Ammonia – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To smell ammonia
To smell ammonia in a dream symbolizes poverty. It is possible that you have problems at work, so some of your colleagues or superiors will accuse you of a problem that has nothing to do with you. You will try to explain the situation to them, but no one will be in the mood to listen to you. If you work with money, be very careful because it is possible that deficit of money will show up, which will rock superiors’ trust in you even more. The cause of the problem can also be a jealous older colleague who wants to present herself as more capable than you to your superiors. All of this will stress you out a lot, so you will try to find a new job where work environment and conditions will be better.

To see ammonia
Dreaming of seeing ammonia in a bottle symbolizes danger. You will have health issues caused by your unhealthy lifestyle. You probably spend most of your day sitting and eating fast food. You will not pay attention to your health until you feel consequences of an illness that could be very serious. You will be in a bad situation where you will have to decide either to spend the rest of your life on medication, or to get serious and try to stop doing all the bad things that have put you in such a position. It will be hard at first, but after the first step you will feel improvement and you will realize that you have done the right thing.

To poison yourself with ammonia
If you dream of being poisoned with ammonia that symbolizes health problems. It is possible that you haven’t been at the doctor’s office for a long time. It is time to change your habit of searching for symptoms or diagnosis on the Internet and ask for help from a professional. Teeth problems are also possible.

If you dream of healing from ammonia poisoning, your body is warning you to watch what you eat. If fast food lately is your breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are probably aware how bad that is for your organism. Excuses like not having enough time for a normal meal are out of the picture. Except changing nutritional habits, try to be more physically active as well.

Dreaming of other people being poisoned with ammonia
When you dream of other people being poisoned with ammonia, it means that you are worried for a loved one. They have probably admitted to you that they have a problem, but you are not sure how to help them, because you are afraid that any advice could lead them on the wrong path. Think carefully before you say anything and make sure that they know you are supportive of them.

If you dream of other people getting treated for an ammonia poisoning, your will probably hear bad news. It is possible that a friend will tell you something that will make you really sad, something most likely related to a death of an older family member. Even though you have already known that they are old and dealing with health issues, you will be sorry for not spending more time with them.

If you have recently been in contact with ammonia or a product that contains it, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. Your subconsciousness is only processing information it has received.

Definition of ammonia

Ammonia is a chemical compound made out of nitrogen and hydrogen. Its molecular formula is NH3.

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