the sea, it means that you need a fresh perspective to finish one project that you currently do. You have dedicated a lot of time and effort to it, but you have to work even more to see results. Try to focus on something else for a while, and you will be wiser when you come back to that. Another option is to ask for advice from someone you trust.

To dream of dropping an anchor
Dreaming of accidentally dropping an anchor in the water is a sign that you can’t control everything in your life. There are some things that we don’t have an influence on, no matter how wise or capable we are. You have to make peace with that and continue doing what you believe is best for you while dealing with unpredictable situations as challenges or obstacles on the go.

To dream about other people dropping an anchor
This dream usually means that you blame someone for bad things that have happened to you. There is a chance that someone ruined your plans or jeopardized something you have been working on for a long time with their behavior. It is normal to be angry with that person, but it is also time to stop looking back and start looking for a way to fix the damage.

To dream of throwing an anchor
Throwing an anchor in a dream is a sign that you will make big cuts in your life. One event will motivate you to change everything that has been bothering you until now. You will start small to organize everything the way you want in the end. That will not be easy because you will offend some people with your actions, but you will see that as a necessary sacrifice to achieve your goals.

To dream of other people throwing an anchor
If you see someone else throwing an anchor in your dream, there is a chance that some things are happening faster than you would want. Young people that are starting a relationship or have moved in with their partner often have these dreams. You might be afraid of the big change and are not sure if you really want it. It is time to talk about it with yourself and then talk to your partner.

To dream of losing an anchor
Losing an anchor in a dream is a sign that you are not aware of the trouble you have gotten yourself into because of laziness or recklessness. You probably didn’t do your research on all the options you had before making risky moves. Another possibility is that you didn’t react on time, which led to a small problem becoming a major worry. You will have to roll up your sleeves now and seriously dedicate your time to getting yourself out of those problems.

To dream of finding an anchor
Finding an anchor in a dream means that you will soon meet someone with who you will want to spend the rest of your life. We are talking about someone that you have waited for a long time and who is your soulmate. You have probably lost hope of experiencing true love many times before, but you will soon see that something like that is possible in the end.

This dream symbolizes a peaceful period full of love, affection, and attention for people who are happily married or in fulfilling relationships.

To dream of buying an anchor
Dreaming of buying an anchor means that you long for peace. You have gone through a turbulent period, and you want your everyday life to be more relaxed now. That especially applies to people that have gone through a breakup or divorce recently. That has left a mark on you, and you want to restore balance in your life.

To dream of selling an anchor
Selling an anchor in a dream means that you need more excitement in your life. You long for adventure and change. Even though people don’t expect that from you at this point in your life, there is a chance that you will do something risky.

To dream of stealing an anchor
If you are dreaming of stealing an anchor, it means that you want to keep a person that you care about by your side at all costs. There is a chance that you are in a relationship with someone who loves you less than you love them, but that is not a problem for you. You believe that you will manage to stay with them by showing affection and love to that person daily.

To dream about someone stealing your anchor
If you are dreaming of someone stealing your anchor, that is a sign that you doubt your loved one. Your partner or friend is probably acting strange lately, so you have started to believe that they are hiding something from you. Don’t accuse them of anything if you don’t have a solid proof. Doubt can tear apart even the strongest relationships, so be careful.

To dream of an old, rusty anchor
A rusty anchor doesn’t have a positive meaning in dreams, unfortunately. It often symbolizes insecurities, fears, and worry that will burden the person that has this dream in the future. The following period will be scary, and you will have to use all your intelligence, strength, and talent to get out of it as a winner. Get ready for large amounts of stress, and don’t let all of it jeopardize your physical and mental health.

To dream of an unusually large anchor
A massive anchor symbolizes good opportunities that will soon come your way in dreams. That might have something to do with the change of your job, profession, or dwelling place. Considering that you love challenges and want to make progress, you will not be in a dilemma on whether to deal with it or not.

To dream of a small anchor on a piece of jewelry
If you see an anchor on a neckless, earring, or ring, it means that you are completely devoted to the person you love. That doesn’t have to be your partner but your kids, a friend, or family members. You are someone who never betrays the people that you love and who your loved ones can always count on. They see you as the connective tissues of your family, a circle of friends, or even collective at work. You are very respected because of your loyalty.

To dream of an anchor tattoo
A tattoo of an anchor can have various meanings in dreams. When you dream of having such a tattoo on your body, it means that you come first to yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t love the people around you but that you work a lot to achieve what you want. You believe that you can transfer positive energy to other people if you are happy and satisfied only.

If you see a tattoo of an anchor on someone that you know in a dream, it means that you should appreciate that person more because they are great. It is nice to have someone like them by your side.

When you see a tattoo of an anchor on a stranger in a dream, it means that you will soon meet someone who will amaze you with their way of thinking, charm, and the way they treat other people.

Meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, risen, or lowered an anchor, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of an anchor

An anchor is a metal object that ships lower into the water to keep balance and stop the movement.