Amputation in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Amputation performed on you
Dreaming of amputation performed on yourself implies that you will breakup with a loved one. It is possible that you feel like a piece of you is forcefully taken away from you. You will be broken and it will take a lot of time before you recover from it. You know that this decision is the best for the both of you, but that will not decrease your pain and sorrow. You will be really hurt, especially because your ex-partner will find new love soon after the breakup. You will ask yourself if they’ve ever loved you, since everything you once had seems to be forgotten now.

To see amputation being performed on someone else
Dreaming of amputation being performed on someone else warns you that you will lose a friend. You have probably neglected someone who has always supported you. You were taking them for granted and you haven’t been their friend when they needed it the most.

That will change your relationship and you will see mistakes that you have done. It is possible that it will be late for that, so your friend will want to stop communicating with you for a while. You will do your best to show them that you are sorry and that you’ll never do it again. If you haven’t been close to that person, it is possible that you won’t even notice that loss.

Amputation being performed on an animal
Dreaming of amputation performed on an animal symbolizes problems with acquaintances or people who you barely know. It is possible that they gossip about you for no reason.

Interpretations of this dream are based on the context in which it appears and on the details that follow it. The dream is followed by feelings of fear, worries, pain, sorrow, uneasiness and anxiety.

If the amputation is performed in the operational theater in the hospital that symbolizes a difficult upcoming period. However, troubles will not last for long because you will be able to deal with everything life puts in front of you. If you dream of amputation being performed on some place that is not typical for that procedure, it means that you will face an unexpected problem. You will be in a situation that will confuse and shock you.

To perform amputation
Dreaming of performing amputation on someone else means that you will make a decision that could change your life completely. You probably feel like you need to snap out of depression for a while, in order to be happier. It is possible that you will change a job, partner or a dwelling place. Your everyday life has probably started to smother you. You are not dealing with stress at work really well, and your financial situation is not good either. All of it affects your health negatively. You are aware that you need to do something quickly. No matter what you do, or how hard that change may seem, you will feel like you have done the right thing.

Dreaming of amputating some part of your own body symbolizes disappointment. You have probably experienced some unpleasant conversation or situation with a friend or a family member, which has changed your opinion about them. You are not sure if you even know that person anymore. You will decide to distance yourself from them for a while, but it is possible that you will cut every communication with them in the end.

An amputated part of the body
Dreaming of an amputated body part means that you are surrounded with fake friends. There are some people who seem to be dishonest with you for a long time. They have proven multiple times that they are not loyal friends, but they would betray you in a blink of an eye for some personal gain. Ask yourself how much you care for those people. The fact that you know each other your whole life doesn’t mean that you have to forgive them for every mean thing they do to you.

An amputated arm
Dreaming of an amputated arm means that you will suffer a financial loss because of a loved one. Your partner of family member will probably invest money into something which will not pay off and they will ask you for help to get out of it. Even though you think they are the only one to blame for that situation, you will lend them money in a heartbeat.

An amputated leg
Dreaming of an amputated leg means that you will have to postpone a long-anticipated trip. You will not be able to go on a vacation because of some logical reasons, which will be hard on you. However, there is no need to be sad, because an opportunity for a short trip that will suit you will appear.

Amputated genitals
Dreaming of amputated genitals means that you are afraid of impotency. You probably feel like something is not right with your sex life. If you haven’t had intercourse in a while, your subconsciousness is probably telling you that is not healthy. It is possible that you don’t have a desire for sex or you are overwhelmed by your partner. Anyway, you need to deal with some dilemmas in your head first.

Amputation as a result of an illness, injury or wounding
When amputation is performed in order to stop an expansion of an illness like gangrene, diabetes or other problems with circulation, your subconsciousness is telling you to change your behavior toward a partner. Try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how would you feel if they treated you like that. You are probably aware that they don’t deserve to be taken for granted.

A dream in which amputation is a result of a war injury symbolizes an unexpected financial gain. It is possible that you will get a raise or win the lottery. However, don’t over do it with gambling, because easy money can be easily lost.

If you are dreaming of amputation caused by a dog’s or bear’s attack, it means that someone is gossiping about you. You have caught bad people’s attention because of your words or actions, and now they are trying to slander you out of fun. However, they will not succeed in their intentions, since you have proven your qualities many times.

Dreaming of amputation performed on a loved one
A dream in which you see a loved one who’s body part is amputated because of a car accident means that you should be careful. Pay attention who you are sharing secrets with, because they could use your honesty against you. A colleague from work or college could jeopardize your hard work, but not out of spite, but in order to present themselves more successful and better to other people.

If you have recently talked about amputation or watched a movie, TV show or documentary about it on TV, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. Also, if you are a medical worker or have recently been to the hospital or ambulance, it only means that your brain is processing information it received from the real life.

Definition of amputation

Amputation is surgical procedure of removing an organ or some part of it.

4 thoughts on “Amputation in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

  1. I have seen my sister’s little girl arm amputated in my dream and i also tried to hurt myself too after that in the dream itself to feel the same pain.
    I tried to cry real hard in the dream , seeing her like that but it wasn’t possible and then i woke up being miserable.
    What does it mean??
    Does this dream signify anything?

    Thanks and regards

  2. I dreamt that my aunt voluntarily asked me to amputate her legs..i used a sword to do it. No blood was in the dream..once she saw her legs were gone..she began panicking feeling like she still had them.

  3. I dreamed my son got stuck in a tree but my son looked younger. Then my husband ripped the tree apart and with the branch so did his hand. There was no blood. And he said dont worry it will grow back.

  4. I had a dream about a woman that I had met. She was missing her left arm. I was aware that she was missing an arm, but it was not a bother to me, nor did I think of it much. What I was feeling during the dream was my love for this woman and the fact that I felt very comfortable with her and that I had known her my whole life. I do not know this person in my walking life, but of course I did in the dream.

    Any thoughts?

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