What Does It Mean to Dream of an Amateur?

To see an amateur
Dreaming of an amateur means that you’ll be successful if you are doing art. You are very creative and you enjoy to create interesting things. Everyone loves your gifts because they are always unique and made with love. You pay attention to detail, which is why your home is decorated as a house from a fairytale. If you create an art work, you’ll have a lot of benefits from it. You will get a recognition you expect and money you need. It is possible that you’ll get an offer to work with influential people from your field of work. You will make many friendships, which will enable you to become successful in that world.

To have an argument with an amateur
Dreaming of having an argument with an amateur warns you of troubles with colleagues. It is possible that one of your colleagues who is not really an expert, likes to meddle in everything in your work environment. You will often argue because they insist on working in the way which doesn’t suit you. You will be stressed out, because they are too arrogant and keep lying to your boss. If you are responsible for them, you will get in troubles because of their mistakes, because your superiors will blame you for a job badly done.

To be an amateur
Dreaming of being an amateur at something means that you are afraid that you are not capable of doing a job that is assigned to you. The lack of self-confidence and excessive self-criticism are stopping you from seeing things objectively. You are not someone who will impulsively get themselves into something, if they don’t know what they are doing. You are someone who responsibly approaches every obligation you get. That is exactly why you sometimes feel unfit for a job that is put in front of you. You have to relax and observe everything from another angle. The fact that your superior has assigned exactly you with that job is the best sign that they trust you.

To kiss an amateur
Dreaming of kissing an amateur means that you are dissatisfied with your sex life. If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, it is possible that your partner doesn’t satisfy your needs for sex. That frustrates you, so you sometimes feel like they are seeing someone else. It is possible that you are alone for a long time, so you miss affection, but you are not someone who gets involved with strangers in order to satisfy their needs.

An interpretation of this dream also depends on the context in which it occurs. It is followed by feelings of fear, excitement, paranoia or even satisfaction.

To see an amateur painter
Dreaming of being or seeing an amateur painter means that you have a need to express your creativity. The job you currently have doesn’t involve something like that, so you have a feeling that big potential you have is stagnating. It is possible that you will not be able to live from it, but you can materialize your talent through some hobby. If it turns out that you are good at it and that people love it, you could start your own business. That would enable you to mix business with pleasure.

To see an amateur musician
Dreaming of being or seeing an amateur musician means that you’ll hear bad news. It is possible that you’ll face family or business-related problems. You will probably find out that you might lose a job or that your investment was too risky or even unsuccessful. On the other hand, there is a possibility that you will hear that some of your family members have serious health issues. That will shock you, so you’ll try to help them as much as you can. You will feel helpless, because you’ll think that you are not doing enough. However, that is wrong, because that person will appreciate your support a lot.

To see an amateur actor
Dreaming of being or seeing an amateur actor symbolizes bad communication with your partner or family members. Arguments about insignificant things are piling up each day, and you have a feeling that people who surround you don’t understand your actions and opinions enough. Ask yourself what the real problem is and stop blaming others for everything. It is possible that you are mistaken sometimes, so don’t make any conclusions based on your current feelings. Try to talk about everything after everyone calms down.

To see an amateur sportsperson
Dreaming of being or seeing an amateur sportsperson means that you have done something wrong, so your subconsciousness is restless. You have probably jeopardized some important job with your recklessness. That is stressing you out and you don’t know who to handle it. You have to be careful, because postponing it will bring you more damage than good. Be careful of your behavior with your loved ones as well. Your words might be misinterpreted.

To see an amateur researcher
Dreaming of being or seeing an amateur researcher symbolizes the need for excitement. It is possible that you have fallen into a rut that is smothering you more each day, but you don’t know what to do to get out of it. It is time to snap out of it and do something. Don’t expect a miracle to appear from the sky, but do something which will make you or people around you happy. You will probably want to try something exciting like extreme sports or you’ll change your appearance drastically. That wouldn’t be a bad decision, because it would get you out of the rut. However, be careful not to overdo it.

To see a radio amateur
Dreaming of a radio amateur means that you’ll hear good news. It is possible that someone will gladden you with a job offer or a raise on the current job. Good news regarding private life are also possible. If you are in a relationship for a long time, your partner could surprise you with a nice gift or a romantic trip. People who are single will find out that their long-term crush is also single. You will probably also hear that your friend or a family member is expecting a baby.

If you do any of these jobs, have recently talked to an amateur or watched an article about them on TV, interpretations of these dreams are simpler. Your brain is just processing information it received from the real world.

Definition of an amateur

An amateur is a non-professional or a layman who does something to gain profit.

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