Alphabet – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To see the alphabet in a dream
Dreaming of the alphabet means that you will hear good news that you have wanted to hear for some time now. It is possible that you are waiting for things to resolve in your advantage regarding business. You need an opportunity to show everyone your worth. You have invested a lot into your education. You will probably thank a loved one that has always trusted you for that opportunity.

Dreaming of the foreign alphabet
If you see foreign language letters in a dream, it means that you will reveal a secret. After you go back in past, you will realize that a loved one has kept their mouth shout about something. You don’t understand reasons for such behavior, so your relationship will suffer many arguments. This situation can permanently destroy harmony that was present between you two before.

To learn the alphabet letters
Dreaming of learning the alphabet means that you will change your profession or your job. It is possible that you are thinking about doing something that has a better perspective than your current job, for quite some time now. You are afraid of failure the most. You are aware that you have made a mistake with choosing your profession. Each day you find it more difficult to go to work that doesn’t makes you happy.

Reading the alphabet characters
If you are reading the alphabet in a dream that symbolizes new knowledge. You have a desire to learn new things that will benefit you in many ways. It is possible that you want to be efficient at work, so a course might be really helpful. There is a possibility that you have a lot of free time, which a hobby might make more useful.

The alphabet is a sign of a good start, encounter with friends, happiness and success at work and so on. If you are dreaming of reading the alphabet, you will be put to a great life test.

If you are dreaming of reading the alphabet to someone else, you will experience big misfortune. If your job includes public speeches or shows, it is possible that you will make a mistake during one of them. Even though people around you won’t mind it, you will be afraid that you will leave an impression of someone who is not professional. Think of it as an anxiety only and move on.

To hold the alphabet book in your hands
This dream means that you are insecure and that you doubt your knowledge and competence at work. It can represent a problem regarding intimacy with your partner as well. Relationship between you two is sour for a while now. You have an impression that your partner doesn’t understand you, while they think the same about you as well. An open and honest conversation is always the right solution, so stop avoiding it.

To receive or give the alphabet book
To receive the alphabet book as a gift in a dream means that someone will unfairly blame you for something. If you are dreaming of giving the alphabet book to someone, your subconsciousness is telling you that you are vain and that you think that you are more competent than most of colleagues you work with, but that your superiors can’t recognize your effort, so they give all the credits to other people.

Reading a book in alphabetical order
If you are dreaming of reading a book in alphabetical order, it means that you will come to big revelations. However, if the same dream keeps repeating multiple times, it means that you need to learn from your own mistakes.

Writing in alphabetical order
This dream symbolizes new beginning. You have probably thought a lot about what to do to make your life better. This time, new beginning means a change of job or starting your own business. Fear of failure has affected your progress at work for a long time, but you have finally decided to do something that you think is right.

When you are dreaming of writing in alphabetical order that can symbolize a new beginning regarding love as well.

To burn the alphabet book
If you are dreaming of burning the alphabet book, your subconsciousness is telling you to cut all relationships with someone, because they are burdening you. You have been avoiding spending time with people who burden you with their worries and who don’t want to listen to your advices, for some time now. A long-termed friendship and many tough situations that you have overcome together force you to be a loyal friend, but you have realized that the time has come to get out of that toxic relationship.

Definition of the alphabet
The alphabet represents a set of letters with which one language is written, especially if arranged in a customary order.

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