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These dreams are followed by feelings of fear, anxiety, and excitement. If you have recently seen an alligator or were in contact with it, then these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted.

If you have dreamed of a crocodile, look for an interpretation of a dream about a crocodile.

Dream about an alligator

When you see an alligator in a dream, it warns you to watch out for your enemies.

Someone from your surroundings is acting like your friend, but they want to hurt you. It is possible that you had a close friend from whom you distanced with time.

Life has taken you on different paths, but an unexpected encounter will make you wish to renew your communication. You will be very excited because they are someone dear to you.

However, with time you will see that they have changed and you will not like it. You will find out that they are not honest with you and that they are even trying to hurt you.

Other people will warn you to stay away from them, but you will realize that they are right only later.

Running away from an alligator in a dream

When you dream of running away from an alligator, it is a sign that you are in a hopeless situation. You are investing a lot of effort into something that will not be useful to you at all.

On the contrary, it will only hurt you. It can be a job, a relationship, or a friendship. You are burdened by it subconsciously, which gets reflected in your dreams as well.

You will try to decide if you should give up fighting, which will happen when you start looking at things more realistically.

Dream meaning of killing an alligator

When you dream of killing an alligator, it symbolizes that you will successfully overcome all obstacles.

Even though you have had problems with other people, you are often your worst enemy.

You are still learning how to beat yourself. In the following period, your fight will be successful and you will fight off fears that have been stopping you from living the way you want to, with ease.

Alligator attack in a dream

If you are dreaming of being attacked by an alligator, your consciousness is telling you that you have a problem and you don’t know how to fix it.

The following period will be filled with struggles and doubts, so you will sometimes want to give up on everything.

Your partner and family will motivate you to continue fighting, but you feel like you need more than that.

Dreaming of being bitten by an alligator

If you dream of being bitten or eaten by an alligator, it means that you are in danger.

You may have invested a lot of money, effort, or hard work in something that doesn’t bring you any kind of success.

You will be in a dilemma whether to give up on it and dedicate your time to something else or to try to endure it till the end.

To see someone being bitten or attacked by an alligator

When you dream of an alligator attacking or eating someone else, it means that an important job could fail because of unreliable partners or colleagues.

If you own a private business, some of your close associates could betray you.

Dreaming about being surrounded by alligators

Dreaming of being surrounded by alligators in water means that you will face a situation that you will not handle well shortly.

Someone may give you a job that you are not ready for, which will cause a lot of stress.

You will have to be careful with each step you make because even the smallest mistake could have fatal consequences.

Additional pressure will be caused because you will have no one to ask for help or advice. However, an unfamiliar person could have enough understanding and patience to help you and be there when you need them.

Catching alligators in a dream

If you dream of catching alligators, it means that you will experience an adventure.

You will probably get into a new relationship or accept an offer for a job abroad. You will try to decide whether you should accept it, or stay where you feel safe at the moment.

Your friends and people close to you will advise you to choose the second option which will make your fear of changes even bigger, even though you are aware that an adventure would suit you, regardless of its outcome.

The symbolism of a small alligator

When you dream of a small alligator that symbolizes your desire to protect someone. If you are a parent, this dream is not unusual, since you have a constant need to protect your child.

You may act like a guardian toward other family members of a person that is vulnerable at the moment. Small alligators symbolize devotion to family.

Dream meaning of a big alligator

If you dream of a big alligator, it means that your problems will not end soon. You cannot overcome a situation caused by neglect and recklessness for a long time.

You will probably realize that you have caused that problem, which will be the first step toward fixing it since you have blamed others for all your failures for a long time.

To overcome all of it, you will have to have a lot of energy and patience and show initiative. You will need to invest a lot of effort and hardworking into solving the problem, otherwise don’t expect its resolution.

An alligator in water

When you dream of an alligator, it means that you will finally find a way to get out of the problem which has been causing you to stress for quite some time.

The following period will be extremely good and you should use it to the maximum. You may change a job or even a profession, which will bring you a better financial situation.

You will probably meet someone who could help you in your search for a job or a new supervisor. You will not be sure if you should accept their advice, but you will soon realize that you could gain more than you could lose.

Dream about an alligator on the land

If you dream of an alligator on the land, your subconsciousness is telling you that you don’t feel good in your skin at the moment.

You are not satisfied with your business or private life or the way people from your surroundings act toward you.

All of it causes you stress and a lack of self-confidence. You feel like you haven’t fulfilled your expectations from the people around you.

However, to overcome that you will have to finally realize what you want and what you don’t want.

Stop trying to find justice for every action you want to make and lean onto your instinct and abilities. After a smaller success, your confidence will come back.

An alligator in a cage

When you dream of an alligator in a cage or zoo, it means that you will argue with someone of the opposite sex. You may have quarrels with your partner or a family member.

You will disagree with the decisions they are making because they affect your life as well. You think that no one except you has the right to decide about your future.

Dreaming of alligator’s jaw or teeth

If you dream of an animal’s jaw or teeth, it means that you will be in a situation where you will have to defend yourself. You will be forced to finally intercede for yourself and defend your beliefs.

You will make sure that people around you realize that you know what you are talking about, which should make them stop telling you what to do and how to do it.

To dream of grabbing the alligator by its jaw

If you dream of grabbing the alligator by its jaw, it implies that you feel the need to prove your worth to someone.

One person in your surroundings probably underestimates your knowledge, effort, or intelligence, and you will make sure to prove them wrong.

Dreaming about someone else grabbing the alligator by its jaw

This dream suggests that you might argue with a stubborn person. Considering that you are the same, your debate could turn into a heated fight.

You have to control your emotions if you don’t want your conflict to lead to the end of all communication with that person.

An alligator in your home or yard

When you see an alligator in your home or yard, it implies that you don’t trust the person that has recently become a part of your life.

They have managed to impress everyone around you, but you still keep your distance.

Dreaming of swimming with alligators

Swimming with alligators in a dream can represent a crisis of faith or lost hope in successfully solving your problems.

You are probably fighting for something in real life, but you know your efforts are in vain. It is only a matter of time before you will dare to give up on that and devote your attention to more constructive things in life.

To dream of other people swimming with alligators

If you see someone else swimming with alligators in your dream, it implies that you are worried about a loved one.

One of your family members or friends is going through an emotional or financial crisis, and you don’t know how to help.

You need not underestimate the importance of the love and support you offer because knowing they have someone they can turn to means a lot to that person.

Dream about feeding an alligator

Feeding an alligator in a dream suggests that you will regret confiding in or opening up to someone.

You will realize you rushed with it because you still don’t know that person well enough to figure out if you can trust them.

Seeing other people feeding an alligator

If you see someone else feeding an alligator in your dream, it means you will warn your loved one about the possible harmful consequences of their decisions in vain.

That person will listen to what you have to say but refuse to take your advice or suggestions into account. They will do what they believe is best.

If you have recently seen an alligator in the zoo or on TV, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. Your brain is processing what happened in real life during sleep.

Definition of an alligator

Alligators are reptiles that belong to the family of crocodiles.

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