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An alley in the garden
Dreaming of an alley in the garden symbolizes carefree life. You will manage to achieve your dreams successfully. You have always thought that the meaning of life is to have a family and find a partner who wants the same things. You will dedicate your time to your children, while having a career will not be important to you. You will feel the best in your home that has a garden filled with flowers in which children can play.

An alley in the forest
When you see an alley in the forest of field that warns you of your partner’s infidelity. It is possible that you have noticed changes in their behavior. They are not affectionate as before and they don’t give you enough attention. You will ask the to clarify your doubts, after which you will decide either to continue or breakup your relationship.

A sunlit avenue
Dreaming of a sunlit avenue symbolizes joy. It is possible that you are waiting to hear the news that are related to your trip abroad. What you will hear will make you really happy. You have an opportunity to spend some time out of your country, meeting other customs and cultures.

An avenue in the city
When you see an avenue in the city, it means that you will move to a city that will offer you a lot more opportunities than you have at the moment. You will work hard and learn a lot, in order to survive while living somewhere else. You will be responsible for your success. You will also use the opportunities that will present themselves to you, in the best possible way.

An alley on the cemetery
Dreaming of an alley on the cemetery means that you don’t have a reason for doubt. It is possible that you have experienced symptoms that were indicating serious health issues. You will be really upset because of it, but thorough analysis will show that you are fine. Your doctor will advise you to be more physically active, because that will help you to deal with stress and everyday worries easier.

To plant trees in an alley
If you dream of planting trees in an alley by yourself, it means that you will have to make a decision soon that will affect the rest of your life. The fact that you can’t expect help or an advice from a friend doesn’t mean that you don’t trust them or that they don’t want to help you, but you need to make that decision by yourself.

When you dream of other people planting trees that symbolizes a new start. It is possible that you will get a chance to travel somewhere or even move there temporarily. After the initial fear, you will realize that a change might be good for you, since you haven’t been satisfied with your life for a long time.

If you observe other people while they are planting trees in a dream, you will introduce order into your life. You have been feeling unorganized for a while. You also have a feeling that everything around you happens randomly. You will decide to stop that and become the only ruler of your life.

To walk through an alley
Dreaming of walking through an alley symbolizes a peaceful period in your life. Everything will fall into its place like you’ve wanted it to. You will be peaceful, since you know that worries and problems are behind you. New love is also a possibility. If you are single at the moment, you could have a fateful encounter. At an unexpected place, you will meet someone who will sweep you off your feet. You will not be afraid to make the first move, because you know that you would be sorry if you had missed such an opportunity. The fact that you are happy at the moment will give you enough self-confidence to show yourself in the real light.

When you observe other people walking through the alley, it is possible that you are secretly jealous or envious of someone. Your colleague from work might have gotten a raise, while you haven’t. Sometimes you feel like everyone is happier than you. Remember that grass is always greener in the neighbor’s yard and that you sometimes need to work hard to achieve happiness.

To destroy an alley
Dreaming of destroying an alley means that you will take a huge burden, which you have been carrying for a long time, of your back. It can be a secret that you have been hiding for ages, in order to protect someone who you love or because your friend has asked you not to say anyone about their secret. Everything will finally be clarified so you will be able to breathe again.

Dreaming of other people destroying an alley
When you dream of other people destroying an alley, it is possible that someone will try to meddle into your love life. A third person will probably try to ruin your relationship with a partner, or an acquaintance or family members will try to manipulate you. You can’t let that affect you, so try to explain to them that you are able to handle everything by yourself. Have an open conversation with your partner. Stop sweeping problems under the rug, because that will not bring you anything good.

If you dream of a storm destroying an avenue, it means that you should expect a turbulent upcoming period. You will maybe have to change your job or dwelling place, which will scare you.

To burn an alley
If you dream of burning an alley by yourself that symbolizes big expenses. You will have to invest money into something that will not pay off. However, you will realize that the best thing to do is to get over with it, in order for things to not get even more complicated.

A dream in which you observe other people burning an alley means that you should visit a doctor. Piled up stress and many other obligations don’t let you dedicate enough time to yourself. However, it is desirable to be more physically active and be careful what you eat in your everyday life. You might have symptoms that you haven’t had before, so go visit a professional who knows more about it, instead of diagnosing yourself on your own. You probably don’t have a reason to worry, but better to be safe than sorry.

To get lost in an alley
Dreaming of being lost in an alley means that you should stop worrying about other people’s opinions. You have burdened your subconsciousness with dilemmas too much, asking if you are good enough for your partner, if you are capable of doing your job and if you have done everything you can for your loved ones. It is time to focus on yourself and stop thinking that you have to be friends with everyone. Accept the fact that you can’t please everyone’s needs and that it is pointless to stress yourself about it.

Dreaming of other people being lost in an alley
If you dream of other people being lost in an alley, it means that you doubt your partner’s fidelity. You have probably noticed some signs which add to the fact that your sex life is not as good as it used to be. However, don’t make conclusions based on your doubts. Have an open conversation with you partner, because that is the only way to understand what is going on. That will help your relationship to become better.

To dream of an alley during spring
When you dream of an alley with blooming green leaves, it is a good sign. Such dreams usually represent new friendships or love. Some extremely significant changes will happen in your life soon, and you will finally be able to live it to the fullest.

To dream of an alley during summer
If you dream of an alley illuminated by the strong summer sun, it implies that you will soon encounter the people you care about but haven’t seen in a long time. We are talking about relatives or friends who don’t live in the same city as you. They might visit you, or you might decide to come to them.

To dream of an alley during fall
If you dream of an alley showered with fall rain and falling leaves, it means you have to close one chapter of your life and finally move on. You have been spinning in circles for too long, and you are not happy, but you are afraid of the steps you have to take to change that. You have to get rid of your fears and start living your life.

To dream about an alley covered in snow
An alley covered in snow in a dream means it is not time for big decisions or moves. You have to lay low now so that some things can fall into their place. You have to put your emotions on standby when the moment to take big steps comes because there is a chance that you will have many doubts and give up on a better future out of fear.

To dream of an alley at night
If you dream of walking through an alley that is not illuminated by the street lights at night, it implies that you are either worried or scared. You are probably expecting the news that many things in your life depend on. You have to be prepared for every scenario and try to plan your next move. It is necessary to be wise and patient.

If an ally in your dream is well-lit or decorated for the holidays, the dream symbolizes beautiful upcoming moments.

To dream about an abandoned alley
A dream wherein you see an abandoned alley suggests that you have neglected yourself, your needs, and your wishes because of other people. You have put your time at the service of your family members, friends, or partner, and you don’t have time for what is important to you. You have to change so that you don’t wake up as a dissatisfied and unhappy person one day.

To dream of a romantic wedding in an alley
When you dream of your romantic wedding in an alley, it can have multiple meanings. If an unmarried woman dreams of getting married in an alley, it implies that she fantasizes about a caring man and that such a trait is more important to her than the physical appearance of her potential partner. If a married woman has such a dream, it implies that she doesn’t know if she has a future with her spouse.

If a man dreams of a romantic wedding in an alley, it implies that he is in a relationship with a demanding person and that their behavior overwhelms and smothers him.

To dream of a funeral in an alley
If you dream of the funeral procession going through an alley, it means you are paranoid. You have been spending a lot of time analyzing how you feel lately, and you have started doing research on your illness with the help of magazines and the internet. You have to relax and devote your attention to more constructive things in life to get rid of those dark thoughts.

If you have recently walked through an alley, or saw an avenue on TV, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted because your brain is only processing information you’ve seen.

Definition of an alley

An alley is a street or a track which is decorated with alleyways on both sides.