Alcohol – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of spilling alcohol on someone means that the truth will come out. You should watch out what you are saying and to whom. It is possible that you don’t have bad intentions, but your words are faster than your thoughts, which will leave consequences on you. When you promise that you’ll not reveal someone’s secret, after they’ve confided in you, you break that promise. Later, you need to apologize and search for justifications for mistakes you’ve done. People won’t trust you as much as before, which will make you question what you are doing wrong.

Dreaming of drinking too much alcohol means that you have a problem. It is possible that you are in a hard financial or emotional situation, so you’ll look for solace in vices. At first, you will not be aware of what you are doing and you’ll deny it. Your family will suffer the most because of your condition, but you’ll ask for help only after you are threatened with a divorce, breakup or notice.

When you see other people drinking alcohol in a dream, that is a sign to drive carefully. If you are going to some party, your family will insist that you arrange your transport in advance. You will be stressed out because they don’t trust you, but you’ll realize that they are doing it for your own good.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and on your attitude toward alcohol. Because of that, there are many interpretations and different meanings. These dreams can be followed by feelings of satisfaction, happiness, pride and excitement, but also restlessness, fear and anxiety sometimes.

Dreaming of drinking heavy alcohol means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you are doing something wrong, which could cost you a lot in the future. It is possible that you feel like a decision you’ve recently made is wrong or that your words and actions have offended someone. Ask yourself if your relationships with loved ones have gone sour and if you should be the one to blame.

Dreaming of being addicted to alcohol means that you are worried for a loved one who likes to drink more than they should. Besides that, it is possible that you feel like something is getting out of control. You are used to having insight into your family affairs, but one of your family members will decide that you are meddling in their private life too much. They will decide to distance themselves from you and stop listening to your advices. That will hurt or offend you, but you will soon realize that everyone chooses their own path, so you’ll stop pushing your ideas and solutions on other people.

Dreaming of someone making a toast with an alcoholic drink on a party means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you’ll feel good about a decision you’ve recently made regarding your professional life. On the other hand, if you are dreaming of drinking excessively on some celebration or have a hangover after it, it is possible that you haven’t been honest with a partner or friends. You probably hid something from them in order to protect them, but you’ll soon realize that the truth has to come out sooner or later, while your loved ones will be hurt by your dishonesty.

An interpretation of a dream in which you are drinking an alcoholic drink depends on the kind of drink you are having. For example, if you are drinking something strong like whiskey, bourbon, vodka or rum, it is possible that you are going through a tough period full of challenges and problems. You might get a task that you are not ready for, or you’ll find out that someone lied to you. That will impact your everyday life negatively, so you’ll use vices to escape the reality even for a short period of time. That is a completely wrong thing to do in the long run. It would be better to deal with problems, one at the time, instead of pushing them under the rug.

If you are drinking champagne, your subconsciousness is telling you that you are too negative about everything. Try to think about positive and nice things that have happened to you and be happy because of them. Too much negativity and dissatisfaction can leave serious consequences on your health. Dedicate your free time to a hobby, read, take walks and include more physical activity to tire the body and clear out the mind.

If you dream of seeing or drinking wine, it is possible that you are lonely or doubt your friends’ honesty. You have been tormented by the fact that you have distanced yourself from some people, so you are starting to search for reasons for such behavior. It is possible that you’ve blamed others for everything until now, so it is time to question your actions as well. Your relationships with loved ones are bad because of the bad communication. You have started to smother them with your problems and you are ignoring signs that they sometimes need your help as well. If you are not there for them when they need it, they probably won’t have time for you when you are in a crisis.

A dream in which you are drinking beer is related to your need for a vacation and relaxation with your friends. It is possible that you haven’t spent your free time like that for a while. According to some interpretations, beer in a dream means that your subconsciousness is telling you to make a balance between your private and business life. Your job might have occupied all of your time, but you know that you need to work in order to provide yourself with everything you need. It is possible that other people depend on your financial status as well. All of it makes you lament over carefree days when you were able to afford a luxury of spending the night in the company of your friends.

Dreaming of drinking cocktails means that you have mixed feelings about someone or something. It is possible that you have achieved business success, but you still don’t feel satisfaction. Besides that, it is possible that everything is going well in your private life too, but you are not truly happy. You are tormented by many questions that you can’t answer right now. You are unsure of your desires, let alone of how to achieve them. It is time to question your feelings, because you are constantly giving contradicting signals. At one point, you feel like you would be better of alone, while at the other, you have the need to share the good and the bad with someone.

Definition of alcohol
Alcohol is an organic compound in which the hydroxyl group -OH is bounded to one atom of carbon. Dreams about alcohol are directed at interpretations of alcoholic drinks.

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